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  1. It seems there are reports on the roll call of people's dining reservations being changed by Princess to private tables rather than shared tables. We only booked private tables anyway, but I know lots of other people like to share and chat to new people. Seems like Princess are implementing lots of changes to try and keep people as safe as possible.
  2. Thanks, that's a shame you couldn't find it. I have looked at that list before, I think a lot of the low priced ones were artificially low and cost considerably more when you actually clicked through. We recently used Expert Medicals, who have been kicked off the government list (we bought just before!). Albeit, a provider doesn't actually have to be on the list to be allowed. Got the PLF code, which was the most important thing. Tests did arrive. Had trouble activating, but they replied in emails very fast with new activation code. Husband got his result back just over 24 hours after posting. It's not a week since posting, and I've still not received my result, so tomorrow I'll look to do a chargeback for the cost. I did do LFT tests at home to check I was ok.....
  3. Who's that with please? My husband works in Peterborough!
  4. It basically means something along the lines of "telling you things you already know." I put that because I wasn't sure where you were based, so if you were UK based for example, you'd already have known what I was about to say in regards to labelling here.
  5. Thank you, I will definitely check this out on our next cruise.
  6. Just out of interest, are you from the UK or the US (or somewhere else)? I obviously don't want to teach you to suck eggs if you're here in the UK, but most coeliacs here will eat any packaged food that does not have any of the allergens in bold, and also does not have a 'may contain' warning. It is generally accepted that this is safe practice. It's obviously nice to have food that is certified as gluten free, however, not all companies wish to pay to do that, as I understand it is quite time consuming and expensive. Sometimes things don't have a may contain warning, but may have a warning about being produced in the same environment or factory, so that is then a choice people have to make. I think that labelling might be different in the US, particularly in relation to 'may contain', so it's definitely something to bear in mind when looking at packaging and ingredients listings etc. I know that over the summer, all the cruise lines doing staycation cruises here in the UK have been sourcing the majority of their food here. I had quite an in depth chat about it on Disney, as they weren't able to get their usual gluten-free products, and had to use UK based suppliers instead. Sorry to hear about your experience at Alfredo's. It is so difficult as a coeliac when you feel as if you have to watch every move to see if they're doing things properly. I think we can all relate to that. We did keep an eye on what they were doing, and our experience was good, but it's so easy for them to lose concentration then contaminate the food. As to the buffet, it's definitely a tricky one. Far easier for people who have an intolerance rather than coeliac and can manage if there is some slight cross contamination. It's very much a risk assessment for us at the moment as to whether we can trust to eat in there or not. Having everything served by staff in the buffet rather than the usual free for all is a plus, but you still have to be careful. When it comes to the buffet, we literally make a decision there and then after close watching to decide whether we feel safe or not. The very good advice in your post to stay vigilant is an absolute must for anyone. I'm jealous you got to go in the kitchens, would love to do that! Must have been very reassuring for you to see how it's all prepared.
  7. Overall we found it to be a good experience, but definitely a fair bit of room for improvement, especially round labelling. We got on a Disney cruise straight after our Princess one (literally the next day!) and they were incredible. If I could afford to, I would cruise Disney all the time just because they were so amazing with gluten-free dining/eating. However, their prices have gone silly (they used to be very reasonable, but in the past few years prices have really gone through the roof). My Disney post will be up in the next week just in case you're interested at all.
  8. Last month we did a 3 night cruise on Sky Princess, and we're actually due to do a 14 night cruise on here later this month. My husband and I both have to eat gluten free, and when we started doing staycation cruises earlier this year I decided to start a blog to help other cruisers out who might need to eat GF for whatever reason. So, if anyone is interested, please feel free to have a look at my blog post. Will hopefully help give some idea of what to expect when on board. https://glutenfreetravelwithme.com/sky-princess-staycation-cruise-10-09-21
  9. We've just got back from our 3 night staycation cruise, and I've written up a blog post about our experience eating gluten free on board. We did a prior staycation cruise on MSC in May, and there is a marked difference (in a good way!) as to how P&O caters for coeliacs. Anyway, I hope the information is useful for anyone needing to eat GF for whatever reason. Blog post can be found at: https://glutenfreetravelwithme.com/po-britannia-staycation-cruise-22-07-21
  10. We've got a Princess cruise booked, then go on a Disney cruise the next day (Disney was booked first!). Seems a weird rule. On MSC you can back to back, and you can on Disney too.
  11. We used Cover For You too. Very reasonable, we ended up buying an annual policy as have several cruises booked over the summer. Great coverage, you can print the UK cruise letter off directly from the website. All checked by MSC when we boarded and was fine.
  12. Yep, I was gutted to find no pizza at all. The normal pizza looked and smelled so good, I was totally craving it when we got home! In fact so much so we got GF Pizza Hut pizza for tea that evening!
  13. I didn't put it in the blog, but we did go up to the buffet on the last afternoon, about 15 minutes before it closed. We didn't realise it was the afternoon tea type stuff, because we obviously hadn't been to the buffet at all prior. We asked a member of staff if there was anything at all we could have as to be honest, we'd had enough of the main dining room and kind of just wanted to chill out a bit. Anyway, she got a senior person wearing a suit (not sure what their exact position is) and we asked him. He very kindly agreed to get some fries made for us out the back, and gave us a plate of cheese from the back (we had crackers in our room). We really appreciated it, but I didn't put it in the blog as I'm pretty sure they don't do this normally, it was just exceptionally quiet in there as it was due to close before re-opening later for dinner. Unfortunately the bowl of fries was really small, so we did actually end up going to the main dining room later! We were very grateful that he'd at least tried for us though. I suspect that it would be the same on any MSC ship unfortunately. There isn't much info out there, which is one of the reasons I decided to do the blog, but what I did find suggested that our experience wasn't unusual. I think if you're lucky enough to only be mildly intolerant and don't have to be mindful of cross-contamination that you would obviously have a lot more choice, but for coeliacs that isn't an option. I'm doing P&O later this month, followed by Disney and Princess in September (plus hopefully a 2 week Princess cruise in October), so am looking forward to trying out all those lines, as everything I've found suggests it will be a much better experience.
  14. No problem at all, I just really wanted to help people to know what to expect.
  15. Were you in a Suite? From what I've seen on the various FB groups I'm in, suite and higher (is there higher?) passengers get turndown service, everyone else doesn't.
  16. Yes I did. Didn't make any difference at all in terms of where we were able to eat, which was main dining room only.
  17. We went on a 4 night cruise on the Virtuosa in May, and had a wonderful time. I struggled to find much information about gluten-free food on MSC in general, and obviously there wasn't any regarding the Virtuosa as she's a brand new ship. Because of this, and from our experience on board, I decided to start a blog, and have written my first ever blog post about GF eating on the Virtuosa. I thought I'd pop a link on here in case it helps anyone who is coeliac or gluten intolerant who may be cruising this summer, or indeed on MSC in the future when things get a little bit more back to normal. I do have two other staycation cruises booked on other lines over the summer, so these will be written up too (P&O and Disney). https://glutenfreetravelwithme.com/
  18. It really was brilliant. They also had a lift either side of the ship that didn't have that, and worked in the normal way. However, we forgot to press the buttons a couple of times because we'd got so used to the other lifts. Only realised when we started moving in the wrong direction. 🤣
  19. I really hope people stick to the limits in the lift. The lifts on the Virtuosa were fantastic, you called them by pressing a screen with the deck number you wanted to go to, and it would tell you which lift to get into. Inside the lift were no buttons for decks. Because it was all computerised it was a) much quicker and b) meant that 9 times out of 10 we were the only people in the lift. What a shame you have an idiot next door with no consideration for anyone else.
  20. Sounds horrendous to be honest! Will await your full review with interest. Glad you finally got to board and are now, I hope, having the most relaxing time.
  21. They actually admitted this on the phone? Wow! I can't believe they admitted to such awful behaviour to be honest. Shocking.
  22. RCI seem to be handling it better than the other two though - they are offering people a free swap onto longer cruises for no extra cost, and with $50 onboard credit. Or of course a full refund. P&O are giving 125% cruise credit or refund. MSC are offering refund, or you can pay whatever the cost is of a new cruise!
  23. It's a shame that P&O haven't said how they are choosing who gets cancelled and who doesn't. At least MSC put that in their statement.
  24. Yikes, that's a little bit worrying that you booked on opening day and have still been cancelled. I'm so sorry.
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