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  1. I just booked this exact same cabin (Cat. VT 1054) on Jewel yesterday. I have been searching over multiple social media forums for info too on this type of cabin and there is not much out there other than a few videos. The thing that I was most concerned about and looking for feedback on were noise (from the centrum and elevator bank). For the sailing I was looking at, this cabin was about $200 more than a Junior suite but it receives full suite benefits (like the Panoramic suites, Cat.VP, on Freedom and Voyager class) so I decided to grab this instead of the JS. I figured for a 5 night cruise, I wouldn't miss the balcony too much. But yes, definitely interested to see if others have more feedback on it.
  2. Good to see that all my favourites at Jamie’s are still there. How did you like the short rib compared to the one at 150CP or Coastal Kitchen?
  3. McCoy’s? Love that place. Every time we have cruised out of PC we stay at Hyatt Regency in MCO and eat there. Have a great cruise Andrew, Lisa, and Owen! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on sailing out of PC as we have only done so with DCL. We’ll be back on Harmony next year so it will be interesting to see how that differs.
  4. Just got off HM on March 17th. Checker and Mohamed were suppose to be together in the SL. Mohamed just returned and Jeremias left for vacation on the day we boarded (03/10). For our sailing, Checker was moved into the DL and Elaine is with Mohamed now in the SL. Not sure how long this arrangement is going to last for. Mohamed and Elaine are amazing! This was my first time meeting both of them as we have only had Cheker and Jeremias in the past. Both are super friendly, personable, and went above and beyond. Elaine told me that use to be the concierge in the SL on Allure.
  5. Will be following from Harmony! [emoji4] Safe travels tomorrow Andrew & Lisa and family! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Do you mind sharing your sail date? I have heard that her emails are coming out way before the typical 3-4 weeks prior. We sail March 10th.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. That is what I was afraid of....
  8. Wondering if anyone has any feedback, comments, experiences on Leticia as a Genie. Good or bad. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, good to know. I thought they converted those suites on Freedom class ships to two bedroom suites but it looks like that is just on Indy where they did that. No star class on those ones though (if that is a deciding factor).
  10. Yes. It's called the Villa Suite (VS) and it's only available on Harmony and Symphony. Cabin 12640. We have one booked for late next year. Max capacity is 14.
  11. Glad you decided to go live. I need whatever I can get to hold over until our Star Class adventure in March! Safe travels, and looking forward to witty entertainment from you as always! Oh, and I am jealous, but you know that already! lol
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