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  1. Thank you Mom. Was not aware of that thread and will check it out.
  2. On Celebrity, particularly the Summit, would you choose an Aqua or Concierge class stateroom and why? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to everyone for the information, and to Miched for the Bushwacker recipe - sounds yummy! We have not yet made a decision on a fall 2020 cruise. We are looking at the Summit to New England or a Princess New England followed by a road trip. Although we usually cruise with Princess I have been intrigued by Celebrity for a while and am trying to find out as much as I can to facilitate the decision. Both lines have a martini bar so that’s good 😀👍
  4. Laura, I enjoy martinis as well. Especially enjoy the toasted almond martini on Princess. If we book, this will be our first time on Celebrity.
  5. Regarding the difference in drink prices, should I assume that a bourbon and seven would be covered under the classic package, but a Makers and seven, or Woodford Reserve (basically, if I select a particular liquor) and seven, would cost more and it would be better to have the premium package? Similarly, are martinis, Moscow mules, pina coladas, etc. covered under the classic package if you don’t request a particular brand of alcohol?
  6. Hello! What is your experience with the classic versus premium beverage package on Celebrity? Is the extra cost for the premium package worth it or does the lower(I believe $8 limit) classic package cover most cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks? We are not big drinkers, but do purchase the premium package on Princess as we enjoy coffee, sparkling water and like to try different cocktails while on vacation (maybe 1-3 a day, rarely 4). The cost to upgrade the package is $840 total, which also includes unlimited WiFi. Would love to hear your thoughts on this question and/or the Celebrity Summit. Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions - very helpful. We have booked the cruise for this fall and are very excited. Although we have not had this many sea days on a cruise in the past, we are looking forward to them and especially to seeing all of the islands. Have been to Maui and Oahu previously, but that was a looooonnnng time ago. Anxious to visit there again and to see the other islands. It’s great to share thoughts with other cruisers; definitely part of the pre-cruise fun.
  8. Thanks for the review and photos Darren and Cindy. How’s does the thermal suite differ from the Sanctuary? We have been on the Ruby, loved her, but are not familiar with the thermal suite, Is the fee $75pp per day? Thanks!
  9. We are looking at November, possibly the first cruise in December; would love to be on board during the holiday season.
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, and nf5894 for posting your super video - looks like your family had a great time. This cruise is very tempting. I believe we would be on the Star if we take it the end of this year. We are going on a 12-night Alaska journey in a few months and that will give us an idea about how we like a large number of sea days. I am hesitant to wait until after we return to book a Hawaii trip for fear the cabin location we want won’t be available or the price will go up. All that said, we are looking forward to hearing everything our fellow cruisers want to share.
  11. If you have taken the 15-day Princess cruise to Hawaii we would love to hear your thoughts about the itinerary, ship, activities, etc. Thanks.
  12. If you have taken the 15-day Princess cruise to Hawaii we would love to hear your thoughts about the itinerary, ship, activities, etc. Thanks.
  13. Thanks to both of you for giving us your thoughts. We are still undecided and are hoping to book before the end of the year. Go-Bucks, we love the International Cafe as well; visited it many times on the Ruby.
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