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  1. Yes, if they have it. It's the Rapid ID Now. It's NAAT and it will work for the cruise or Hawaii. 😉
  2. I don't know if this is a week to ask because of all of the active rain- how are the mosquitos? In a few days, all of the active rain might make it a GREAT time to ask this question. 😉
  3. My brother in Seattle says testing resources are widely available. I'd be happy to ask for resources, if that's helpful.
  4. Maybe of interest, I will be testing in roughly two weeks. If I was to have an asymptomatic case now, I wanted to know because I would test positive now and again in two weeks. However, I'm right at the cut off point where I could have an asymptomatic case and then get a note that I had recovered and still go with a positive test*. I picked up a home, non-witnessed test. We were negative. So any positive test now, means no cruise. 😉 Edit: I am not suggesting people should do this, but I wanted to make sure I did not have a positive status and not know it. We've both had an occasional cough, which I felt was allergies, but I wanted to check. *Exceptions may apply for asymptomatic guests that have tested positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to embarkation, but not less than 10 days prior to embarkation, and are fully recovered. Guests will need to provide a letter of recovery from their doctor and, laboratory test results that were taken at least 10 or more days prior to embarkation, and not older than 90 days.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I thought about it, but I've had people argue with me that unless Covid is the ONLY thing listed on the death certificate- it wasn't the cause of death. I am so tired of people without any medical experience telling me that I'm wrong.
  6. The costco ones you overnight to the lab and it can take 72* hours to get the results. The antigen ones you do at home. It's witnessed and they will watch you do the test. Based on what they say, you wait in a virtual cue to submit your result to them. After that point, they will send you an official result that can be used for travel. Updated to add: *I've had family use these and it took 48 hours from the time they did the test to get a result. It's about 24 hours after the lab gets them that you get a result.
  7. I'm using some tests I bought from Costco last December, as my back up if I can't get a test locally. I bought them for Hawaii, but got a test locally that took less than two hours. So I still have them on hand and I'll use them for the cruise if I can't get a test locally. I did just buy antigen tests for an upcoming Mexico trip. I bought them yesterday and they were shipped today. They will work for the cruise. They were $59 with free shipping and there are offering a 10% discount through American. I don't see why you couldn't use the code too. 9Use promo code AATRAVEL10 at checkout) They are witnessed tests and you get results quickly and an email output that can be used for travel within two hours of completing the test- per their website.
  8. The Majestic is under observation, it's a fact. Most ships with passengers have met the threshold to be under observation or investigation. The CDC lists what each color means, which is related to cases reported by guest, crew, or within 5 days post departure. Yesterday it changed from "CDC has started an investigation." to "CDC has investigated and ship remains under observation." I've been checking it daily M-F, as I'm getting on the ship in a few weeks. I had hoped it would have gone to orange, rather than stay at yellow. The color status has to do reported/identified cases, not the reports sent to the CDC or the vaccination status of the crew. Yellow means they met the threshold. It's all listed, but they do not identify what the threshold is. 1%, 10%, 15%??? I'd like the Carnival corporation to be transparent about cases on board. The 26 cases was initially reported as a few. It came out as 26, when they were trying to get permission for the guests to go ashore for one of their scheduled stops. I'm getting on one of their ships and I'd like to have all of the information to make the best decision. It's about transparency. My reply was related to your post where you mentioned that you felt testing was overkill for a vaccinated cruise. Nothing is 100%, but this decreases the chances. I'm happy to test, I'm happy to mask- I'll have a great time either way. I'd also be happy to know more about what cases are being reported on the ship I'm getting on. 😉
  9. I don't agree that it's a waste of time, money, and effort...26 crew members are positive on the Vista. Their crew is supposed to be vaccinated. The majestic remains under observation for cases, yet I've not heard of cases being reported. I am not so sure the Carnival corporation is being forthright about the cases on their ships.
  10. I hope this isn't duplicate information, but there are multiple companies doing the witnessed, online antigen test. You can get it done for less than $60. I'd recommend looking at the companies airlines are recommending. This is the company I am using to come home from Mexico this fall. However, I plan on using IDNow at Walgreens for my cruise. Just about everyone lives in an area where there is community spread- thus you qualify. I've used this test before and the results come back within a few hours. I'd use a PCR, but it might not be resulted before I fly to Seattle. I do not want to quarantine in Seattle for an asymptomatic presentation. Good luck and wishing you a pleasant journey.
  11. They've updated it. You'll totally be fine and they will take email results. Have a wonderful voyage!
  12. Based on what my TA said, who contacted Princess medical about my question on NAAT Rapid and at home antigen test- the FAQ section is going to be modified. Based on what they told him via email, I think you'll be able to use the rapid test- but keep watching. Both the PCR and IDNow, which is the rapid one are NAAT.
  13. Thank you for sharing you experience on this trip, we appreciate it! Does anyone know the capacity for the enclave, due to the required reservations. I'm hoping they cap it to help with social distancing. Thank you in advance for the information!
  14. I couldn't get anyone to confirm the formal high tea occurred, I think it was called Royal tea when I went. It seems like regular afternoon tea is being held in the MDR, per usual. I will miss having the tea with the towers of food, teapots, and cocktails.
  15. Thank you for this information. I guess they are monitoring the roll calls. I would also guess we would need to contact him, upon arrival? Or would you try the DINE line? Thanks again for all the info and for sharing your journey!
  16. Can anyone tell me how afternoon tea (free) is working on the ship? Do they still offer is daily in one of the dining rooms and have they done high tea (extra)? I've looked at the patters that were previously posted and it seemed like some of the dining rooms were open from for an extra 90 minutes that made me wonder if that was it. Thank you in advance and I'm so thrilled you're all having a wonderful time!
  17. Maybe we can ask the chamber of commerce for the two smaller towns to provide a list of who IS open!
  18. Skagway brewery is still open, go grab a pint of Spruce Tip Blonde! 😋
  19. Does anyone know if you can go to the Crown Grill bar and just order appetizers? I'd like to have Steak Tartare if they still have it on the menu. I love that stuff. 😋 I'll still probably go for a full meal, but I would be okay having that more than once on the cruise. 🙂
  20. Someone reported the tea place is now a regular bar. They have some regular tea, but none of the stuff with Boba or specialty teas. 😞 My son will be very disappointed.
  21. Thank you, I'll be curious to see what occurs tonight with the 19:00 return time.
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