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  1. So sorry. It's classic that we americans think we are the center of the universe. lol Thank you for your kind words. This pandemic has been a drain on everybody.
  2. where would the quarantine happen? at the port? The experts are saying that we will spike in April, lol.
  3. Haha! but yea You’d be surprised to see what ppl eat despite it making them sick
  4. It’s hard for me to schedule PTO for my profession. So I don’t have that luxury
  5. 4000 deaths per day is not headway. My hospital is packed and I have hospice talks and comfort care talks with families way too often
  6. It is a part of the buffet. Lol. So it is included. It’s typically in the back. It is so delicious that I crave it once every 2 weeks. Their curries are thick and so yummy. It’s high quality and not watery. The beef curry is like beef stew chunks. And the curries are always fresh and warm. So good. For me it is better than most specialty restaurants. I schedule my daily eating routine around their curries.
  7. I skimmed through this thread...there is so much misinformation and confusion being spread...smh...
  8. This is a false assumption. I round on the COVID units and intubate patients (ie put them on the ventilator). It is filled with ppl 20 to 60 yo. I have had to withdraw care on a 30 yo. The peak is projected to be in April. There has been a lot of vaccine hesitancy bc you know...freedom...so it may be a long time before we reach herd immunity. Granted, I am in a different state, but our county is one of the worst in the nation at one point of the pandemic.
  9. my unsolicited opinion is to not get ocean view. Either go with balcony or go to interior. It's not that big of a difference to have a window vs interior except that the ocean view room will be hotter than the interior.
  10. I can't comment on whether it was a wise decision to get Oprah for marketing. But having a big name celebrity endorse your brand isn't stealth in my book.
  11. Thanks. It has been SO LONG since I have cruised and so much has happened in 2020 that I am starting to forget the exact details.
  12. I would prefer this. Enable wifi for me to download the menu. It would save on burning more trash.
  13. I like NCL. It's my favorite line. Just a warning. NCL may be a downgrade from Disney depending on your tastes. I LOVE Indian curries. It's my favorite food second only the fillet mignon. For me, NCL curry is the absolute best I have ever had around the world. Better than the states, UK, and India since it strikes a balance of clean and authentic. They also had saffron on my rice last time. Not sure if it was real though tbh given the price of saffron. Their beef curry is my absolute favorite. So for me, it's not a huge downgrade compared to what I get. But I can see how it may be a downgrade to those who don't like ethnic food.
  14. I really wish I cancelled the CN at the start of the pandemic. But now that I am all vaccinated I am glad I didn't cancel my CN
  15. Joy - I like the observation deck. The Haven on the joy is like any other havens. but I don't love the haven exp since I like the chaos and party atmosphere.
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