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  1. 🤣 A cruise ship should be the safest place if that were to happen To answer op question, yes, i'll sail again. It will be a while though since the CDC put in new restrictions on the cruise industry being responsible for getting people home (or something like that, I saw it on youtube so I haven't verified it personally)
  2. I see this happening or something similar. The assets are worth something for sure. And people know it.
  3. I don't people on all of CC don't understand the gravity or the wisdom of your post.
  4. I 100% agree with you. Only then would i invest.
  5. Trump says a lot of things. Don't expect a bail out.
  6. last week we joked about trump bailing out the cruise companies. lol. and now the bailout comes with stipulations that these cruise companies cannot/don't want to meet.
  7. This to me is ridiculous. What happens if a doctor signs off on someone going to a cruise and they get sick and die? Am I then liable for writing that note? My med mal insurance would skewer me. idk if any insurance company would cover that kind of med mal payout bc it's known that ppl >70 yo are at an inc risk for death from covid 19.
  8. @elwood_98034 already admitted that he made a minor mistake in calculation. Cut him some slack. Physicians aren't the greatest at math. That's why the stereotype of so many of us going into financial ruin is so prevalent and kind of founded. But in his defense, the statistics are skewed. We can discuss about how the denominator doesn't reflect the true amount of total infected or how the numerator isn't truly capturing all deaths and etc. And @njhorseman, I am a physician who does research and sees patients. If you want to dig into the nitty gritty, there is one big bias that we are all making. There is an issue of generalizability. The population around the world looks very different than the population we have in the states in regard to obesity, diabetes, etc. So our mortality rate may actually be higher. Who knows? Working in medicine is a calling. And I admire my colleagues who have high risk conditions who go into work everyday to care for patients. I am a young doctor, so my chances of dying are low (if you believe the statistics, lol!).
  9. This is a lil rude. Here's why. @elwood_98034 reaction also shows the mental toll that medicine takes onto health care workers during times of pandemics. This is called secondary trauma. When you read about physician burn out, physician suicide, and about us "rich" doctors complaining about our salary, this is a good glimpse into what we deal with on a daily basis. We have MAJOR cuts to the nih and our health care system, yet the public and Trump expect our colleagues to produce cures to the corona virus in a jiffy.
  10. LOL! 100% Agree. But you would be surprised who believe him.
  11. bc trump said he would help.
  12. Is NCL really that much in the wrong? Trump basically said the same thing. So what NCL are saying could potentially be construed as not entirely unfounded, since the leader of the free world said it.
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