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  1. Yes, with a busted engine 🙂
  2. OK Zimmy , see you there. I wanted to do both weeks and originally booked both when they said they were 7 days each, but then found out 9 and 7 and the husband said "Do you want me to get fired"... so we are just doing Cuba. This will be a first where the Canadian Dollar is King. We can change them with ease, without paying 10% because we're American. We leave on the 30th to Havana, staying at the Kempinski until the 4th. Air Canada has the strangest flights, and only 1 option... Fly 9pm arrive midnight, leave 7am arrive Toronto 10am??? Anyhow, super excited, jealous you get to do both. Enjoy! See you soon.
  3. Where are the posts on the Cuba cruises? Any of you Americans up for it? Don't want to sail alone 😞
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