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  1. Here goes TexasPirate off on a tangent.... just ignore me and scroll on... I was reading over my last post and thought to myself, "there was one time that I thought my youngest wasn't where she was supposed to be but it wasn't her fault!" On our very first cruise Disney Dream 2012 Bahamas Double Dip she would have been 8 years old. She absolutely loved the kids club on the Disney ships. Every chance she got she wanted to go to the kids club. It was so foreign for me to go on a "family vacation" and have my kids go off and do stuff in the kids clubs. We would go check on her fro
  2. That is rule #1... actually not true.. It's rule #2... not even other kids cabins. Cabins are not for hanging out in.... my girls have known that rule since their first tweenager cruise..... We don't hang out in hallways, stair cases, or any other not hangout appropriate places. In fact for those who may be wondering... lol... I would love to get away from the internet stuff but quite frankly it's the best way for my kids to be able to get ahold of me asap and I can get a hold of them. I want my girls to grow and have independence but that takes time to cultivate. You can't just take them
  3. We are confident that the girls will be fine on the cruise and we have had very detailed conversations about expectations. Mainly discussing the dos and don'ts on a cruise. But we will revisit all this prior to the cruise. We booked the cruise in June of 2018 after 3 months of conversations with her parents. I am paying for internet, refreshment package, excursions, hotels before/after, extra meals, and any other transport costs. They are paying for her airfare, cruise/tips, and medical/evacuation insurance. I have also asked them to provide her with some port money... I guesstimated $5
  4. Our first time experiencing the promenade view cabins was on the Navigator in 2014. And we thought they were terrific for the price. Don't get me wrong I like a balcony just as much as the next guy but 2 bathrooms trumps a single bathroom/balcony every time with teen girls...... This December we have 3 promenade rooms in a row on the Explorer.
  5. to take other peoples kids on vacation! We are taking my daughters BFF with us on our cruise in December and I am now getting around to making sure we have all our paperwork in order. I called Royal this morning and was told that all we need for the minor child to travel with us is a notarized letter from both parents granting us guardianship for the duration of the cruise. My history with Royal tells me I need to call 99 more times and then average the answers to get the most probable correct answer.... but I figured I would search here first. I did not find the answer so I am
  6. we did two excursions in 2017 that were great for our tween and teen. Golf Cart Rental in Bonaire where we explored on our own. They now have 6 passenger ATVs that we are looking to do on our next cruise. Find them at bonairecruisers dot com. The other was a regular snorkel adventure which was a regular ship excursion in Aruba. This was cool because we got to snorkel around a WWII ship that was scuttled during the war. Highly recommend!
  7. I apologize for leaving out details - (At the time I didn't think they were pertinent but agree that the more I can tell you all the more you can guide me from your experience). We are part of a bigger group (17) but for the sake of this message I am only worried about the 5 traveling in my immediate party. Myself, DW, DD(18), DD (turning 16 on this cruise), and DD's BFF. - Birthday cruise. We are now confirmed on a flight landing in FLL at 3:30 PM on the 25th of December. From there we need to make our way to the Hampton Inn East by the Miami International Airport. I figure we
  8. Sorry I should have said Alamo has a return desk at the Intercontinental Hotel. I was not planning to park there just return the car before the cruise. However, I did some basic math and agree Uber is probably a better choice for the limited driving I need to do.
  9. I was flying, then driving...now flying again.... too many things to try to keep track of.... Anyway, we are now flying into FLL on Christmas Day for a cruise on the 27th out of the Port of Miami. I have decided to rent a car since we will have the better part of 2 days in Miami. At present I have a car reservation for pickup at FLL and returning it to the Alamo counter at the Intercontinental Hotel the morning of our cruise. I figured I would drop my family off at the port with our luggage, return the car, and grab an UBER back to the port. Is this a good plan? I
  10. (This is not a sharing or scheming question!). What is the current status of the drink package rules? I drink but my wonderful wife doesn't.... On all our previous cruises she wasn't forced to buy the package but I know the rules changed a while back to where everyone in the stateroom of age must buy the package.... because people cheat I guess. Anyway, I believe I read that Royal may make exceptions on a case by case basis if you call to book that package. I haven't called them yet because I am hoping for a sale price (although I missed the deep deep deep discount a few weeks ago) I figur
  11. Thanks to you both - Those are very valid points! I will look into hotels a little farther north and just parking at the port. Having to pay for a cab or uber brings the savings down considerably since there will be 7 of us plus luggage that is almost certainly 2 taxis or Ubers. Much better to stay a little farther out for less and park at the port.
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