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  1. Thank you!! I jumped right on my cruise planner and made the purchases. I was also a bit skeptical about their motives but think they just want cash flow now. Either way, I'd kick myself if I didnt purchase at these low prices whatever the reasoning may be. So thank you for the heads up!
  2. Right I was really surprised it was only that much. That's why I definitely took advantage of it.
  3. I booked last week for a March 2021 cruise. I was able to make it a refundable deposit for $14 which made it that much easier to put a deposit down. I would say if someone is hesitant in putting a nonrefundable deposit down go through all the steps to where you request what type of dining you want and whether you want to prepay your gratuities because that was the screen that allowed me to check a box to make my deposit refundable for only $14 extra. I figure by my final payment date in December, we should have a handle on how 2021 will go with cruising. It also has already gone down $200 in p
  4. We did this exact same thing last March and it worked perfectly. Cortrans was even early and called to see if we were ready and since we got to the airport early due to magical express, it worked out even better. They were really cheap too, I think $20 each way per person and the driver was awesome. To be completely honest - they pick up from both terminals at the airport so if you can just get to the airport, they'll tell you where to meet them.
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