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  1. I've used Shore Trips for numerous excursions, both in AK and the Caribbean. They are a very reputable broker. We've never had a problem with any excursion we booked through them.
  2. We also did Herbert and it was amazing. We were the only people there. Beautiful flight in and around the area. Definitely a highlight.
  3. We spent a couple of days in Sitka before our cruise in May of last year. Many of the highlights have already been mentioned. Within walking distance of downtown, we visited the Sheldon Jackson Museum, the Science Center (or aquarium), the totem poles, and in general, wandered around the waterfront. Depending on the day of the week you are there, you can take the local bus from downtown, out to the Raptor Center or the Fortress of the Bear. Riding on the local bus (not really meant for tourists but for locals to get around) was a fantastic introduction to the town. The driver of the bus gave us the highlights of the town. He stopped at every stop along the route, announcing every stop (there were four of us on the bus at the time, all tourists going to specific places.) He gave us tips of things to see, a history of the town and the area. Any time a local boarded the bus, he greeted them by first name, they asked about each other's families, etc. The locals gave us tips of things to see/do. It was an experience in and of itself. It only runs during the week; no weekend route. Sitka was a great introduction to Alaska and our cruise. Have fun.
  4. We did a one hour (at most) glacier trek out of Juneau last June. We flew over Mendenhall but landed on the Herbert Glacier for our trek. We were the only people there. We were able to walk around and peer down into the crevasses, sample glacier water and take some amazing photos. It was beautiful and awe-inspiring.....and more than enough time for us. I'm not sure what we would have done for two hours on the glacier.
  5. For our late May/early June cruise in Alaska, we stocked up on Heat 32 items (they are a light weight, moisture wicking layer that doesn't add bulk but were great for additional heat.) We also packed waterproof (as opposed to water resistant) everything-pants, jackets, hats, shoes and gloves. We took long sleeved tshirts, sweatshirts and wool sweaters as well as wool socks (full disclosure-hubby and I are pretty cold-natured. We get cold if it's below 70 outside.) Layering is an art form that took us a while to master.
  6. We were in Alaska last year in late May/early June (on Uncruise, so not many real ports. We were in different areas among the islands between Sitka and Juneau, with a visit to Glacier Bay.) It has been my only visit to Alaska. Weather was cool (40s to 50s) and fairly wet. The first few days of our cruise, it rained frequently. The last few, the sun was out and it was beautiful (but still cool.) From what we were told, the climate in this area of Alaska is unpredictable-more so than other areas of AK. Part of the climate will be dependent what ports the cruise visits. (Sitka is in a temperate rain forest. Rainfall amounts are higher than in other areas.) We saw several bears and in general, a lot of wildlife. Also recommend the Fortress of the Bears in Sitka. Great opportunity to see and learn about black and brown bears, plus amazing photo opportunities for bears and eagles (although, from what we were told, the eagles are dependent on the time you are there.) If I were to return to AK (which is highly unlikely-it's beautiful but too cool for me) I'd plan on having cool, wet weather regardless of the time of year. Hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  7. Our first cruise, we flew in the day of departure. Our flight out was delayed a couple of hours (we had booked through the cruise line.) We arrived at the airport to find no reps to help us get to the port (had booked transfers through the cruise line) and had to call to get transfers. When we checked in at the cruise port, it was virtually deserted. We arrived on board right before the muster drill with 3 hungry kids; we had to go directly to the muster drill. Finally got them (and us) some food after muster. Needless to say, we always fly in at least a day in advance. Too much stress.
  8. Haven't done a cruise from London, but we were there four years ago on a self booked land tour. We used Green Tomatoes for destinations that were too far for us to walk (airport to hotel plus a few others.) I think they are along the same lines as Uber. They were very reliable and we could book everything online, in advance. When I was researching London, I found a site through the London tourism site that gave time/cost estimates for traveling between two sites. I don't remember the site, but had to have found it with a general google search......it led us to decide to walk to most places because taking a cab or the tube would have taken as long or longer. We did a LOT of walking in London, but thoroughly enjoyed it as we saw much more that way. The times we used Green Tomatoes were great for the long distances but we spent a lot of time stuck in traffic.
  9. EMAIL: info@taxigreece.com https://www.taxigreece.com/
  10. We'll be in Athens in August '19 and will be using George's Taxi for transfers and a tour. They have great reviews on here so hoping it will work out. Part of our group has to leave the day we arrive in Athens-they are providing the transfer to the airport for the 3 leaving and continuing the tour with transfer to our hotel afterward for the rest of us. We're actually using them for several tours during the rest of our stay.
  11. We had a specialty dining promo with our July 2018 cruise on the CB. No voucher in our room and it wasn't on any of our accounts (4 rooms/8 people.) I had to go to guest services to have the charge removed from all 8 of our accounts. Not sure why it was missed but was handled without a problem once the error was pointed out.
  12. Unsure if OP has sailed yet but thought I'd add our experience. We did a 7 day cruise this summer (late July/early summer) on Princess and did ruins in two different ports, back to back. Our group consisted of my husband and me, his mother (90 years old but very active) our three adult kids (early 20s) and future son in law (also early 20s. ) We did ruins in Belize and Cozumel and both through the ship's excursions. This trip was part of a gift to my mother in law so the excursions we chose were based on her requests of what she wanted to see. I did a fair amount of research before we went to ensure there wasn't an inordinate amount of walking or climbing up large hills before we went. In Belize, we did the Altun Ha ruins (after switching from the Lamanai ruins because the tour provider decreased the time on the river.) We thoroughly enjoyed both the river cruise and the ruins, but it was a very long and hot day. The river cruise part of the excursion is in a partially covered boat. Only about 1/3 of the passengers can get in the shaded area of the boat and even my 90 year old mother in law wasn't offered a seat in the shade. Pros of this excursion: the river ride allowed us to see quite a bit of the natural environment, including wildlife, which was a request of my MIL. We saw brief glimpses of manatees, a crocodile, howler monkeys, (creepy) fruit? bats, (sorry...I have an issue with bats) various birds, one carrying a snake it its mouth. We went equipped with hats, sunscreen and lots of water, so the cruise portion of the trip was tolerable as long as we kept moving. However, when the guides stopped the boat to explain something or point something out, it was oppressively hot and humid (expected, but still uncomfortable.) Fortunately, they kept these stops to a minimum. We stopped at a restaurant along the river for lunch, then boarded a gloriously air-conditioned bus for the trip to the ruins and then back to the ship. The ruins themselves were mostly in the sun and involved a lot of walking. Most of it was over flat terrain and there were areas where you could find shade but it wasn't always convenient if you also wanted to hear what the guide was saying. There were a couple of options where we could climb on the ruins. I stayed with my mother-in-law (in the shade) while the rest of the crew climbed. These ruins are "more developed" and are obviously visited by many visitors but weren't crowded by any means. The following day, we were in Cozumel and opted for the ruins of Coba. Most of the family had been to these before and these are, by far, our favorite ruins (of the sites we've visited. ) Coba is in a jungle, so there was a lot of shade available to get out of the summer heat. It was a great site with a lot to see; some of the ruins have been excavated and restored but many more are still buried in the jungle, which made these more authentic? than some of the other ruins we've visited. The terrain is fairly flat, but the paths are over uneven ground. (We had four young adults who were ready and willing to help their grandmother any time she needed a stabilizing hand or assist over the terrain.) The site is also very large and requires a lot of walking or use of the the bike carriages (which were provided as part of our excursion.) There was one pyramid that visitors were allowed to climb. I sat this one out with my MIL again, while the family climbed. I had climbed this pyramid a few years ago, and frankly, climbing back down was not something I wanted to do again. It's a great view from the top and I'm glad I did it once...but feel no need to ever be terrified of the climb back down (even scooting down like a toddler while holding on to the rope. ) My biggest con with this trip was the time spent trying to get there and the lack of time on site. (Between getting off the ship, the ferry ride to the mainland, finding and loading up the buses, we spent at least 2-3 hours trying to get there. ) Again, this was another long day but not as hot as the previous day in Belize. Coba is much less commercial than some of the other ruins we've visited in Mexico (Tulum in particular.) There were a few small shops outside the entrance to Coba, selling what appeared to be (hoping, at least) authentic items that weren't mass produced. Another bonus of this trip was that our guide had grown up in this area and knew families who lived close. We stopped at a home on our way back to the ship where we could go inside the home, see tortillas being made and even sample the goods (young 20 year old adults were especially grateful for the food!). They saw the general layout of the home, met the family who lived there as well as the pets (various dogs and parrots.) For those who didn't want to go in, the bus was outside waiting with the air conditioner running. One of the reasons we did two ruins back to back was because of the river cruise and the opportunity to see wildlife. We truly enjoyed both sites, but in general, we tend to gravitate toward historical attractions. We were exhausted after the two days and very ready for our final day at sea. For general info, the other sites we visited in Mexico include Tulum (3 or 4 times?) over a span of 30+ years. I have no desire to return, not because it isn't beautiful and has something to offer, but because it so commercialized. Chichen Itza-it's been over 20 years since we visited these and I remember them being worth the trip when we were staying in Cancun. I would never attempt a visit from a cruise ship due to the distance from the port. Dzibilchaltun ruins from Costa Maya. We enjoyed these ruins as well; not as commercial as Tulum; many still being excavated. Lots of shade and an easy walk around the site. There were at least two pyramids that visitors could climb. We also visited some ruins on the island of Cozumel that were not commercialized (I think they were on Cozumel as I don't remember taking the ferry, but it's been a few years.) None of the ruins had been restored-everything was mostly covered by jungle. I don't remember the name of the ruins, but remember being eaten by mosquitoes. Take these for what they're worth. Hopefully they will help someone make a more informed decision on what ruins they visit. My 90 year old MIL did great on the trip and loved it.
  13. Our group of eight all had one complimentary specialty dining as part of our booking promotion. It was on the personalizer pre-cruise and I assumed, pre-loaded on our cards. We were all charged on our accounts when we used it. There was nothing in the card nor was there a voucher of any kind. I went to guest services and the charges were immediately removed. Sent from my KFAUWI using Forums mobile app
  14. We just got off CB 8/4 (Western route) and ship time changed to follow port time. We arrived in Roatan at least 90 minutes before the stated noon arrival also. Sent from my KFAUWI using Forums mobile app
  15. We were on the same cruise and I agree with just about everything you mentioned. The muster drill was painfully slow...IT seems to be very lacking on Princess. We are several years older (mid 50s) and our kids are too old for kids' club which was part of the reason we went with Princess instead of our usual RCI. They are now more interested in the bars (all young adults.) They are pretty tame when it comes to late night parties, but they even said it was a little too quiet. We've sailed one other Princess cruise on Regal-it was still pretty sedate but the food was better. Our young adults all said they'd sail on Princess again, but a few years ago they would have been bored. If you are looking for mellow, Princess works. With younger kids, RCI will give you many more options.
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