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  1. I don't remember if I asked in this thread at all, do they ever let the public out on the bow in this ship? Love being on the bow of the Voyager and Freedom class, but when Oasis Allure came out they only had Diamond events out there, but they quit that in 2016 when we finally made Diamond. Would love to go out there, not sure why.

  2. 9 hours ago, perfect match said:

    Thanks, Bill! Hope we end up sailing together at some point. We really enjoyed getting to know you and Gina, also Jon and Penny on Symphony. Seems like that was just yesterday but that was back in 2019! 

    So much has happened in that 5 years, but I have been thinking about that Symphony cruise a lot with Wonder coming up.

  3. On 4/2/2024 at 8:26 PM, Reijo said:

    First time on Wonder, can you tell me if the Solarium Bistro is open on embarkation day.  Also, I have a late boarding time and just wondered if I got to the port, perhaps, 30 minutes before my boarding time, will I be turned away and made to wait.  After 42 cruises, we've never boarded this late (last minute cruise) and you just NEVER know if there will be a problem or not.  Prior to the pandemic, Diamond and Diamond Plus had priority boarding but I'm assuming that went away with the scheduled times.


    Also, has anyone had any issue with the Royal App.  I've gone in to schedule the events that we want to attend, I've chosen the times/day/etc.  and it appears that everything is saved but it hasn't appeared in my calendar.  It's as if nothing is scheduled.  I appreciate any help.  

    For what its worth, people on our May 26 sailing have had no luck with the app, everything is being done on the website. 

  4. 11 hours ago, perfect match said:

    Congratulations! 🎉 Enjoy your upgrade. 😎


    I cancelled my RU bids on our upcoming Allure B2B. We’re currently staying in the same JS and my only bid for each leg was for a GS. We love the location of our JS and really don’t want to have to move between the two legs of our B2B so we let the minimum bids on the GS go. While having a GS would have been nice we are happy with our decision.

    Have fun on Allure, still Gina's favorite ship. 


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  5. 16 hours ago, SUgwoz said:

    That far out, I would expect it to be a success.  No reason for it to expire others 30 days out, unless you got a success. What cabin did you bid on and what was your previous?

    That seems reasonable, watching as I am about 50 days away now.  I hope @DennysDad comes back and lets us know what happens.

  6. 1 minute ago, Cruisegirl6 said:



    3-  What time does the Viking Crown lounge stay open till each night?  Is there live music there?


    5-  What time during sea days is the MDR open until for breakfast?




    Its been awhile, having been on Freedom in 2008 and 2015, but there is usually activity in the CL until 1am or so, frequently saw Karaoke up there and other entertainment.   I think the MDR opened at 6:30am, but that is probably old news. 

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  7. FWIW, I put in what i think is an extravagant bid on all the sky class suites.   I'm thinking its not likely as this is on a holiday week and the ship seems pretty full.   The only other time I did a Royal Up bid was on Mariner 2 years ago, but right after I bid on a JS, I found the price was next to nothing on an upgrade to SUITE GUARANTEE which netted me a JS cheaper than the min bid.  For this cruise I purchased late and the prices have gone up, I could do other cruises for the price of just upgrading to a JS.   


    Since this is our official retirement cruise, I did put in a bid on these suites. Would love to end up in a Crown Loft Suite.  Friends had one on Allure in 2013 and we loved that cabin.  Fingers crossed.

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  8. 9 hours ago, JamesEM said:

    Cozumel is the best port to watch pier runners.

    Our best experience was also in Cozumel, we were on one side of the pier on Navigator with balcony facing the pier and Freedom was on the other side.   It was more than an hour after ALL ABOARD time and people were still casually strolling back. We would yell, "The ship is leaving" to the stragglers to get them to run.  Soon the deck crew would pretend to pull up the gangway to get people to move faster.   It was fun!

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  9. Where we were on Mariner in 2022 they had a GRAB N GO section between the Windjammer and the pool deck that had burgers, hot dogs, salads, utensils and condiments  that you could get quickly and avoid the WJ crowd.  Has that expanded anywhere else?

  10. On 3/21/2024 at 7:34 AM, Cruise a holic said:

    We just got off the Icon.  The cruise director was mostly absent and didn't impact our cruise- He had a few assistants who did trivia and other activities-  


    We will be on the Symphony in August- noticed Elvis is the cruise director.  Will he be on in August?  Is he good?  Not sure if we ever had him on another ship.

    We had Elvis as an Activities director on Jewel before his first CD job.  Seems personable and active. I do see a lot of his social media posts. He loves doing Zoomba in the Promenade!

  11. 7 minutes ago, blondie from arizona said:

    I have some questions. We will be on in a month. We have sailed her sister ships, but not Wonder.

    1. Which decks have the secret public balconies to watch the Aqua show or just have a great view?

    2. When I looked last week, they did not have any open skating on the schedule. Are they training a new ice cast, or have they decided not to do open skating anymore?



    Allure use to have deck 12 use as a sun deck or watch the shows, but I think all of the rear facing decks are not high price cabins. I may check out open skating this time, not sure. 

  12. Next questions are  regarding the cups for the Coke Freestyle machines.  Anyone have a picture of the current cups?  This is pretty low on the importance scale, but I am curious.  Next, Pre-covid the cups were in your room when you finally got there, but I think I remember from my 2 post shutdown cruises that you picked them up somewhere at a table either near the Windjammer or on the promenade on day 1.    Has that changed?


    And a silly question that just happens because I am in cruise brain mode now. I've noticed when  you get to use the cups, the machine generally tells you when the cups expire and it always seems to be 2 weeks. I've never done a B2B, so I am curious if someone buys it for a week and then doesn't get it for the 2nd week, does it still work?  Save your moral outrage, I'm just wondering.  Although we may try a B2B in the future when we are retired.


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  13. It's been 171 days since I started this thread and I have 65 more to go.  Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to my education/entertainment.   @teera143 your videos were exceptional including the pre cruise ones in Spain.  Thanks to @Ourusualbeach and @OCSC Mike for your many contributions.


    Time for my next question.   My wife and I use the stairs a lot on cruises to keep our weight under control and we have always enjoyed the art in the stairwells, especially on the Oasis class.  I bet I can find a dozen or so photos of Oasis class Stairwell Art.  Anyone have any pictures from Wonder?

    Below is from Symphony (I think they want you to touch the art here)


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  14. 1 hour ago, Arzeena said:


    I just came across this review and it was great!

    I read that you have driven from Columbus Ohio to PC several times(?). What is the best way to do that? Any suggestions? Thanks.


    We have two routes, one via I77/I26/I95 through WV, VA, NC, SC and into Florida.  The other route goes I71 to I75 into Florida, and sometimes I-10 over to I95 that goes through KY, TN, GA, and into Florida.  The Eastern route is a few miles shorter, but Frequently the day before I'll look at weather and pick one or other. Its about a 14 hour drive.  Frequently we stop on the way down in either Savannah GA, or Valosta GA (I-75) and then finish the last 4 hours or so the next day, but more often on the drive back we get right off the ship and into the car and usually home around 1-2am the next day.     Most often I to the I-75 route home as the WVA turnpike is rough when you have already driven 10-12 hours and if the weather is back, its a tough last 200 miles. 

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  15. 17 minutes ago, jobinseattle said:

    I imagine that RC Oasis class ships are probably the most popular ships? I have never been on either but can anyone compare Allure OTS to Mariner OTS? We are going on Harmony OTS later this year. I understand that Allure is an Oasis class ship and Mariner is a Voyager class ship meaning Allure is bigger. How much bigger and if you have been on Mariner did you like it?

    I love both ships and have been on both twice.   If you have kids more to do on Allure, but we are  empty nesters and usually pick an itinerary. 



  16. Finally under 75 days,m  many thanks again to the people here who have helped me pass the time and be more Wonder-aware.   After paying off the cruise, I had enough reward points to get $250 OBC for this cruise.   I know there are better rewards cards, but I've had the BOA Royal card for 15 years, It is so much easier to redeem those points now than it use to be!

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  17. Just now, Cherful59 said:

    I believe most people ferry over from the dock unless they are on an excursion that will drop them off.  I haven't been for awhile, but it used to be a fairly reasonable price round trip or one way.  I am sure someone can post a current price.

    I don't know the current cost, going in May, haven't been there since 2018, but that ferry doesn't save you much walking and the time you could have been walking you have to wait for the ship to empty, reload up and head back.  The amount of walking it saves is probably about 1/2 mile.

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