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  1. Toofarfromthesea

    Virgin Voyages.

    It seems pretty clear that their target market is not experienced cruisers. They are looking for DINKs and SINKs of the millennial age group.
  2. Toofarfromthesea

    HOHO buses in Copenhagen

    We will be on MSC Meraviglia, departing Kiel on April 27th. We have never been to Copenhagen. I did some preliminary research a while back and I think I recall a canal tour of some sort that I want to look into. Anything where you are on the water is right up our alley. Have a great trip.
  3. Toofarfromthesea

    MSC Meraviglia and Yacht Club Deluxe Suite Information

    $12.50 pp pd, I believe. And yacht club staff, i.e., butlers, stewards, etc. share in it.
  4. Toofarfromthesea

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    I have a USB charging block like you describe, but it has a European plug. That leaves the US plug for everything else.
  5. Toofarfromthesea

    St. Petersburg, Russia -- shore excursion tour operators

    Personally I find it amazing how the reviews of virtually all of the licensed tour operators are virtually uniformly excellent, and I have been reading the No. Eur. board for a while. The govt. must really keep an eye on them to ensure excellence. To our benefit.
  6. Toofarfromthesea

    Come Comparisons with MSC Yacht Club

    Just as a data point, we paid about 4500 pp for our 14 day Baltic/Norway cruise, upcoming in Late April in the YC of Meraviglia, so that is about 320 pp pd. One point worth mentioning - the YC restaurant on the earlier ships, including Divina, is at the opposite end of the boat, and the path to get there involves going down a few decks, navigating the full length of the ship, and then going back up. I'm looking forward to our upcoming Meraviglia cruise in YC because on this ship the restaurant is up front, within the YC enclave. I don't have a ton of cruising experience. We very much enjoyed our 14 day Alaska cruise last May on HAL Zaandam (Oceanview cabin). But the YC experience was a notch above, for us.
  7. Toofarfromthesea

    Smoothies on Equinox

    My favorite at Slush was the Berry Basil Daiquiri. Free with the Prem pkg. and delish.
  8. Toofarfromthesea

    Celebrity v MSC Yacht Club

    All alcohol, in or out of the YC (other than the few double asterisked 'super premium's brands) all day and night - not just at meals. Although they pour 2 reds and 2 whites each night, I had no trouble getting something else if I asked.
  9. Toofarfromthesea

    HOHO buses in Copenhagen

    Let me preface this by saying I haven't been, yet. But I've been researching this for an upcoming Baltic cruise that will actually port in Copenhagen 2 separate times. From what I've gleaned, they are all run by the same company. The Red Bus is the main one and runs all year round. The green and purple buses cover additional areas but only run in the summer. Here is the link to where I got my info with better description of where each goes and how they work the ticketing. Since we will be there in late April, then early May, it will be just the Red bus for us. https://city-sightseeing.com/en/16/copenhagen
  10. Toofarfromthesea

    Ordering wine/spirits for our suite

    We did pretty well in our working years, but we lived prudently under our incomes and avoided disastrous decisions and now that we are retired we can enjoy some nicer things we wouldn't have earlier. But in the trip up the 'nice' scale in cruises we encounter unexpected newby things that set a song off in my head: 'Come and listen to my story bout a man named Jed'. LOL
  11. Toofarfromthesea

    Meraviglia, any language difficulties?

    We were on Divina in the W. Med this past Sept and no real language. For me the real difference between the Divina and Meraviglia is the location of the YC restaurant. On my one YC cruise (so far) we rarely went outside of the YC except to go to the restaurant. Having to go up and down and the length of the ship to get to and from dinner was a really bad design decision when they were building the early ones, like Divina, which we were on. We have an upcoming Baltic cruise on Meraviglia in YC and I am excited to have the restaurant within the enclave. But we'll still get out, if for no other reason than to see the LED ceiling. Either way, you can't go wrong, IMO, although I say this before I've been on Meravigia.
  12. Toofarfromthesea

    MSC Yacht club - any "surprise" fees or upcharges?

    I'll just add one thing to the tipping issue. Drinks outside the yacht club are still free (included), but the outside bartenders don't get any of the DSC - they get taken care of from the 15% added gratuity on a drink or drink package. But I didn't pay that, so the bartender is getting nothing from me in the way of the normal 15% gratuity. So in that instance I would tip the bartender when getting a drink outside of the yacht club. .
  13. Toofarfromthesea

    Baby Mama

    I think you inadvertently set the stage for the thread going the way it did by adding far more personal info than needed to ask your question. It really started out as a straightforward document question. But by including all of the past history - no custody agreement, missing school, nephew not consulted, etc. - many people inferred, rightly or wrongly, that you were looking for more than an answer to the document question. And so they got into the rights and wrongs of the personal situation. It is unfortunate, but pretty foreseeable, on an internet message board. Internet boards bring out the Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, or Dear Abby in some folks. Maybe all of us at one time or another. I have a drawer full of tee shirts. I have my hot buttons. Lucky for me this isn't one of them, LOL.
  14. Toofarfromthesea

    Ordering wine/spirits for our suite

    Am I reading this thread correctly? Even in a category H cabin I can request a bottle of wine that is not on the connoisseur list and my steward will put it in my cabin at no charge? If so, I had no idea. I have a lot to learn by next January, if that's the case.
  15. Toofarfromthesea

    Suites in Explorer

    OT, but when is it going into dry dock? Seems kind of early for a ship built in 2016. Is there anywhere I can read about what they will be doing?