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  1. Brand new Courtyard at McHenry Row (across the street from the port) should open before end of this year.
  2. Yes, I did go with Joy's, in the Joy Cat as I hoped and it met my expectations. Boat is in like new condition, very spacious and fast. Only had about 6 from my roll call but they honored price quoted which was for 8 I think. We then went in opposite direction from Soufriere to pick up a group of about 10 who were all together from a wedding at their hotel. Did not mind this. Cold water available. Beer and punch only come out on the way back for safety reasons. Fast trip to little harbor at Marigot Bay. Very picturesque, just a slow drive by, then on to Soufriere and best views of Pitons from the water. Docking at Soufriere and transfer to van for trip to mud baths and waterfall. Lines at both locations but not unbearable. I was on Celebrity Silhouette and there was at least one other ship in port. Then to Joy's residence for a nice lunch just as described. Back to dock at Soufriere and Joy Cat then goes to beach area (Sugar Beach? I think) adjacent to a nice resort. Small public area but you can use beach in front of resorts area. Just not their loungers unless you want to pay. At beach for about an hour, then back on boat for transport back to cruise area. So it covers all the bases for most popular day in St. Lucia for first timers. Crew was personable and capable. Very satisfied with the experience.
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