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  1. Also on Deck 17 starboard there is a space with seating outside the kids club. It is VERY windy, and it seems just staff knows about this. I went there every morning because it had seating, was in the sun, was quiet and my cabin was aft.
  2. Booked my Christmas solo trip on Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas Dec 23, 2019 from Tampa. Come on along!! Key West on Christmas, Cozumel fun. Easy!! Pam
  3. I'm sorry, I've never been on the Coral. I know it's frustrating -- I'm a smoker too, and I can only guess where the smoking is on the Coral based on other ships I've been on. Usually there is a smoking area by the pool bar; it's on the upper level by the pool tucked next to the bar. Then on the starboard side on the Promenade deck near the aft there is usually an outdoor smoking area. When you find one of these areas, ask the smokers where else to go. That is all I got. Have a great trip.
  4. This is AWESOME!! I wish there was one of these for every ship. It would help immensely when choosing your cabin. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I will follow through...and put together a similar post for the Crown and the Golden Princess.
  5. This guy was so creepy looking I don't think he has any friends --- hahahhahaha
  6. I have sailed on the Crown Princess three times. The first two times, there was a machine (a Heidi beer machine) that paid out great. Mind you, the pays were $50-max $500, but it was a fun game to play. I was on the ship in June and they did something to that machine. Not one person won anything. I watched it for the 10 days and lose, lose, lose. Then I noticed that a machine that I hit big on my last trip was also not paying. Near the end of my trip, I won $850 on a $1 machine and immediately changed machines to another $1 machine that paid me $750. Later that evening I noticed a cree
  7. What about in the casino and the smoking lounge? I'll be on the Golden going from the U.S to Australia. (San Francisco to Sydney)
  8. What about smoking on the Princess from the U.S to Australia? Please don't tell me the casino and Churchill's does not allow smoking on this 26-day voyage from San Francisco to Sydney!!!
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