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  1. We are landlocked as well and have cold, nasty winters. I love the beach, but I don't like to see/do the same stuff over and over again. There's only so much a private island/beach can offer. I could maybe do a few days of beach stuff but I'd get pretty antsy pretty quickly.
  2. Honestly, probably not. We cruise for destination, not for the sake of being on a cruise and not for an island owned by the cruise line with limited options. And, from what I've read, I'm not sure I'd ever cruise MSC. I don't think we would care for it that much from what I've read, but I could be wrong.
  3. Nope. I've not been impressed enough with any of the private islands we've visited. (Princess Cay, Labadee and Coco Cay.) Not worth it to me.
  4. Rationing food? I have a hard time believing that. Trying to get room service to a couple thousand people quarantined in their rooms with a decreased staff-that I would believe.
  5. With a limited number of tests available, wouldn't it make sense to test those most likely to have the virus? IF those results come back with any positive results, then they know that everyone on board should be quarantined. It would suck for those who somehow manage to not get the virus, but when you are working with limited supplies, you have to use those supplies wisely.
  6. Had the PBP on our cruise in January. First couple of days, I only had one glass of wine at dinner, but then started adding a second. Wait staff was on top of everything and would ask before my glass was empty if I wanted another glass. It was ordered early and delivered to our table. They even asked and brought us bottles of water to take back to the cabin with us.
  7. We were on the Sky in January; at the port around 11 and onboard in our stateroom well before noon. There were a couple of minor issues with our medallions but they were quickly corrected and we were on our way.
  8. Not at all.....sorry.
  9. We weren't there long because no one on the tour wanted to do the mud baths. I think there are showers but am not sure. You should be able to google it to see what is available.
  10. Absolutely agree. Mom was embellishing....she seems to do that a lot.
  11. Sky has a USB port by the bed but none of the other Princess ships that I have sailed on have a power outlet/USB port by the bed (been on Emerald, Caribbean and Regal.) There are two regular outlets by the desk.
  12. Wow! This thread has meandered a bit along the way! Regarding the original post and mom/sick kid......I read about this several days ago and followed for a few days on other social media sites. First question-mom supposedly had travel insurance, however, the original injury to the child happened before she/he boarded the ship. According to one of her FB rants, "he got sick within 24 hours of boarding." I suspect the infection started before he boarded the ship; the original injury was DEFINITELY before he boarded. Depending on when they purchased insurance, will this even be covered? She was given the option of getting off in Cozumel to seek treatment but opted not to. The reason given was no passport and, according to another rant, she was supposedly told she wouldn't be able to get back on the ship without a passport. I've never had to have my passport to reboard a cruise ship at a port and I seriously doubt anyone from the ship told her that. I'm thinking mom has embellished a bit for sympathy. I suspect she realized that her credit card had already been maxed out due to the on board treatment her son had been given and that a Mexican hospital was going to demand payment before she could leave. She ranted on FB about how awful the ship was and implied that they were so worried; the situation was dire and the ship dropped the ball in requesting medical care for the gravely ill child(ie Coast Guard evacuation.) The captain "wasn't informed of the medical emergency." (Perhaps because there wasn't one?) Pictures of her son's face were posted (and yes, they looked bad.) Yet....the day they disembarked, after he'd been treated on board the "horrible" ship, she posted a picture of her desperately ill son standing beside his bed in the hospital where they eventually ended up. Later, she posted a video of the child running around the room......I think the situation was again, embellished a bit for sympathy. Pictures posted at this point show the child's injury looks much, much better than the one earlier.....the redness around the child's eye was gone indicating the infection was healing. Apparently the doctor on board the ship actually knew what he/she was doing and provided appropriate care! This whole story just irks me to no end! Mom was irresponsible on so many issues, yet mentions in a FB post that she'll be "seeing the cruise line in court." How dare NCL have the gall to cut off her latte when she has a $9K bill pending on her cruise account!! Yet, people on social media jump to her defense....poor women.....struggling without her designer coffee....and actually send her money. I'm sure she'll be sending refunds to all the good souls should insurance actually cover the medical bills. (cough) I hope the child is fine. Mom.....no sympathy whatsoever for this woman. Sorry......sometimes I feel the need to rant. 😕
  13. We did a catamaran trip from Castries to Soufriere a couple of years ago. Once at Soufriere, we boarded a big van to visit some of the other areas including the mud baths. The trip was very nice; we even had time to snorkel and the Pitons are beautiful by water. St. Lucia is my favorite Caribbean island. We've been there several times on cruises and love going there. Enjoy!
  14. Usually destination, occasionally ship but has to be a destination that I want to visit (so kind of both but destination is USUALLY the deciding factor.)
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