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  1. Since I live alone and pretty much stay home all the time I have really enjoyed following and reading this thread. Thanks to all of you who have contributed.
  2. I have never received one. I have been elite for years and have over 100 cruise credits with Princess and I have never received one. I have called Princess I have talk to the Captain Circle person at Princess and I have talk to the Captain Circle host on cruises. None of it is ever done any good. I’ve given up on them.
  3. I think the problem here is that the Enchanted TA in the fall of 2021 was canceled and the ship was changed to head for Singapore. I was on that cruise also and it was canceled and I received $15 goodwill offering. I think the OP just has the date mixed up between 2020 and 2021. The Enchanted is still shown is doing a TA from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale in 2020 although we don’t know if it will happen or not. The Enchanted was originally supposed to also do a TA in 2021 that was canceled so they could send the ship to Singapore.
  4. This has been happening to me for a couple of weeks. Try refreshing the page. When I get this I refresh the page and the prices show up. It’s weird but it works.
  5. I sale on Princess ships two or three times a year. It has been at least two or three years since I received any of those emails. I’m also Elite and I have never received an email from Princess about being able to book a day ahead when new cruises are announced. I have tried talking to the captain circle and to customer service and Captain Circle hosts on shipboard and it’s done no good. I do get the medallion emails.
  6. I have had this happen several times in the last three or four days when I was signed in. I discovered if I’m not signed in I can get the prices and then sign in and they will still be there. I have no idea why and now I’m going to try signing in and then refreshing the page to see if that works.
  7. Anyone recommend one LAX Embassy Suite, North or South, over the other. Do both have restaurants for dinner. Is one more convenient to the Delta terminal than the other? I just read that SuperShuttle is going out of business so I’m rethinking plans. Had intended to arrive a day ahead of a cruise, take SuperShuttle to San Pedro and stay in a hotel there. Now thinking it might be simpler to arrive a day ahead still but stay at an airport hotel and then go back to the terminal and take the Princess transfer to the ship. Also can anyone recommend any other hotels close to LAX?
  8. How do you know if or when the credit has been applied? This is my first Holland America cruise in a long time. With Princess I can look at my booking and easily find it. Is there a way you can do that with Holland America? I mailed my request in late last week so it should have arrived by today. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if I added my email address or a request to be notified.
  9. I also have a shellfish allergy. I have done the chef‘s table four or five times and they have always been willing to work around it. The appetizers are really the only place where there has been any kind of a problem and they just substitute something else. Considering the amount of food over the evening I would like to skip the appetizers but they always come up with something else. I think once the risotto had a kind of shellfish in it and they just left that part out for me. The main course when I have done it has always been a meat course.
  10. I’m glad you rebooked Kruises. I admire you for going for it.
  11. Thank you Coral and Idahospud for posting this information.
  12. Thank you for a great review and beautiful pictures. I think Norway is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
  13. Yes, I’ve thought about that. I need to get information about hotels in Civitavecchia too. And then figure out the best way to get there. I did a search for Rome airport hotels and it brought up this thread. I didn’t look closely enough and assumed it was on the Italy board.
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