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  1. I quite agree. All of these gentlemen appearing without tailcoats and ladies in neither gowns nor gloves are really quite gauche. One must uphold standards, after all.
  2. This is the correct response. Dry ships would be a definite line in the sand. Also, if they got rid of all of the active things on the ship (flowrider, rock wall, etc.) or did away with specialty dining it would make us less likely to choose Royal.
  3. Globally, the bigger ships aren't more crowded than the smaller ships. On just a space-per-person basis, they should be less crowded. But I think that locally, in specific venues, they can become more crowded. On smaller ships, there are relatively few public spaces and you don't necessarily ever feel crowded, but you also don't ever feel like you have a space more-or-less to yourself. On the Oasis ships, in my experience, things can get really crowded in a popular venue at a popular time--more than on a smaller ship But, you can also find yourself feeling like you're
  4. From either airport, you'll be making a connection. Outside of doing something exotic, you really have five options: - Southwest, most likely connecting in Orlando (but possibly in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale): Two free checked bags each and if you care where you sit you can pay for the early bird check-in and most likely get an A boarding pass. - Jetblue connecting through either Ft Lauderdale or Orlando: Some fares have one free checked bag/some don't. Free in-flight wifi if that's important to you (though on many of their older planes you'll lose connection out o
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