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  1. We were just on the TA and sat right by Ken. The wait staff all actually seemed pretty happy and worked well together. I wonder if we will ever get the waiter's name? I hope it wasn't one of mine, I liked them. :)
  2. As soon as I clicked on the compatibility viewer mine worked also! Warning though, click compatibility first because otherwise you have to re-enter all of your info!
  3. The spa is actually a contractor and so doesn't HAVE to do much of anything. The spa manager makes a huge difference as to what that perk is. On some cruises the platinum perk is just an add-on (like a minifacial or a foot massage) to any "signature service" and on some we've had 20% off on all services. My dh loves the spa and when the manager is one who appreciates Platinum, he may use it 4 times on a 7 day cruise. In the embark letter, I think what is says that the have to offer platinums is just priority time slots if you book on the first night. (Of course priority times ought to all be pretty much available anyway on the first night!)
  4. Well, certainly not the ones with the AK 47's. If only they would let everyone know what there plans are so we could avoid them.
  5. I book online all the time and ES or booking on line or even with a group does NOT affect your platinum status at all.
  6. On the our last cruise our kids (18 and 21) enjoyed their first platinum cruise. They were excited. :) The perk that we enjoy is the free laundry (we use it 2-3 times a cruise). My daughter won the slots tournament and won $500 with her free entry (another plat perk). The only time we have had any rebuff about our status was for priority tender when everyone was waiting on the stairs and the staff took us down in the elevator. When the doors opened, someone said "the line starts 2 flights up" It was not a problem though when the staff said, "Not for platinum" with a smile. On an earlier cruise, a crazy platinum lady was trying to get on a tender by herself and was shouting "get out of my way! I'm Platinum" I was embarrassed for her.
  7. We prefer Tampa by far. We like to come in a day early and don't care much for miami, in general. We like the Tampa airport better also.
  8. We were also questioned at customs when we brought a friend of my daughter along. It was not at any of the ports but at US customs leaving the ship. We had packed the letter but luckily, he had a copy in his backpack. Even so, the agent quizzed him about info in the letter. If we had made up the letter, surely we would have made sure he knew the info??? Anyhoo, be sure to have the letter that gives permission for him to travel with you. Be sure to list any other adult also that will be with you. You will also want his insurance card and a notorized permission for consent to treat from his parents. Have a great time. :)
  9. Does anyone know if Luggage Express is offered to both IAH and Houston Hobby off of the Conquest? We love the service and are willing to use which ever airport it is offered to. Thanks for any help!
  10. We really enjoyed it! Sit in the front for a drier (if that is possible) and tamer ride. In the back for more excitement.
  11. Dumb question but how do we know if we have the virus??
  12. We are on that cruise and can't wait. We used our freq flyer miles on american airlines and it only cost 20K miles for one way from TUL to BCN. You might read thru the roll call. Several people have booked airfare and it wasn't bad.
  13. We bring an over the door, clear, shoe rack with us every cruise. We hang it on the closet door and it collects all of the misc stuff that otherwise doesn't have a home in the cabin. (Camera, batteries, scrunchies, sail and sign card while in the room, extra casino chips, hair brush, ziplock baggies, mp3 cords, sunscreen, memory cards, hmm, lots of other little things.) Oh, another thing we always bring is small portable speakers for our MP3 player. (There isn't a radio in the room.) If you are at all prone to diarrhea when you eat rich food, bring your own Imodium. They don't sell it on board and if you go to the infirmary for it they will quarantine you. (That being said, if you are feverish or ill with it--go. Diarrhea can be a sign of several contagious illnesses.)
  14. If you send in the FCC and the proof of stock in the same envelope, watch carefully to see that both have been credited. Twice only one of the two were credited for us. Both times it has worked out but only because I followed up on it. They have always been very nice about it though. The other issue is that if you send in the stock proof too early, they won't credit it either. I have tried to get a specific answer but nobody at Carnival really seems to know. The answer I have gotten the most is that the proof should be dated within the same quarter as the cruise. (Last week I was told it needs to be no more than about 6 wks out.) Regardless, it is a great deal.
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