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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm debating between this ship and the Poesia for Norway. Thank again for the post!
  2. I liked the Teppanyaki, I thought it was very good. The pan-Asian was okay. The seafood place was bad. The french bistro was good as well.
  3. If I am remembering correctly- your dates are not locked until you get on the ship. I treated them as holding days and moved them to the desired days when I was on the ship with the app. My TA had the same issues and told me they wouldn't be finalized until I was on the ship.
  4. If your package included the mini bar, it does include the snacks. I had it in April, we rarely used it, but we did throw a few cans of stuff in our bags for excursions. The juice was what we drank most. The drinks on the Seaside were amazing, so the mini bar was not that exciting.
  5. This is what the area looks like on the Seaside. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  6. I should also note that the charcuterie platter comes out on a nice wooden cutting board, but the server made me a little plate to take back to my room for later. He we really great.
  7. Okay, I do not have the menu, but it is similar to above. I liked the appetizers, soup, and charcuterie better than the mains. Not that they were bad, but the others were very good. We also had great service. I had been drinking a red wine and commented how nicely it would have gone with some of the cheese that was on the buffet and the server sent his assistant to go get it. As mentioned, we went 3 times and I think it was $15 upcharge. On the Seaside I didn't love any of the specialty restaurants aside from the teppanyaki type restaurant. However, this was great for lunch, etc. The hamburgers were also very good. I wasn't a fan of the buffet on the Seaside, so this was our lunch choice and we also had our last dinner there because they took such good care of us. I think my boyfriend had the menu photo, but he deleted it.
  8. That's similar, to what was on the Seaside. I remember duck confit, steak with frites, etc. However it was a set price. We usually swapped out dessert for a charcuterie platter so we could also have appetizers. I don't think we ever had dessert.
  9. I have been on the Seaside and I really enjoyed it. They offered a set menu for a very reasonable price. I am sure I have pictures, but now that you cannot access this website via Tapatalk, it's harder to post. Give me a while and I'll look through my phone. The French onion soup was VERY good and they had some amazing reds only available here. It is on the piazza and not in actual restaurant....but we had a good time and went three times for lunch.
  10. Thank you for the feedback. I will bring this up at the mix and mingle for my voyage. I wish they had better marketing from the social media perspective for this ship. I think they have put everything into the Seaside and the lack of info for the Armonia is frustrating, if you're an uber planner. Thank you for all the great info.
  11. Hi Bea! Thank you for the great information. I'm getting on ship on the 18th this month. I wanted to ask if you saw free lobster in the MDR offered? I haven't heard that anyone has received this and it was advertised. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/countdown-begins-to-msc-armonias-first-cruise-from-miami-to-cuba-300729576.html
  12. T-Mobile works, but it's $5/minute and data was $18/mb as of 2 months ago.
  13. https://www.hotelnacional-decuba.com
  14. You can buy tickets in advance if you have a non-US credit card on their website. I'm happy to share that if you want. I just wish you could buy them online in advance if arrival. One less thing to worry about. I will buy mine there, they day I get into Havana.
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