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  1. When we were on Brilliance, we upgraded to a Jr Suite. Best move we made. You actually had a tub instead of a shower tube.
  2. Sir I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for this! I've waited patiently for a cruise review and you are delivering in a big way. As I sit here drinking my coffee, I can smell the salty air, hear the ocean and count down the next days to our next cruise! Keep it up sir!
  3. Good morning! Great info and I appreciate it! We were scheduled with another cruise line doing the same itinerary for this Oct and it was cancelled, along with 2 other cruises. So we have decided to do NCL Breakaway out of NYC next Oct3 of 2021. Once again, thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Thank you for this information. We looked at both the Joy and Breakaway sailing out of New York next Oct and decided on Breakaway due to the itinerary. Our TA tried to sway us to Joy because it was newer and full of more things, but the ports of call was much more important for this cruise! BTW, I like the info on the "larger aft facing cabins", that's what we got!
  5. Good morning all! My wife and I took our first cruise in 2018, and then took 3 more in 2019. Like a lot of folks, we had 3 booked for 2020, but alas, those did not happen. We've taken the plunge and have booked Breakaway out of New York (bucket list check off right there) for Oct 3, 2021. So here's the questions I have. 1) As a newbie to NCL, what are the things I should be aware of? Are there any true differences between RCCL & NCL? 2) We were able to book getting the 5 free at sea offers. The 5th one didn't effect me as our kids are grown. What do I need to be aware of as far as the "Open Bar" package goes, as well as the Specialty Dining? Any advice, tips or suggestions when traveling out of New Pork will be appreciated as well! Thanks again! Cruising Santa Scott
  6. Actually ours was a non-refundable deposit. We had paid in $2000 and still had a little to go, but we got everything in we had paid!
  7. Was it due to the travel agent or Royal Caribbean Not real sure! I'm calling my TA today and tell them Thank You just in case!
  8. I know, and for those folks I am truly sorry! I was totally expecting to wait 90+ days!
  9. Good Morning! I am beyond giddy, excited, tickled pink and relieved all at the same time. A little back story if you will. We booked out Canada/New England cruise over 500 days ago and recently due to this terrible virus had our cruise cancelled for October of this year. Originally the thought was for to re-book some other cruise for October heading somewhere different. We found one for Oct 4 heading out of Galveston, and was excited to say the least that we might be cruising this year after all. So we contacted our TA and set the wheels in motion. Final payment day was set for 7/6/2020, so we are in waiting mode for our FCC's to pay for this cruise. Release date for the FCC's was 7/17, but my TA said we could request an extension if needed to pay. Like most folks, having an extra $2500 to set out for a cruise immediately was not an option. So wait we did, then CLIA decided to move the expected sail date to 9/15/2020, making us one of the 1st cruises out after the ban. The thought of being a guinea pig, my company making me quarantine for 14 days after the cruise, and not knowing whether we would actually cruise or not really was not my cup of tea. On 7/1/2020 I asked my TA to go ahead and cancel the cruise, requesting a refund. Of course I know the situation and determined that I would not get the refund until 9/21/2020, 90 days after the request, if even then... I just checked my bank account and actually 7 days after the request, my refund has arrived! I honestly think my TA has some magic pixie dust she sprinkled on the request to RCCL, heck she might have even baked them some cookies! Excited cruiser here!!!!
  10. I've received really helpful info from this forum, so here goes with another FCC question! Can FCC's be used to complete Cruise Planner purchases? I'm confused most of the time 🤔
  11. Thank you Ourusualbeach, I knew I could count on you! 😀🧡😀
  12. This is all good information for those of us that have received a FCC for the first time. Sounds like we have some very knowledgeable and competent TA's within the group. So now I ask the question to you... My wife and I are waiting for our FCC from a cancelled Canada/New England cruise. I have understood that I can only use one FCC per reservation, but then I read the CWC document that was referenced and am confused. According to the statement below, we should be able to use a FCC applied to each guest in the reservation. 29. Can my client use more than one Future Cruise Credit to pay for his/her cruise fare? At this time, only one FCC can be applied to each guest in a reservation. Future Cruise Credits are not stackable. Does this mean that since I will receive a FCC and my wife will receive a FCC, that we both can use them since both our names are in the reservation? So confused and trying my best to be able to speak with confidence when I talk to my TA! TIA, Cruisn' Santa Scott
  13. Thanks for all your answers and suggestions about my refund. I called RCCL this morning, waited on the phone for 47 minutes for someone to answer. After speaking with the rep for about 3 minutes, she placed me on hold again for another 35 minutes, only to come back and give me the following answer... "Your refund has been processed and you could receive it at any moment" I had to laugh and ask the question, "At any moment, or within 45 days?" Anyway, at least I'm on track! Looking forward to tomorrows announcement about my Oct 11 cruise!
  14. Thanks for the info guys and gals! We cancelled the Cruise Planner stuff on 5/12, so hopefully sooner than later! Just got news that Canada closed its ports till Oct 31, so my cruise is now in jeopardy!
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