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  1. Just an FYI - I was at Jack's in August and there was not a charge to use their chairs on the beach. A friend was there last week and apparently there is now a charge for chairs. The rate was $20 for two chairs (don't know if there is a charge for an umbrella).
  2. Has anyone done this tour lately? How was the tour? What type of foods were served? Trying to decide if it's worth the $35/pp price tag. Thank you!
  3. To the OP: Our experience has been that dinner in the WJ varies from ship to ship. I recommend that you stop by the first night and see what you think. On some ships, the food being served is very much like what the dining room is serving that night; on other ships the food selection is completely different. Same with atmosphere...on some ships they really try to make it a nice evening: the lights are lowered and they will have flowers on the tables and the silverware/napkins on the tables. I would not automatically avoid the WJ at dinner, it can be a very nice experience (again, dependi
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