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  1. My security photo, profile photo, and password all seem to have migrated into the app from Princess. I can see the security and profile photos. Under travel documents I have a green checkmark and it says complete. I don’t see any place where I can edit or change anything. In the weeks since the app has been available I have only seen the actual passport once and it was just a small thumbnail size photo. The next day it was gone but that section still says complete. So I’m assuming they have the information but I don’t know for sure. Fortunately I don’t have to have it until January so I’m not
  2. I’ve done at least half a dozen transatlantic‘s in the fall and on three of them changes were made in the itinerary during the cruise due to storms in the Atlantic. If you would be crushed at missing one of the scheduled ports they’re not for you, but if you like a sense of adventure and don’t mind missing a port they’re great cruises.
  3. Mine does exactly the same thing. It is an iPhone 6 too. I don’t really want to buy a new one just to go on a cruise.
  4. I was in the same position as you regarding emails from Princess until about a year ago. I never received notices of elite day ahead bookings and I didn’t get confirmations if I booked with Princess online. After repeated calls to Princess and even talking to Captain Circle reps on ships I was told that my AOL email address was the problem. They said Princess has trouble with AOL emails. If they know why they didn’t say. I gave them a Gmail address to use and I have since then been receiving most emails that are referred to here. I got the one about the changes in the elite benefits yesterday.
  5. You can also check on the payment page. Click on gratuities. If the package is booked it will show the gratuities as paid. If not it will show how much you will owe. I guess I should’ve said crew incentive of instead of gratuities. Same thing.
  6. Earlier today I was able to make reservations for the same time every day for my next two cruises in January/February 2022 and October, 2022. A few minutes ago I went back in to change the time on the October one and got an error message so I couldn’t do it. I think the original reservation I made is still there but I’m not sure. I was not able to make any dinner reservations for January 2023. I have a free special dinner for the October 2022 cruise so I tried to make a specialty restaurant reservation for that one and the app wants me to pay so I don’t know what’s going on with th
  7. I just downloaded a bunch of music from the 50s onto my iPhone and iPad from the iTunes Store. I had no idea that was even available. Love being able to listen to it while driving in the car.
  8. Sometimes transatlantic cruises stop in Iceland. I have been there twice and both times were on transatlantic repositioning cruises.
  9. I haven’t received them either. I thought I had the problem solved about a year ago after changing my email address because Princess said that was the problem. I got one after that and none since. I didn’t receive any information about the early booking yesterday except here on CC.
  10. For the Captain’s Circle credit it’s one for each segment so two for the cruise. Same with the minibar set ups. I’m not sure about the Internet minutes. Sometimes depends on who’s in charge in the Internet Cafe. You only get one loyalty on board credit regardless of number of segments.
  11. I don’t know if this will help but I didn’t get the elite emails or any emails from Princess for years. I tried calling them and I tried talking to the captain circle host on board and nothing did any good. Finally one time I called and the person I talked with said the problem was probably my AOL email address. She said Princess has problems with AOL and email. I changed my email to an alternate one and have been receiving emails from Princess lever since. If you have an alternate email address you might call Princess and switch email addresses.
  12. I’m elite on Princess. This time last year I was on a HAL ship, the Zuiderdam, for a one-week cruise in the Caribbean. It was my first HAL cruise since the early 2000s. I thought the food was much better than on Princess. I usually get inside cabins and on HAL I was upgraded to an obstructed view cabin which included a sofa. I never get upgraded on Princess. I was very impressed with the HAL passenger services people. American Airlines lost my luggage and I was without it for the entire week. The people on HAL did everything they could to help track down my luggage and they were the ones who
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