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  1. Get one aft of forward staircase. They are bigger and have more room between bed and dresser unit. Just back from cabin 1168 on Silhouette (numbers may be different on EQ) but you will find similar. Also avoid ones on deck 3 that connect. You sacrifice some entrance way footage. The ones I have described above do not have a sofa, just a chair. If you want a sofa and same layout as balcony cabins opt for the ones forward of forward staircase, but these are smaller than those aft.
  2. Just back from Dec 9th Silhouette and the one day free use of PG on port day was Elite perk described in Welcome Letter. 3 drinks loaded on your card for use between 5 and 7 any bar except World Class Bar.
  3. Bump up. Sorry just had to do it. Hoping Reed Princess will opine.
  4. Check all sources, sales, travel planner, etc. For my upcoming 12 nights on Silhouette the price for the 8 night package is same as the 10 night. 9 nights more expensive than 10, and if you add the 11th it is almost $75 pp for just that one extra meal. This has been the pricing for the past month.
  5. Watched a video tour last week of the cabin of someone on an early preview cruise and they displayed the "tomtom" in their IV.
  6. Yes we did sail together a long time ago. I'm guessing Zenith in Feb 06. I've been off the boards for the last 10 years during a period when I was working for the cruise lines. Retired now and leave on my first cruise since Feb 09 next week, so back on the boards. Don't see you posting as much. But I do know a fair amount about New York. Feel free to contact me at hmw608 at aol dot com. Howard
  7. Turtles, enjoyed all of your review, especially photos. I board Silhouette on Sunday. Happy Holidays to you.
  8. Thanks for quick reply. Is there any jazz type group?
  9. Growing up the only dressing we ever had was Thousand Island homemade w/ketchup, mayo and relish. I'm a little bit more worldly now, but on past cruises if I asked for Thousand Island early in, waiter had it for me every night. I think they used the same recipe above. Do they still serve Celebrity dressing, was similar to TI. Hey CruiseStitch or Nebr.Cruiser, do you know if Ray Brown Jr band is still onboard? Thanks.
  10. Here are the package prices for my cruise next week on Silhouette: 8 nts..........265 pp 9 nts..........299 pp more than 10 nights 10 nts........265 pp same as 8 nights 11 nts........353 pp or $88 pp for one extra meal. Can anyone explain?
  11. The easy answer is Total Wine & More on 17th St just outside the 17th St entrance to port, but this is not the quickest entrance coming from airport. For more information go to the Florida boards. There are lots of threads about buying wine.
  12. Yes $30 flat rate for taxi plus gratuity, but 4 people with luggage can be tight. Instead look for Ibssa Limo's black SUV's as you exit. They will match the price.
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