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  1. Hey everyone, what´s a vibe pass? We usually arrive around midday and never had to stand in a line before...we were always thinking like this we can avoid the lines of people who´d like to board earlier. But judging from the posts here, also people, who board earlier are (sucessfully it seems) to avoid the crowds..go figure 😄
  2. Has anyone tried asking NCL for a change of the GTY cabin? Of course, I understand, that his is part of deal but just wondering if they would still move you if asked (nicely)?
  3. This is great! Looking forward to reading your review and seeing the dailies and menus 🙂 Thanks so much!
  4. You definitely can change it. Have done it several times. Once you´ve logged in, you should be able to change it under your profile. I believe, it has 5 or 6 language you can choose from.
  5. We were a party of 13 on the Bellissima last week (10 adults, 3 kids) and they put us at two different tables as they said the maximum capacity per table is 8 people.
  6. Just back from the short Hamburg-Southampton cruise on QM2 last weekend and I can confirm that the menu posted by s.s.France is indeed the current one. We´ve had it one night and it was nice. Can recommend it for a nice out to change for the main dining room. Didn´t like the Lobster Cocktail but the meat (we shared the platter for two) was good. The cheesecake is absolutely to die for. The portion is huge (even for 2 people..it´s more for 4) but probably the best cheesecake I´ve ever had!!
  7. Hey everyone, thank you very much for sharing your experiences! Hi Ine, just booked the Dubai cruise over Christmas with MS4 and can´t wait! :) Just in case you´re thinking about the same one
  8. Hello everyone. Do you know if there are also be some dancing on a short Hamburg-Southampton cruise?
  9. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. We´ll be travelling on this short cruise too in August and already very excited. Just wanted to ask for your advice: I understand that departing in Hamburg is always a big spectable so we wouldn´t want to miss it. I guess in this case, one shouldn´t go to the late seating at 20:30? Also, is there also any ballroom dancing on this short cruise? Thanks a lot!
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