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  1. Its 20 on tapatalk for me on Android, when just using chrome on android I see the next button which isn't on tapatalk.I will post a pic from my phone in a minute
  2. AlanF65


    If your email is correct Go to the top of the page and logout then go to https://www.cruisecritic.com/ click on the login button and choose forgot password below the signin button, the next window asks for your email, they will email you a reset password link.
  3. AlanF65

    Getting on to Forum

    Use your browser to create bookmark or add the bookmark to your toolbar. I have this in Firefox that takes me to the forums but it could take me to any forum and then use activities to go to the rest or make multiple bookmarks.
  4. AlanF65

    Where to back up photos/videos dai

    I bought one of theses to play with the other day, mostly for making room on my phone. I like the wireless passport idea. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G388MV8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Just got the page not working error. Android using chrome A
  6. AlanF65

    CBD Salve in CA

    My CBD salve comes through the mail now with a chemical content label inside. I haven't found the product without THC in Alaska. I can find the stuff with THC for sale in Alaska. I found the non thc in Canada for sale but didn't want to try and bring it on the boat. The company I buy from will ship to a pick up at a post office. Amazon will ship to pickup at amazon pickup point. I was just trying to avoid the shenanigans and trip out of the "tourist" area. I won't carry it across the border, I will either do without or see if I can find it in a store in Alaska. Lots of health food stores carry it in California but its about 4x the cost of buying direct. A-
  7. I bought them last year and they work fine, love the twist screw connector. I put them in the outside of my suitcase and when I get to the port they take about 2 minutes to put on the handle
  8. I am flying into Vancouver for an 11 nite Alaska cruise. I use hemp based (no THC) slave on my knees and scar tissue on my foot. 1) Is this product legal to bring into Canada? 2) When I board the ship in Vancouver will have any issues? 3) Has anybody drop shipped into Alaska for pickup at the post office or fedex location? To be clear this is hemp based, not pot based and has 0.0% THC Thanks Alan
  9. AlanF65

    3 night dining package on Ovation

    So about 44% off before adding gratuities
  10. AlanF65

    3 night dining package on Ovation

    I paid $115 including the service fees for a 5 night package on black Friday which is $23 a night so the $69 is close if it included the service fees.
  11. Have a great trip! I would bring some ones and 5's for tipping porters as I don't like lifting /carrying my big suitcases :=) Sometime I use a pouch for my passport / id and cash at the airport just to make it easy to get to docs I need for TSA. A-
  12. Maybe @Host Clarea can move it?
  13. If you want to tell us the user name or a post we can see if we see a signature or not A
  14. Its right where you wouldn't expect it go to ignored users and the settings for individual signatures are there https://boards.cruisecritic.com/ignore/