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  1. Thank you. Maybe I will need to repost this question after Silhouette returns to Port Everglades
  2. We are doing a b2b on Silhouette Dec 13-Jan 4. Can someone who has been on recently please tell me the evening dining hours for early seating vs the time Anytime Dining opens. We like to eat as early as possible so we can get to the 7 PM shows in time. The reason I ask is we have sailed on both Millenium and Equinox in the last 2 months and they had the hours switched - one ship had Anytime Dining opening at 5:30 PM and early seating at 6 PM while the other ship had Anytime opening at 6 PM and early seating at 5:30 PM. Thanks so much
  3. That was how I was interpreting it also but wasn't sure if I was correct.
  4. Thank you. I did see that from X. But when I open the question re which tests are acceptable, it makes no sense to me. Sorry.
  5. I'm sorry if this has been asked before - I couldn't find it on this forum Does anyone know if the Walgreen's Rapid Diagnostic Test ID Now is an acceptable Covid test for boarding? We have a cruise on Millenium in 2 weeks and it is impossible to get a rapid antigen test near here without driving well over an hour. It seems no CVS stores in our area give Rapid Antigen tests anymore - not sure why not. We can get a PCR test here but I was hoping to get a "rapid" test so we can have the results before we fly to Seattle.
  6. Does anyone know if the Seattle Express shuttle service from Seatac area hotels to the pier is operating? I contacted the company and they said "yes". But I thought I saw somewhere on this forum that someone said there are no shuttles operating at this time.
  7. Thanks for everyone's help with the Health Visa. I applied for ours this morning and got approval back in about 50 minutes. Now fingers crossed for the PCR test (getting them Monday). Shouldn't be a problem since we are both vaccinated but..... Looking forward to seeing everyone on board in 9 days!!!
  8. So am I correct, husband and wife have to fill out separate applications for the health visa? Just asking because of the question re "number of persons in your party". Thanks for the info - it will be very helpful. We are doing b2b July 10 & 17th
  9. So were you able to download the CVS results to My Quest (and if so, how did you do it)? Or did you only download your results from Labcorp to My Quest? I am expecting our test results from CVS today (I hope)
  10. I sure hope so because it makes it SOOOO much easier. But who knows - time will tell, I guess
  11. I received an email from Celebrity a few hours ago titled "Important Testing and Health Screening Requirements" for our June 5 cruise. In that email (I'm sorry I don't know how to post it here), there is no mention of CELEBRITY requiring proof of a COVID test for vaccinated guests, just the requirement by the St Maarten government of an RT-PCR within 120 hours of arrival for US and Canadian visitors (or within 72 hours for visitors from other countries) It goes on to state that an antigen test will be administered at the terminal for all guests 2 yrs and up who are not/cannot be vaccinated Important Testing and Health Screening Requirements.eml
  12. A few hours ago, I received an email from Celebrity titled "Important Testing and Health Screening Requirements" for our June 5 St Maarten cruise. (I'm sorry, I don't know how to post that email here). In that email, there is no mention of a requirement for a COVID test by Celebrity before you can board if you are fully vaccinated. This is different than the info on Celebrity's website, It does mention the RT-PCR test within 120 hours of arrival for US and Canadian visitors as mentioned on the St Maarten website.
  13. I know I cannot bring a surge protector on board. But can I bring a simple multi-outlet plug? No surge protection involved. Just a way to charge my electric toothbrush and either phone or computer at the same time.
  14. Thanks, everyone Saw a suggestion on another board to attach the hooks on the organizer to string and loop that over the top of the door, then attach to the hooks on the inside of the door. Prevents any damage to the door or the jamb. Since we are doing a b2b2b of 58 days, think it would be nice to have a little extra storage.
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