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  1. Oooo, as a lifelong NYGiants fan (named my cat Eli) I would have loved that!
  2. Threads will always take their own path, and that is fine. But for the record, my intent was not to ask about famous people you've met on a cruise, but interesting people. Like ordinary people who have extraordinary stories. Carry on.
  3. There's the problem right there. There was virtually no discussion of the boat and how it operates. We talked about each other's lives. Made a human connection.
  4. Completely agree about this excursion, it was a highlight of our Alaska cruise. Complete with bear scooping out salmon grease from the grill. Another highlight was the crab boat excursion.
  5. Things That Never Happened for 800, Alex.
  6. The thread on Captain's Table got me thinking about some of the interesting people we've met on cruises and other travels, and since things are still pretty slow I thought it might make a good thread topic. One of our most interesting was a couple where the husband was Iranian and his wife was a Southern Belle. She met him when she was 16 and he was an exchange student and friend of her brother. When she met him she told her mother, "I'm going to marry that man.". 4 years later he graduated, they got married and they moved to Iran. They described pre-revolution Iran as a paradise to live
  7. Wow, you have such amazing insight into other people's motivations and values, for someone who eschews interacting with people outside their bubble. I think most people can just enjoy a new and different experience without it evoking any psychological overtones. Conversations with interesting people are . . . interesting. Especially if you do more listening than talking. True conversation skills, particularly with strangers, consists mainly of being a good listener, IMO. After 30+ years I've already heard all of my wife's stories and she has heard all of mine. Having a conversation w
  8. Kings Point? My godfather's wife, my aunt, was the Commodant's (?) secretary for something like 25 years.Many's the time a friend and I would ride our bikes over, visit the museam, maybe watch some football if it was a fall Saturday, and visit the Old Grist Mill. Then a stop at "Bruce's, Baker to the Stars" to pick up some of their amazing onion rolls before heading home. Good times, Good memories.
  9. I am always excited to dine with anyone whose life path is significantly different than mine. And I find that people are generally pretty open, usually commensurate with my own openness. But I know that there are people who just don't care to make conversation with a stranger. But for us, that is one of the greatest charms of traveling. I've sat at a Captain's Table one time, as I previously said. I didn't do anything to get the invitation. I didn't seek it out. Getting the invitation didn't boost my ego or self image. I didn't look at diners at other tables and mentally congratulate
  10. I don't think it is a coincidence that the 11the circuit reversed itself the same day Florida appealed to the Supreme Court.
  11. If you are comparing to just the TA's posted price that may not be their best price. Because of cruiseline rules only people who make some kind of personal contact with the TA, like signing up for their marketing emails, calling them on the phone, soliciting a price using a TA compete site, etc., get access to the best price.
  12. Never on a sea cruise (although there was an uncomfortable 2 days in the North Atlantic going from Halifax to Portland ME) but on a Victory Cruiseline Montreal to Boston cruise (Victory 2) a couple of years ago my wife and I were invited to the Captain's Table. No special meal or anything but it was still pretty cool and we found out that the Captain's wife was more interesting than the Captain.
  13. Yes, they are. People panicking because now we can measure such minute quantities.
  14. Absolutely. Never listen to the words, ALWAYS do the numbers. I 'shop around' by putting my desired cruise and cabin class out for bid on a website that lets TAs quote their best price on my cruise. I'm pretty self sufficient and well able to do my own research, so by the time I'm ready to actually book, all I am looking for is the best price from a TA I can vet. I don't need their advice and I don't need their handholding. Usually doing the booking is my only contact with them.
  15. That was a very fair description of a very contentious topic. Well done.
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