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  1. Oh, how long did it take for Costco to send you the form? Today our cruise was automatically cancelled since we had the Alaska June 7 one. Haven’t received the Costco email but got one from Holland
  2. As expected unfortunately...we booked for a big group through Costco. Does anyone know if we go through Costco for a refund or have to fill out a HAL form for each booked room? My husband just contacted Costco Citi card and they said they can just refund but not sure if that HAL form was needed. Will try to get a hold of HAL also to ask...thanks
  3. Great news , although airline has to initiate the cancellation. Assuming our June Alaska cruise is cancelled, how would we go about getting a refund for a flight we booked ourselves with Alaska Airlines?
  4. We booked with Costco who will just go by whatever HAL tells them. Do you know if HAL insurance is refundable if HAL cancels? I would think it should be. Thanks
  5. Yes I hope they will cancel soon! Does anyone know if HAL platinum travel insurance would be refundable if HAL is the one that cancels? It would seem to be that it should or else that would not make sense...
  6. Hello: We finally had planned our first big family trip (13 of us!), including my 95 year old grandfather, with a June 7th cruise to Alaska. Of course, that's off the table now with the virus... However, as we all know, HAL has only cancelled cruises through May 14th at this point, even though it's very very doubtful that there will be Alaska cruises prior to July 1st. Here's the ISSUE: We have until Saturday before our deposit penalty turns into the 50% cancellation penalty (as you can imagine, the deposit alone for 13 people was pretty high). We really PRE
  7. wow... Did it sound like they were going to cancel the remainder of the Alaska cruises anytime soon? I’m not sure why they won’t just cancel them all, although it is probably because they want to line their pockets with more money for the refunds I had really hoped that that was going to be part of today’s announcement. We have a June 7 cruise, 13 of us, and we only have a couple more days until our deposit turns into a 50% cancellation fee. My 95-year-old grandfather is one of the people in our party and and we are not sure if he will be able to cruise anytime after the summer. T
  8. I have the same question about FCC as well. I don’t know why Holland is not addressing Alaska cruises as we have one in June with a party of 13, one including my grandfather, 95 years old who may not be able to take another cruise. That’s why we really want the refund but they are taking their sweet time and should be canceling the early Alaska cruises now. If we have to cancel on our own and get FCC instead, does anyone know if it is one big lump FCC or is it tied to the individual person, even though they may not be able to take another cruise? What happens then? thanks
  9. Hello, we were supposed to have our Alaska cruise on June 7 and we have until April 4 before we are out 50%. Right now, we would be out our deposit. Everything has been paid in full. My husband booked this cruise for our first big family trip, 13 people, five rooms. He put it all on his credit card through Costco travel. We would rather receive a full cash refund but who knows if HAL will make their decision on the June cruises by next week. My question is, if I do not hear from HAL before April 4th deadline, then we would rather just cancel on our own and so the deposi
  10. Yep...13 people in our group so quite the deposit...😒
  11. Yes unfortunately we were hoping to get our deposit back as a cash refund too but we cannot wait much longer for HAL to take the initiative. Us too...this was supposed to be our First big extended family vacation, including my 95 year old grandfather. probably won’t be able to do it again. ☹️
  12. THIS. We have already paid in full for a June 7 cruise and have one more week before we get into the 50% cancellation fee part. If we cancel ourselves now, we just get FCC for what we paid, but we want a full refund at this point. Obviously there are no Alaska cruises at least up until July 1 so HAL needs to make that final decision ASAP imo.
  13. I asked this on Hal’s Facebook re my June cruise booked in January...they said today’s change would cover us. But very confusing wording...let’s hope the rep was right...
  14. Unfortunately, We have already issued final payment a few weeks ago. We are at least wanting to get our deposit back as FCC if we cancel, but it does not look like they are going to do that at this time for cruises beyond May 31.
  15. Oh I see now how I worded it...yes. If HAL extends this policy through June, then we would be covered. Thank you.
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