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  1. I've never had an agent who charged me a fee other than a cancellation fee, which I think is fair since they spent time with me and now won't be getting a commission. Agents are there to save me money, not cost me money.
  2. Whether you enjoy the cruise or don't enjoy the cruise is almost entirely determined by your attitude.
  3. Cruising on Carnival: $2,000 Cruising on Regent: $6,000 Being a snob on a thread about snobbery: Priceless
  4. If we're talking August 2024, maybe the balconies are sold out?
  5. I completely disagree with this. Before I put my booking out for bid with TAs I always do a mock booking on the cruiseline site. So I have hard numbers as to the savings from booking with a TA. It may not be a direct fare reduction, but getting significant OBC is still a savings.
  6. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that the story is true as written, I don't understand why the parents were pizzed at him for leaving them behind. He actually saved them money since they didn't have to pay for an expensive plane ticket for him. Or is it just embarrassment that their 18 year old is more responsible than they are?
  7. You can have a great cruise or you can have a lousy cruise. The biggest determining factor is your state of mind. If you go on a cruise expecting to be disappointed you surely will be. Don't focus on the thing you can't have, focus on what you do have.
  8. I booked a single Oceanview on Koningsdam and was then able to get a free upgrade to a larger double Oceanview via Club Orange.
  9. I don't see the relevance. She was not a paying customer who selected a guaranteed cabin, she was an employee who apparently is given a perk of a regular stateroom, apparently on an 'as available' basis and this time one wasn't available.
  10. They need to have cutbacks to reduce the debt load they assumed due to the pandemic. The point I was making was that they seem to be making cutbacks that least affect passengers. No one NEEDS to have their room cleaned twice a day. If they 'passed the savings to passengers' they would be defeating the purpose of using the savings to pay down debt.
  11. Just curious, how many times a day do you clean your house? Is just one cleaning a day really such a hardship?
  12. The other issue is that if it was free everyone would have it, usage would go up, and more usage on the ship's fix bandwidth would degrade performance for everyone.
  13. "I want it so it should be free" is not the compelling argument you think it is.
  14. Better in what sense, efficiency or aesthetics?
  15. Or, going waaaay back, including solitaire with the first iteration of Windows to train users to use the mouse.
  16. No one selects a cruise or a cruiseline for the ambiance of the terminal.
  17. And federal court rules do not vary by state, so the original contention that the age 70 exclusion was a Colorado thing was wrong.
  18. FWIW, this was one of our favorite excursions. The meal was one of the best I ever had, and I'm not much of a salmon person. The view of the glaciers from the seaplane was spectacular. We even got some unplanned entertainment. While we were eating, a bear came out of the woods and ambled up to the outdoor grill they cook the salmon on. He proceeded to scoop the grease from the bottom of the grill and chow down on it. Good times and great memories.
  19. I was a big fan of the carpaccio. One of my best bites all cruise.
  20. Lots of fine dining restaurants serve mashed potatoes. They may call it something fancier but it is what it is. IAC he didn't say anything about the quality of the things he ordered.
  21. To get exceptional you have to order something exceptional, not your same old same old. There are exceptional things on the menu, you just chose . . . differently.
  22. Isn't that what you ordered? Didn't you have other choices?
  23. I was going to ask if they just want to cruise around Europe or if they want a European experience. If the latter I completely agree with you. Particularly, but not necessarily, in the Yacht Club.
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