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  1. So I tried to look at the terms and condition for you, even though I'm sure you already went and talked to someone. But unfortunately all it says is participating locations can vary by ship. I'm on the Oasis in 2 weeks so our participating locations could be different but honestly, it didn't even give me a list. It definitely does say no to the Chef's Table as you already knew. But thanks for your heads up because I was considering getting this and Chops would be one I would want. So I think I'll just wait to see if they offer any deals on board (which I doubt). Hope it works out.
  2. I got that info from their website: "If you are a new guest, there is no need to sign up for Crown & Anchor Society. You will be automatically enrolled after you complete your first sailing with Royal Caribbean International (applies to US Residents). Membership benefits begin after you have completed at least one Royal Caribbean International cruise." And I can't find any page to create a login. I'll call them tomorrow.
  3. Hi Everyone, I just took my first cruise about 2 weeks ago (got back on April 28th). Everything I read about Crown and Anchor states you get automatically signed up after your first cruise. About how long after does this happen? Should I have already received info on it? We booked our next cruise while on the cruise and want to make sure we attach the membership numbers. I have tried searching for this answer but everywhere I read it just says "after your first cruise". Thanks!
  4. We just got back from that exact route and we both agreed that we didn't like St Kitts as much as the other ports. St Lucia didn't get a fair shake as it rained just enough to postpone plans and then it was too late to really do anything. Shopping is abundant in St Kitts but be prepared for the hard sell from the tour companies. They didn't take no as well as the other port stops. Antigua and Barbados are fantastic beach ports (Ffryes in Antigua and Boatyard in Barbados). Have fun!
  5. We did it one day as we were hungry and the WJ was opening abnormally late it felt like. There was no one in there but for a couple of other tables. My DH took it as a challenge to see if it was really only $10 for whatever he wanted. I kept telling him it was. We actually enjoy Johnny Rockets but don't really have one near us anymore so it was a treat. Of course I'm the person who got the chicken salad and a grilled cheese. But man - they put A LOT of chicken on that salad (so much so that I couldn't finish it). I think the shakes were like $6 but we were full and didn't do one.
  6. Last week I went on my very first cruise ever and it was with Royal. I read up all I could beforehand including the "is it worth it for the beverage package" debate. For me - I like to prepay anything I can for a couple of reasons but the main one being so that my brain can relax on vacation. What I mean is - even if I have the money available to buy the more expensive drink, the way my brain works is I go for the cheaper drink all the time. I like to save money - but that's just me. Therefore, I wouldn't have been as adventurous if I didn't do the drink package. We followed the advice and got it on sale. I tried so many different drinks that I fell in love with that I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the ingredients. A gin drink in the Champagne Bar, the Champagne Cocktail in the Schooner Bar and actually one of the drinks of the day (it was tropical I know that). Even on my port intensive cruise (Adventure - Southern Route), I found myself getting a drink or two in the Solarium in the afternoon (once back on the ship) and then another 1 or 2 after dinner. And being able to get bottles of water as you get off at the port was a life saver on those hot days. We did have to get a couple of drinks refunded back (MDR - looking at you) but I really enjoyed the freedom of drinking what I wanted when I wanted. And if my beer got warm while in the pool/hot tub - I simply got another. We have booked our next cruise already and will definitely get the drink package again. Now to get it at $41 or $42 a person per day...
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