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  1. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, I have been convinced to seriously look at options on Crystal. I also agree that only people with really strong opinions tend to post and this results in an over posting of negative comments. The costs are around 75% more than Celebrity taking all of the included items into account but seems like the experience is better. From the videos it looks like well spaced tables in restaurants as standard which is good for our requirement of privacy at dinner. Also looked like there were sufficient "younger" people to make the bars a
  2. Hi, apologies for the title but looking for plenty feedback, especially from 2020 travellers. We are Celebrity cruisers and looking for a change, viewed some great reviews on Youtube on Crystal so decided to check out cc. Very disappointed to see almost all reviews from end of 2019 onwards are bad and suggesting significant reduction in quality in many areas. Our priority items are food and entertainment, not food snobs, just like good quality and choice of standard items. On entertainment we like musical shows focusing on pop idols or musicals. We are in our late 50's and I guess co
  3. Try this link: https://reservations.jet2.com/Jet2.Reservations.Web.Portal/whitelabellandingpage.aspx?j2tid=a9946134-13e0-473f-993f-d29063b406c9 Enter surname and make sure you use the correct reference, try your travel agent booking reference and if that doesn't work input the Celebrity reference. You should have access by now.
  4. Do bar staff give you ice if you take the bucket or your own insulated cup to the bar.
  5. Will be on Connie in a few weeks and have Premium Drinks Package. Was wondering if the Premium waters (Perrier, Evian, etc) are supplied in glass or plastic bottles. Asking for safety reasons.
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