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  1. Our business is essential and in the beginning it was just my brother and I here, employees came back to work in May, still some office people working remote, its their choice. I use my Chase Sapphire points for groceries and insta-cart membership. They gave $40 statement credit for joining insta-cart and they allow you to get statement credits using points for groceries, so $100 in points is good for $150 in statement credit of groceries. I have only been in a store maybe 3 times since a year ago. I love grocery delivery. I have lived alone for so long I just prefer it. Lots of medical issues this year and it took 3 hospital visits (no frequent flyer miles) and a ton of test to get a diagnosis. What wears me out is many of my symptoms are similar to Covid so its hard to see a Dr. right away. 8 Covid tests, all negative. Saturday I get dose 2. We are getting so close to being over this. A-
  2. Does that mean you don't know how to do a wheely? I envisioned the bow rotating up and the keel staying in the water
  3. Its not "open", they detained 75000 people in January. But that adds to you comment, if we assume the 75000 is 20% of those crossing illegally then that's 350,000 a month coming across the border The 75,000 number is at the bottom of this article about the crash the other day and they didn't catch those 27. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/human-smuggling-probe-suv-in-california-crash-entered-through-hole-in-border-fence-officials-say/ar-BB1ecfGD?ebsb=1&enablessr=true
  4. Did Canada negotiate lowest price / longer delivery with the vaccine makers like the EU did? A
  5. Is the 4 month delay intentional or did someone make a typo for the typical 4 week?
  6. I received my first shot yesterday at my Dr's office, they were well organized (its a small practice of about 8 Dr's with over 2500 seniors), I was in and out in about 20 minutes including my 15 minute waiting time. I think they were doing non patients also It looked like they were using 8 exam rooms to give the shots.
  7. My fundamental principal is their lawyers are bigger than mine and they won't let me modify the contract for a single passenger so as always buyer beware of the risks and either self insure or have some form of insurance (cc, specific policy etc) A-
  8. The travel credit ends Through June 30, 2021, gas station and grocery store purchases will also count towards earning your $300 Annual travel credit The 3x points at grocery ends You can now earn 3x total points on grocery store purchases on up to $1,000 total spend per calendar month Nov 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021,* including eligible pickup and deliver services. No activation required - you'll earn the points automatically. The pay your self back (use 100 points for 1.50 statement credit) ends 4-30-21 They have extended the pay yourself back a few times and if arms aren't getting stuck they may extend it longer A-
  9. My Doctors office (9 doctor group) had 800 doses that they used for over 65 (they have 2500+ over 65 patients) I called and got on the wait list as our county the lines are 2-5 hours. I was called last night and they scheduled first dose this Saturday and second dose in 30 days. I am looking forward to getting "stuck" A-
  10. I wonder if CCL is getting rid of them because they don't want to update them per the environmental issues that have to be solved before sailing.
  11. They applied my $300 travel credit to grocery shopping this year so that was nice, almost like free food (except I paid for it)
  12. Sitka has a historic church, the fortress of the bear, the raptor center, the Totem park and museum along with Lots to do including whale watching, its really a working city so other than the church and the museum most is a healthy walk or tour ride. Icy Strait point has very good whale watching along with the zip line, a small town with authentic food and lots to see walking around. Skagway I would recommend a train /bus combo tour that goes at least to carcross and then some time in town depending on how long you are there and what you want to see. Juneau - more whale watching as well as walking on the Glacier, the tram, lots to do, or possibly the Adventure bound trip. All my Ketchikan visits have been cancelled (this year, next year) A-
  13. Hi, I am thinking about the ACL "American Constellation" 10 night cruise with 2 days in Glacier Bay. I like the idea of flying into Juneau with no need to go to Canada. Reviews of the ship in ACL forum are less than stellar and I was wondering if anyone has done this itinerary and how was the ship, the bed and the service? Thanks Alan
  14. I use these And these and these After spending 45 minutes looking for a black suitcase in a pile of black suitcases that didn't get put in the right group areas A-
  15. I don't know if they are still doing it but if you gave blood to the Red Cross they did the antibody test for free.
  16. The Pfizer vaccine work was started (BioNTech) on 1-25-2020; the scientist had 10 ideas when he started. "On Jan. 25, a Saturday, after reading a study he said convinced him that the obscure disease in China would soon engulf the globe, Dr. Sahin set to work on his computer, designing the template for 10 possible coronavirus vaccines, one of which would become BNT162b2, the vaccine authorized in the U.K. on Wednesday." https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-a-couples-quest-to-cure-cancer-led-to-the-wests-first-covid-19-vaccine-11606905001?mod=searchresults_pos19&page=1 Covid was likely in the US in Mid December 2019 https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-likely-in-u-s-in-mid-december-2019-cdc-scientists-report-11606782449?mod=article_inline
  17. Well gambling is just that, its taking a risk to get a reward with the odds against you. Winning the lottery pays really well, the odds are huge against winning and winning isn't an absolute pure payout, first the state gets paid. There are things that can be done to minimize odds / reduce risk . A skilled poker player can minimize risk by strategy and win, he can win more against lower skilled players but those are the same people that don't understand odds or chip values in a tournament and make high risk low reward plays and win in spite of themselves, that is gambling, not playing poker. A skilled poker player playing a cash games has a win expectancy of a certain percentage, the rake eats into the win % and increases risk, making the game less profitable. The game gets more profitable the more lower skilled players there are against a highly skilled player. Many skilled players will walk away from a lucky gambler. I never counted cards but won at black jack into my early 40's I could tell you every card that had been played while talking baseball or just chatting and then at some point that memory ability went away. I could win at poker but about 10 years ago I just can't sit and concentrate as long so I don't play much anymore. Knowing what cards were gone just gave me a better chance at what would come next, it doesn't mean it will. I used the same skill playing 7 card stud. Every game has odds, the way to win at craps is buy and or place bets with true odds when a shooter is rolling numbers, that is the same as trying to time markets. I don't bet sports so if you make money at it congratulations. Most people go to casinos for fun and a chance to win, they don't win consistently. They also go to shows, and go to dinner and enjoy themselves and don't mind dropping a small percentage of their disposable income as entertainment dollars. Very few win playing casino games, betting against the casino over long periods. There is a reason tables have limits. It eliminates the casinos risk againat someone doubling every bet and winning. Enjoy your free cruises, if you don't play in the casino you probably won't get invited back as a comped player unless you shop heavy in the jewellery stores on board.
  18. Casinos have the ability to change a whale into a guppy and a guppy into a whale. If you don't give them x dollars and y time in action, you won't get offers. Casinos count play different than most players, every bet is counted, if you play 8 hours and break even you may bet 480 units. You gave the casino 480 chances to take your money at games that have anywhere from 3-4% to much higher house odds. Its not about the occasional winner its about the constant small percentage they win every deal, roll, spin. Slot machines that pay 97% don't pay back 97 per hundred dollars bet, they get to the 97% at 10 million or 100 million wagered to 97% pay out percentage. There is not a game on the floor they don't win at, the rake % on poker makes it tough to make money in a real game. Blackjack played correctly may be from a 2-4% winner to 2-4% loser for the player. Craps is like trying to constantly time the market. You have be right when the market is going to turn. A-
  19. United Airline started shipping today in readiness of approval "United Airlines Holdings Inc. UAL -0.74% on Friday began operating charter flights to position doses of Pfizer Inc.’s PFE 1.92% Covid-19 vaccine for quick distribution if the shots are approved by regulators, according to people familiar with the matter. The initial flights are one link in a global supply chain being assembled to tackle the logistical challenge of distributing Covid-19 vaccines. Pfizer has been laying the groundwork to move quickly if it gets approval from the Food and Drug Administration and other regulators world-wide." https://www.wsj.com/articles/united-begins-flying-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-11606512293
  20. I don't have much faith in him either but the plan is moving forward and vaccines will be distributed not much longer after FDA approval. It will still be awhile to get them out to everyone. A-
  21. The state is approving about as fast as the FDA, they are working on it simultaneously. Healthcare workers in December, then medically needed and front line workers. It will still take months to secure, distribute and schedule vaccinations on a mass scale. "The state's scientific safety review workgroup has already reviewed the Phase I and II study data on both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and will be able to review the Phase III data close to when the FDA and CDC receive information to expedite the review and avoid any delay." https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Newsom-vaccine-California-Pfizer-when-available-15748964.php
  22. If the Pan Pacific in Vancouver is open, then staying there makes boarding almost seamless. You call the bellman and your checked bags are taken to your onboard suite, all you need is your carry on and a ride down the elevator and a walk inside or out to the boarding area. There are a few other hotels in Vancouver that offer the same luggage service but he Pan Pacific is the only one that is part of the cruise dock You do have to clear US customs when you board. A
  23. It still shows in my cruises as "sailing in 29x days", I was just wondering how long they wait before they cancel
  24. I wonder how long it will be before they cancel my 14 night Voyage of the glaciers next September out of Vancouver to Alaska (assuming Canada is open)
  25. If you are going to look at other itineraries I suggest you look at sailing from Vancouver. Those sailings tend to get more ports and some of the off the track ports compared to Seattle 7 day. This NCL trip gets more ports and glaciers Princess has a 10 day and 14 day from Vancouver, we don't know what HAL will do in 2022 yet. A-
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