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  1. Example, please, because a routine service is a routine service. I don't tip a waiter extra if I ask for water in a jurisdiction that doesn't provide it automatically. It is still just a routine service. I read the op and the entire thread. Filling the ice bucket is a routine service, even if, on some ships, it may not be an automatic service. And I already tipped for routine service in my auto-grats.
  2. If I had even the remotest suspicion that I had been infected I would get an anti-body test and find out one way or the other, definitively, rather than stay in a fog of uncertainty. Especially as a positive antibody test would mean that I was now basically immune for both giving or getting an infection going forward. I don't know how it is in other countries, but in the US one of the ways you can get a free antibody test is to give blood. They are required to test for covid antibodies. And if you're positive you can, if you choose, donate plasma to be used to treat people with active infections. And while I've been unable to give blood for years, I am now off blood thinners and can do it, and I am considering it, as I was a frequent donor in my younger days and none of my current meds disqualifies me.
  3. Getting your ice bucket filled is not an extra service. But how many times have people here bragged that they gave a bartender a $20 bill on the first day and then got served larger pours, ahead of other people, for the whole cruise? That may be the "extra request" but it is entirely inappropriate and almost exactly fits any reasonable definition of a bribe. No one in this thread about advanced tipping has tied it to any 'extra' request. And it is unfortunate that you felt compelled to resort to ad hominum.
  4. They will fill the icebucket, if asked, without any tip. So what is the point of the advance tip?
  5. I'm in exactly the same situation with the 11/7 cruise. It is particularly disappointing in that I had sailed in Meraviglia's YC (and was less impressed than when I sailed in Divina's YC) and I was looking forward to checking out the Seaside YC. Nevrttheless, if it sails I'll be on it, and I'll have a great time.
  6. Not from the OP, whose initial response was to argue about the reasons given and put people down (low brow activities?). You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to go to Vegas, but I would never think to demand that people explain why they like something that I don't. And I HAVE read a lot of CC which is why I get irked at people who think everyone should like the same things they do. It isn't a one-size-fits-all-world.
  7. So you think that if something is not attractive to you it shouldn't be attractive to someone else? You seem more interested in debating the reasons people give than understanding the obvious point that sailing on a cruise ship and staying at a resort are completely different experiences with completely different ambiances. It's not about the parts, it is about the sum of the parts.
  8. If you are pre-paying your tips you have done what is required. Anything above that is at your own pure discretion. But you shouldn't feel like you have to tip extra in order to get routine service, like ice. You can certainly choose to, but whether you do or not should not effect your level of service.
  9. I'm still hoping we are able to sail on our booked 11/7 Seaside YC cruise. But I've been looking at spring 2021 cruises as possible fallbacks. Meraviglia will be sailing out of Miami and Divina will be sailing out of Port Canaveral. Having sailed in YC on both, M in the Baltic and D in the Med, I would definitely choose Divina, despite the inconvenience of the YC restaurant being at the opposite end of the ship as the rest of the YC. On my cruises both the food and the service were significantly better on D than on M, IMO.
  10. People are much more willing to virtue signal than they are to actually act on their putative values.
  11. You make the common error of thinking that what is said in a relatively small online community is somehow indicative of the whole world. People who obsess about Twitter (not implying that you do) make the same error.
  12. It is too late, many states have already had big, huge gatherings with the same politicians who are imposing one way aisles and preventing kids from playing in parks cheering them on and participating, while not themselves engaging in social distancing nor wearing masks.
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