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  1. There are no notices on the account, I will need to call, its a branded card but everything one reads seems to indicate its gone for all cards.
  2. Hi, My My Costco Citi credit card as of 7-29-2019 has $3000 coverage for basic cancellation and trip interruption for a cruise. My question is if those are the benefits when I make a charge for a future cruise and they change their terms, are the terms generally retroactive or for new charges. Currently they cover from when I make the purchase. I am willing to self insure a large portion of most the cruise and plan on getting an annual medical policy so this is just for the cancellation part relative to the CC. Thanks Alan
  3. The other thing to look at is if you are off the coast of Canada the nearest medical facility may be in Canada so you need to checks your coverage for that event.
  4. I had a JS NB and an ultra extra spacious OV SB which intrigued me. My mistake was I booked the NB then started looking for costs of flights back, next SB trip (two weeks which I didn't have) so I then booked the SB 5-8 hours later and the JS availability / prices had changed dramatically. For the phone call yesterday we first looked for JS SB but it was about $2300 more than the NB JS and would have had to move and I didn't want to spend that much, then AFT extra spacious balconies but none of those were available both directions, then extra spacious balconies, then a spacious balcony and we found one on the hump so I needed to see if I could find reviews and ended up taking it. So it was a little more involved and she was putting cabins on hold has we discussed them. It might be that I am a picky customer.
  5. This is what leads me to believe that RCI didn't pay for it. I am sure they pay a hefty per passenger or docking fee but ti souldn ;like it was all local / Alaska money from what I read. “Thanks to the partnership between the City of Hoonah, State of Alaska and Huna Totem Corporation, this investment will further improve our world-class destination. from https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/icy-strait-point-building-a-cruise-ship-pier.html https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=6089 Looks like NCL is adding a second pier at their exepnse. https://cruisefever.net/norwegian-cruise-line-building-new-pier-at-icy-strait-point-in-alaska/
  6. I decided I would get it done before I transferred it to an agent; had I known how long it would take I would have done it differently.
  7. Not sure what you mean here, I thought the local tribe owned the port http://www.hunatotem.com/corporation/history
  8. Thanks everyone. I was on the phone with RCI for close to an hour getting the same stateroom both directions. I didn't want to have to deal with "moving 3 decks" and just wanted to make sure I could take a long excursion without worrying about relocating before or after. (ship gets in at 7am and leaves at 8pm)
  9. How did you like this stateroom? Was it Noisy because of the elevators?
  10. You can create a custom stream or more than 1 that filters and set of content you want For basic viewing choose one of the content I follow or content I posted in, or you can make a custom stream that refine to what you want to see.
  11. One Last question for Today, Can I leave items in the safe or does the lock get reset?
  12. So today I changed to the same stateroom b2b. My question is do I have to do any packing at all or can I go out for 10 hours and come back just like and excursion? Second question is if I buy water will the left over last the "change over" Third Question Can I carry on Soda /wine for the 2nd leg? Thanks Alan
  13. Now we know where the IT person that made the $18 beverage packages was reassigned to.
  14. @CC Help Jenn If you right click on the top bar of Turtles06 Message. and open in a new tab it takes you to https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic intentioanl broke the link 2687689-here-are-some-tips-instructions-for-booking-shorex-using-the-50port-shorex-promo/ but if you paste in the whole link it brings in this picture which is hosted on https://content.invisioncic.com /j283755/monthly_2019_08/B74D7ED1-29DD-400C-849C-5C6597602AB2.jpeg.2d4aeeeccdb20c4e61127e8f4419be1e.jpeg (.jpeg removed from tail of link) these pictures also show up in post #9
  15. I liked the whale watching in ISP and eating at fisherman's daughter in town, and have never been to Glacier bay so for me it is a plus.
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