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  1. We are booked on the dec 11 jewel. We dock Sydney at 6 am and stay onboard for the night. Only tender port is akoroa
  2. I will be doing lots of research on the boards but it anyone has any suggestions for sailing on the Jewel with Australia/New Zealand as our destination it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. thanks for all the input. I gave him two choices and he decided 11 day Australia New Zealand cruise was the best option. We are recently retired. Did that plane ride to Asia a couple of years ago and it is a killer. We decided that we'd rather do it again while we are younger. South America will have to wait - maybe next year?
  4. Have done many 7 day cruises and considering suprising hubby with a 15 day cruise on the Star from Miami to Santiago, Chile. Worried that 15 days may be long. Itinerary has 6 sea days. Appreciate thoughts of anyone who has done long cruises before. Thanks
  5. Cheers It won’ be bad as late ng as you all have a sense of humor. You are only in cabin to sleep. Shower at the spa.
  6. Love Alaska. Pack layers. Whales sometimes haven’t migrated there that early. Enjoy
  7. Frankly I don't understand why this topic comes up so often. People are looking for total strangers to give them permission to cheat. If you want to cheat go for it. If you get caught just don't complain about the consequences. Personally, I don't want to spend my vacation worrying about getting caught. You can afford the cruise, the flight, the excursions and then you want to cheat on a few drinks. I look at this as part of the price of my vacation. We get Cheers, drink what we want and enjoy ourselves. If you are a drinker it works out, If you aren't a drinker it isn't worth it.
  8. Use aarp or Allstate gift cards and pay with discounted $$. That’s how we pay for our package and our cruise. Saved 10% on upcoming cruise or $200 and $120 on cheers for 4 people. Cheers would have been around $1200 for the 4 of us. But the discounts brought it down to $880 or $220 /5 days for $44 a day. That’s how I justify it.
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