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  1. Pheewww.... youve been so fast the last days, can we go back to WARP-2 please ? @notamermaid, nice castle. It looks like some event happening there with that white tent. Hardly any leaves on the trees left, late autumn, maybe even advent. Id there a crhistmas market waiting in the courtyard round the corner? Am I right, this is near the Rhine, half to maybe one hour to the north from your place ? Assuming, of course, you did not show your own castle.
  2. ggg, nice attempt. But I seriously doubt that the English would erect a statue for the hand of god (they might have, if la mano del dio scored against Germany though). So in England I would rather expect the twisted ankle of David Beckham.
  3. To be precise, the old Elbetunnel crosses the river in the tidal part of the estuary. So "Hochwasser" in this context is not mean flooding level, but mean high tide.
  4. It does not just look like it, it is indeed the old Elbetunnel. Congrats, jpalbny, your turn. Walking the old tunnel is not just seeing a fine piece of technical work, from the south bank of the Elbe you also get a fine view of the harbour and city.
  5. Ok, for the next one let us look under a river: Name what is in the photo. First guess the river. After that name the town/city/place/river. The person who first guesses correctly gets to post the next photo.
  6. Thank you for updating me. It did not exist yet, when I visited the museum the last time, around 2015. And glad the museum people consider this, despite saddle roof, as a typical Black Forest house. Thanks, yet another recommendation for Kirschwasser. Just dont overdo it and keep the last drops for cleaning the glasses 😄
  7. Here we are, in the Black Forest. Kirschwasser is deeply rooted there, as many farms do have distilling rights to produce their own stuff, standard is 50 Vol-%. So its much more than the industry stuff they sell in the supermarkets, but you have to go to the farms directly, they dont have any selling platforms. But a rewarding visit 🙂 Now to the photo: Rhine river, Black Forest. My first thought, when I saw the pic. The hills with the pastures half way uphill looked familiar to me as well as the farmhouse in the foreground, though having a saddle roof and not those hipped roofs one
  8. V e r y lovely setting indeed. I'll have a Kirschwasser on it. Cheers.
  9. Just rising from the breakfast table..... But I declare myself biased, my grandparents lived in that town.
  10. Was my first thought, too. I recall those small lights (like the one next to the sailinig boat), which are also used to mark the navigation channel connecting airport and city. So were looking towards the open sea with the Punta Sabbioni lighthouse in the back and the (construction of the) flood barriers between Lido die Venezia island and Punta die Sabbioni peninsula to the north. So lets wait for @acwmom to solve, but I already send my congrats.
  11. Nice one, being shown standing on a lion was in Germany in earlier times a privilege of princes, kings, prince electors, demonstrating their strength. But this guy does not look like a price, nor is that Germany, nor is it an old one. This bronze figure standing on a concrete pillar looks contemporary. And the sitting writer looks gives the scene a Robin-Hoodish character, written down by an author. No more precise idea yet.
  12. And the winner is .... ..... ..... .....drrrammdammdammmmm.... ..... ..... @ jpalbny My photo indeed shows the spire of the Strasburg cathedral, upon its completion the highest manmade structure worldwide. This is what it shares with the Chrysler Building. I took it from near the Ponts couverts, where the Ill divides into several arms. It shows the northernmost of these arms. Exact location was probably, what Google Maps calls Quai de la Bruche, the half-timbered buildings to the right are Pavillion Regent Petite France. Congratulations,
  13. I confirm Rhine river. If I confirmed southern Germany, people probably would call me a revanchist. You might wish to try again during daylight ? 🙂
  14. The picture shows a tributary river to the one cruise ships sail on, which is canalized while passing the city. The construction material in geological terms is called "Bunter Sandstone" (Buntsandstein in German), which is quite abundant in, but not confined to, southern Germany. So in theory it could be Roter Mainsandstein. However, assuming they wanted to minimize transport effort, there are closer sources available.
  15. Sunday is over - time get work done. Here is the full picture of that sandstone structure, which can be named in a line with, say, the Chrysler Building in New York.
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