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  1. After the 2nd port on Freedom, I told my wife she could find me in the hot tube with a frozen concoction in my hand! LOL
  2. Thanks Shipmate13! We are on Brilliance in a couple of weeks and are using The Keya s well. Interested in knowing more about the free wine and such. Was that because of The Key?
  3. Thank you for the great review of The Key! We have purchased it for our upcoming cruise on Brilliance. My first cruise was last June and I had total right knee replacement 3 weeks after cruising, soI was in pain during my sailing! Good luck on your recovery and once again, THANK YOU!!!
  4. We took our first cruise ever last June on Freedom out of San Juan. Being our first cruise, I was considerably worried about catching our 10:25am flight from the airport. We did self-assist (approximately 6:30-7:00am) and took our bags off ourselves. Being disabled with a bum knee, we were allowed in the first group off. So here is where the drama comes in... I had already cleared my account at guest services the night before. No problems there, I checked our account on the tv daily , just to make sure we were good. We had the ultimate drink package, so my drinks were already paid for. The morning of departure, we were in line early, but I had stopped off at Café Promenade for a quick latte and swiped my sea pass card for payment (remember, ultimate drink package), so I as not expecting a charge. Lo and behold, as the scanned my card at departure, I was told I needed to go back to guest services and pay my bill! Yep, it was from my coffee that morning! Guest services were extremely helpful and cancelled the charge, but that still put a crimp in my plans. My wife was waiting right outside the disembarkation gangway with all our luggage and we had to hustle! All in all it worked out and we were at the airport in plenty of time for our 10:25am flight. A little stressful end to a wonderful vacation! With a little planning you'll be bale to make it. Just remember to check your account before heading down to the gangway! I've already set that plan in place for my cruise on 3/23! LOL
  5. Thanks for the review of The Columbia! It was recommended to me this week as a great restaurant. We'll be cruising on the BOS March 23, so I'm following along and counting my days! Enjoy your cruise CatLadyFemme!
  6. Good morning all! A question was asked in one of my other groups concerning smoothies and where she could get them. I did a quick search but did not find the answer, so of course I decided to ask the experts! Here is the original question. For those who have been on the ship before ... is there a place/bar near the lido deck where my kids can order smoothies? And of course, "Thanks in advance"!
  7. Looking forward to your review Bill! Here's to a great birthday and an enjoyable birthday!
  8. Thank you so much for the review MAWVKYSC! We will be sailing on BOS in March and cant wait. Love the tips, quiet spots and all your pics! Once again, THANK YOU 🙂
  9. Just put two and two together and realized "OTownNick" and Nick Vitani were one and the same! Enjoying your scopes buddy. One day I'll hit up Symphony for a ride!
  10. But I am a diamond guest...wait, I'm only a Gold Guest! LOL Just watched this and laughed!
  11. Loving this review Ashton! It's like I'm there with ya. I hear you about the smoked salmon and sushi. Recently just had my first piece of sushi and it was okay. OK enough that my wife an I signed up for the sushi making class on our next cruise. Good job and can't wait for the next phase!
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