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  1. Is it P&O who do the transfer or the TA? Les.
  2. Only applies if you’re cruise starts and finishes in the UK. If you have a fly cruise the normal 48 yours applies. …and only if your cruise is 19 days or less.
  3. Glad to hear that it didn’t hit you too hard and you are recovered. Enjoy your upcoming cruise. Les.
  4. Have a look at the Release Dates thread, post #19
  5. For a cruise newbie you’ve caught on very quickly, because they are 😂 Don’t let that put you off though. I strongly recommend you using a specialist cruise travel agent (we’re not allowed to mention them by name on here), and let them deal with all the issues for you. Probably not very useful advice for your current problem, but something to bear in mind for the future. Les.
  6. Well nobody has mentioned the obvious yet, so I’ll throw my opinion into the ring. Most people objecting to the lack of the evening turndown service seem to be mainly complaining about having to use a damp towel the following morning. I’m sure, if asked, the cabin steward would be happy to leave extra towels so you don’t have to use the same one as you used the previous evening. That’s what I’ll be doing anyway. Les.
  7. I know exactly how you feel as I’ve been really stressed about this (and the PLF) as well. I don’t have my own car so I am booked on the coach, but am very nervous about it. I’ve looked into every other conceivable option for travelling down, but all of them would have added around 50% to the cost of my cruise. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope nobody on the coach tests positive. I hate not being in control, but there’s nothing else I can do. Hope you have a great cruise. Les
  8. Thanks for your help with this wowzz, i don’t know why I doubted you 😂. I’ve now ordered my day 2 LFT from Testing for All, which cost £19. During the order process they ask what date you will arrive back in the UK and that is the date they dispatch the kit by next day delivery. The confirmation email, which arrived immediately, contains the code that I need to enter on the PLF together with the full instructions for carrying out and submitting the test. Les.
  9. Yes, but that is for the PCR, not the LFT.
  10. I must be wrong then, but I am finding all this very confusing. I thought they were available to order on 22nd and dispatched from 24th.
  11. I thought they weren’t available to order until 22nd?
  12. It’s a disgrace that some coach passengers didn’t wear masks on the coach, however to test positive at the terminal they must have been positive before they even got on the coach, so the masks aren’t the issue here. The real issue is why coach passengers are not carrying out the required LFT correctly before boarding the coach. I will not be very happy if this happens to me in two weeks time. Les.
  13. It’s quite a pleasant walk, although there is a bit of a hill to go up and down, and should take about 21 minutes according to Apple maps. Les.
  14. South Shields sounds like it would be a good place for you to view. Make for the ferry landing then walk along the promenade towards her.
  15. She will be berthed at Northumbrian Quay, North Shields on Saturday, and her estimated arrival time is currently 11:45am. That’s the same place that Azura was berthed for several months earlier this year. Les.
  16. Arcadia is due to arrive at the Port of Tyne on October 16th at 11:59am, although I have a feeling that time may change later in the week. If it does I’ll post an update here. Les.
  17. Never rely on your phone for important documentation, always print it out to take with you. I am on the same itinerary on Ventura, but 3 weeks earlier, and we have one celebration and two formal nights all on sea days. Les.
  18. Personally I found them quite useful.
  19. I really hope you’re correct John. Fingers crossed for that but I would see it as a bonus if we do. les.
  20. Hi Dai, I would very much like to meet for a drink onboard after spending a lot of time reading all your posts over the last few years. I know from experience though that it is very hard to “bump” in to someone even when trying very hard to do so, so if you feel like giving me a call in C629 we could arrange something. I must warn you though, I’m not a Geordie by birth! 😂 Les.
  21. I’m on the October 31st sailing which is scheduled to call at Le Palma. I’m not expecting that port stop to happen even if the volcano calms down soon. I read this morning that the island has been declared a disaster zone by the Spanish government, and I think it will be quite a while before the island recovers. It would be good if we could at least do a sail by though. I can’t see any reason why the other islands would be affected. Les.
  22. Oh no that’s really bad, sorry to hear that.
  23. The only information they gave me is that the cabin had been taken out of use due to the new protocols. It was a standard balcony, and I am really gutted that I have been moved. To be honest it has left a very sour taste in my mouth.
  24. They’ve offered nothing apart from the so called upgrade. The only problem with reducing the price to early saver is that I need the coach transfer. Les.
  25. I booked on launch and due to depart October 31st. I’m using a well known TA in Derbyshire who are always willing to go the extra mile for me. That’s the thing that really annoys me, there doesn’t seem to be any options. Les.
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