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  1. Doc reverted. Looks like someone needed to double check the header name before editing the worksheet.
  2. For sure. I just felt it needed to be pointed out because most status match programs with other industries/services just give you the status but not the corresponding nights. For example, I have Marriott Gold via the credit card, but it doesn't give me the corresponding total elite nights for that status, so if I want to make Lifetime Gold or Platinum, I still need to accrue those normally.
  3. TBH giving you the points to get you to the status is much better than just giving you that status, as it makes it much easier for you to get to the next level of status. Only problem with MSC's program is that you need to cruise with them once every...3 years, was it? Because your status will expire otherwise.
  4. Some places, like Alaska, you want a balcony because you want to be able to see that rugged coastline, and you also want to have your own private glacier viewing deck. Are there any places where you think an oceanview window or even just an inside cabin is fine, as a couple of glances at the port from one of the weather decks when you're pulling in or leaving is sufficient?
  5. Hoping to create some kind of central location for people who have successfully status matched, feel free to update with your experience. Please try to keep it in order so that it's easy to find. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19GS-jpDkoAsPFpIoKqQ8Mxj9-sXOJLqe0Ygfyzz1AwI/edit?usp=sharing Column 1 is the place you have your non-MSC status, Column 2 is the level of that status, Column 3 is the MSC status that was matched to. As I understand Hilton Diamond = Gold Marriott Gold = Silver Anyone matched from IHG Platinum who can shed
  6. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had recent experience storing luggage at Canada Place? I'm sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam doing the round trip from Vancouver, planning to drop luggage at CP somewhere upon disembarkation and then head up to Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge, then retrieve luggage and back to hotel in Richmond. I know there's CDS, are they still only to 4:30PM? Anyone use them recently and can give any insight as to whether this is still the case? Are there hotels that I can pay them money to take my luggage until I come back later that day?
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