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  1. How old, if you don't mind my asking. My husband and I both have older Iphones (and both LIKE them and haven't found a new one that has enticed us to upgrade.) We'll be on our first Medallion cruise in January.
  2. We cruised on Emerald late July/early August, right before they were supposed to do the upgrade to the faster Wi-Fi. The week before we cruised, the faster Internet went live on Emerald and we had the option to upgrade once we were onboard. I had gotten packages for our three kids and it was cheaper to upgrade to the new, faster Wifi on board. We got a refund for the difference in cost.
  3. This is what my husband and I do as well. If you go outside the cruise line, just be sure to research the company you are considering and where you plan to visit. For the most part, independent tours are smaller and much nicer than the cruise line tours (in our experience, at least.) The ports you are visiting should be pretty easy to find outside vendors ahead of time. We've used Tours by Locals several times and been very happy with the results....again, read the reviews on the site and verify with the guide that what you think you are getting is actually what they plan to do. Love those ports.... Have fun!
  4. Agree for some of it but.... Our adult kids (all in their early 20s, only one married and all kid-free) prefer Princess over RCI (the only other line on which they have sailed.) They are pretty laid back on cruises.....they may visit a bar for a drink but don't stay for long. They prefer a glass of wine on their balcony. Actually, they sound more like their parents (later 50s.) We did RCI for several cruises when they were younger and tried another line for Alaska (Uncruise, which we really liked.) Princess is affordable for the whole family, offers enough to keep everyone as busy as they want to be and a nice environment (not a lot of screaming kids.) Our kids no longer need flowriders or rock climbing and aren't really in to the bar scene. My husband and I appreciate that we aren't being constantly hounded to book......whatever....which was an issue on RCI. The environment as a whole is much nicer on Princess (for us.) Our cruises are more about the destination than the ship. I want to get from point A to point B....so I can see as much as possible at both points. We're usually ready to collapse between the points. My husband and I are booked on Sky in Jan. 2020 and are looking forward to seeing the ship. We've been on Regal and enjoyed it (but were in a mini at the time. We're in a balcony this trip, so will be interested in seeing the difference.) Honestly, as long as I have a balcony where we can sit and enjoy the passing view and a glass of wine, I'll be happy. We won't be there that much, so small won't bother me too much (I hope!!)
  5. The older I get, the more I like cruising. We tend to pack waaaay too much into a land trip-every waking minute seems to be filled with SOMETHING. A cruise forces us to slow down a bit and relax. It works well for us when we are cruising as a couple of with the family (adult kids.) On a cruise, we do excursions and meals together and go our separate ways for the most part after that. My husband and I can go do "old people things" (what the kids call it) and they can do whatever it is they do on a cruise. Packing/unpacking or living from a suitcase is not something I enjoy either. Cruising works well for us, especially in this phase of our lives. The one exception is when visiting somewhere we really want to explore. Cruises don't allow enough time to see or do as much.
  6. Agree with the museum, definitely worth visiting. We also walked around town on our own. We walked up to the Governor's mansion, up to the State House and basically just around. We also did a helicopter tour to one of the smaller glaciers and did a glacier trek, which was amazing.
  7. We were in Sitka for a few days before a cruise in May of 2018 and visited Fortress of the Bears, Raptor Center and the totem park. If you are there during the week, there is a local bus that stops near the town center (near the visitor's center) that will get you close to the Fortress of the Bears and Raptor Center (you will have to walk a little bit but not far. They don't drop you right at the entrance.) I don't remember the price but was very inexpensive and you'll get a wonderful free tour of Sitka. We got on at the same time as another couple visiting the area and it was just the two couples. The bus driver told us all about the town as we traveled. As he made other stops, the "regulars" got on and off-the bus driver greeted them by name, asked about their families and they his. The other couple got off the bus as someone was getting on....the driver was giving the other couple directions so one of the other passengers got the new rider her ticket. When we got off, he made sure to tell us when he would be back (it's a loop drive and he was there at basically the same time every hour.) He also gave us directions to the park. We loved Fortress of the Bear. When we were there, there were 15-20 bald eagles in the trees around the site that were trying to steal food from the bears. We got great pictures of the bears and eagles-definitely worth a trip. When we left, the bus driver was right on time and took us close to the Raptor Center. He also suggested we could easily walk through the Totem Park after the Raptors and gave us directions on how to get there from the Raptor Center. We weren't as impressed with the Raptor Center but it was still worth a visit. If you sit in on a tour, they bring out one of the resident birds to get a good view of them. We saw a young bald eagle; my brother and his wife visited a couple of days later and saw a snowy owl. After the raptors, we walked through a beautiful park to reach the Totems (very easy walk over nice trails.} We had plenty of time to see everything inside and out. After we finished there, we walked back to town-again, a very easy walk. And yes, it was raining for most of the time we were there.
  8. We did this a few years ago after a cruise when we needed to kill some time before our afternoon flight. Our flight left around 3 so we had to have been at the airport before 1. We enjoyed the tour-it was our first time in San Juan and gave us a good overview. Old San Juan is definitely more appealing to us than the newer part of the city.
  9. Haven't done a Medallion cruise yet...... wish it had been a cruise WITH the medallion but.....maybe next time!
  10. I gave them a call....it's a "keepsake medallion" for completing the course about medallions.
  11. I'm a Commodore as well. I haven't seen anything about winning anything and can't find anything on the website. I didn't attend the webinar either. I did do Medallion training but it's been several months......;
  12. It has my name and "Princess Academy Winner." (I'm a travel agent and Princess Academy is the online training they provide.) I didn't notice that at first-I have no idea what it means either. I've contacted my agency to see if any of the other agents have ever heard anything about it and nothing. I found nothing on their website either. Maybe we get a medallion since we've done the training but for the life of me, I can't understand why they would send out a medallion.
  13. I wish!! That's exactly what I thought. I went in to the personalizer just to make sure I hadn't somehow booked a cruise by mistake or booked one and forgot.......haven't EVER done that but it made me a little concerned. There's nothing in there.....two cruises booked with the first is Jan. 2020 and last one in Feb. 2021. I checked the box carefully and there was only one in there. I wonder if there is someone out there waiting for their medallion that was accidentally sent to me.
  14. Daniel Johnson's Monkey & Sloth Hangout. We took my 90 year old MIL there last summer-the staff placed the monkey on her arm. There were other monkeys who jumped on shoulders and heads but they can place them where ever you feel comfortable having them. You can also hold one of the resident sloths.
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