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  1. Got the Call. Prerecorded from Carnival stating my cruise leaving tomorrow was cancelled. Said we would be getting an email. No email yet. I could have sworn it said they were suspending operation till April 9th.
  2. We were in a virtual balcony cabin on Anthem. The TV did not swivel but if you pulled hard enough on one side it had a hinge that allowed you to access the ports. Just need a universal remote to change inputs as there are no on TV buttons.
  3. Gty for us on Ovation June 28th was assigned on May 28th.
  4. I noticed they aren't doing The Quest. This is my first Alaska cruise with RCCL so not sure if they just don't do it for Alaska sailings.
  5. Been out of Port Everglades three times in the last two years. We always did self assist and were in line to get off the ship between 6 - 6:30. We were always at airport NLT 7:45. 9:45 is safe if you do self assist.
  6. I am on June 28th sailing. Northstar opened up for one day on May 25th and was gone that day. I fly opened up May 28th for about 12 hours and then was gone. I always have had success using Royal App and making reservation as you are boarding for items not available on the cruise planner. Just need to make sure you arrive early.
  7. June 28th Ovation On a side note I have been able to buy the drink package just for myself while on board. You will not get a discount and it will save you about 50 bucks assuming you would have to buy a drink package and refreshment package at 30 percent off before the cruise.
  8. I can confirm you can cancel the refreshment package and still have one confirmed deluxe package in the cabin. I am not sure though if it will be caught before sailing.
  9. We took the cruise line transportation there and got a cab (about 20 bucks to go back when we wanted). If I did it over I would just buy tickets direct and take a cab there and back and be on my own time and not waste 30 mins waiting in line before the excursion.
  10. They other weird quirk is fresh fruit for drinks will not be available either.
  11. Thinking out loud here. I usually buy the refreshment package online for my wife. I then call and purchase the deluxe package for myself. Since I already have the refreshment package purchased they usually do not even say anything and go ahead and take my payment and I am done. What prevents me from just going back online and cancelling the refreshment package? I haven't done this because my wife wants the refreshment package. Just wondering what would happen.
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