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  1. @notamermaid, definitely things in your region are much worse. Here in the Middle Elbe area we do have a much wetter summer than average, contrast to the dry summers in previous years. The Elbe has got healthy water levels, a bit higher than standard, but far from flood levels. And that disastrous low-pressure weather is moving finally. It left some floods, severe floods, in some side valleys of Saxon Switzerland and the Ore Mountains upriver, but not for the Elbe in general. It would be perfect cruising conditions here. There is only one catastrophe county in my neighborhood: The
  2. To me it looks like some vine village at the Moselle. But no idea which one.
  3. The description sounds like the "Bellevue". Ran by different hotel chains over the years. It was Maritim earlier, Westin as well. Now it is Bilderberg. Look here https://www.bilderberg-bellevue-dresden.de/
  4. I think youre right. After remembering the place I recall these inscripts were added in different languages. Next to a famous bridge, which survived the war, but not the post-unification construction boom.
  5. Yes, the text is Russian and talks about the eternal glory of the victorious Red Army in their fight against faschist Germany. Could be anywhere between Berlin and Wladivostok. I cannot read the writing on those dark stone plates though. Flat landscape in the background cannot narrow it down, too, as this is frequently met in eastern Europe. No guess from my side yet.
  6. I tend to answer "yes". The water levels are still quite healthy and it keeps raining upriver. So no problems from this side. The federal states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt lifted their ban on river cruises recently with the lover covid-infection figures, so at least in Germany Elbe cruises are possible again. But of course no one was able to plan in advance across two countries, Germany and Czech Republic, let alone international travel. I still do not see Elbe cruises announced by Viking or Croisieurope until September. Viking have planned the bus variation "Cities along the Elbe
  7. and enjoy a well deserved meal at "Die Krone" in Assmannshausen 🙂
  8. I have never heard complaints of engine noise by Astrild clients, but complaints about scratching river bottom on on low water levels. But water levels are somewhat hard to predict.
  9. Just be prepared to jump quickly, if a big one gets out of control:
  10. I did not do any of those excursions, but know most of the destinations from land visits. * Baden-Baden: If your tour allows a bit of time for the spa experience, then I would go for Caracalla Thermal Bath - they are great. If its just "looking at", then the Festspielhaus is more interesting. * Speyer: I dont know the vinegar estate, but vinegar tasting does not sound appealing to me. Speyer is a lovely town and the cathedral is among the grandest church rooms you will ever see. * Boppard. The place itself is not all too exciting, so I support hike or bike trip, esp., if you get
  11. Of course, it can become warm in Germany and in northwest of France in July/August. But if you have survived Florida heat, you will do fine. Not that bad here. Also, consider that you will automatically have a breeze, while the ship is moving. So it might be worth to look for an itinerary with lots of daytime cruising. Try to avoid excursions with long bus rides/many stops. Expect the buses to be airconditioned, but they are usually not allowed to have the engine running, while waiting and thus can heat up.
  12. Back to the original question: The Rhine flows in northerly direction from Basel to Amsterdam. Means starboard cabins have morning sun, port cabins have evening sun. Docking ports are on either side of the river, so it is a coin throw, whether you see a quay wall or the open river (and another coin throw to see a rafting ship alongside or not). The really interesting landscape of the Middle Rhine valley you will want to see from the sundeck with a 360 view anyway. Other parts of the Rhine are pretty boring, dykes or canal, so the cabin view does make a difference. If morning or evening su
  13. Poland is not lost yet ... remembering some partition of Poland ? But no idea where
  14. Concrete lovers go ahead ... This is a shot shown on wikimedia commons
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