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  1. Whether you tip or not, I am not into the "you must pay tips for the hard workers on board" I have just watched a programme on life in Hong Kong, also in the past India, Philippines & other countries & if I had the choice of working on a cruise ship with no tips to the sheer hard work & living conditions they have in these places, I would pick a cruise ship every time. My wife & I do pay tips in case anyone wonders & we are from Europe.
  2. My wife & I have" free on board" speciality dining in Gagneys & La Bistro, how does this work? What is your choice? Thank you.
  3. We do tip here in the UK but we do not have a tipping culture no matter what Ziggy says. I know plenty of people who do not tip for anything & why , because it is not expected. It is different in the US, as a few instances I recall when visiting. A one minute shuttle bus to car hire, basket requesting a tip. At the car hire we signed in & awaited while a guy delivered the car, then he put his hand out expecting a tip, same in a restaurant with a waitress who was topping up our drinks. This was several years ago I don't know if it is still the same. US have a tipping culture & there is no problem with it, but the UK don't.
  4. NLH. I didn't put this correctly. I do understand what posters here are saying, that they had to drop the DSC because of complaints that the cruises were then too expensive.What I was attempting to say that it didn't wash with me( I doubt they had complaints) & it was because they thought that it would be better for themselves to rid the inclusive DSC for the UK. As I said all the all inc., here in the UK & Europe are doing great business( & no complaints), of course their fares have increased as well. .
  5. Adam. They cancelled the DSC inclusive on their deals 7/8 weeks ago hence the confusion here in the UK. I too thought the DSC was included when I booked, it was only when I went to "my cruise " on line that I discovered it.
  6. I don't get this about NCL cancelling the inclusive DSC & the bookings dropped. We have various cruise lines here & Europe who include them & they are doing very well, Marella UK have now included DSC on all their ships , and this has gone down very well. Maybe NCL pitched their prices too high. I think also , if I am not mistaken, North Americans get much better deals than cruises than here in the UK.
  7. For those who think gratuities are not included in a cruise package. NCL did include them until 7 weeks a go, hence confusion. Celebrity include gratuities on certain cruises for UK customers. Three UK based companies have offers including gratuities. Still feel that cruise lines should include them for UK customers , & then it would put all this palaver to bed.
  8. John . If you read this, you started this thread & should be ashamed of yourself, look what you have done๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
  9. Thanks Evie. It would have been best if NCL had headlined it on their pages on the UK site to avoid the disappointment & misunderstanding .
  10. I opt out of this thread also. John asked a simple question & got one & then insults & smart aleck replies.
  11. nikki. I too thought it was included until I looked at "My Cruise" & there it was as a service charge though. I rang NCL UK & my agent & both said that NCL do now charge Gratuities/Service Charge. Check your "My Cruise" Problem is we have different cultures USA lower pay & tips make up their wage , GB pay them a wage & tips a bonus. This will always be a contentious issue . The problem with me this time is that I thought the tips were included.
  12. John & European champions๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€
  13. mjka. You are near the truth that some Brits., do remove all the charge. Why & when they stopped having the Grats., included it I don't know. We were probably paying more for the cruise but at least the Grats, were included, which we prefer.
  14. John. It does work, we have amended at guest services & also if you leave it to the last night, there is usually a queue of Brits & Aussies doing it. I have spoken to Brits who have told me they don't like the Grats., charge so get rid of the lot. which I would never do. THere will be no problem doing it, hope this helps. Cheers.
  15. John, because the replies are from US folk who are used to paying grats., Here in the UK in 2017 NCL changed the gratuity rule & stated that to attract more UK cruises the gratuities would be included in the all-inclusive deals. I too have just booked a cruise with them & find that this is not the case & there is a charge. This is most annoying & do not know when this changed, you get no help from NCL on this issue. What our friends in the USA don't understand that most Brits & Aussies hate the paying these gratuities & would prefer them included in the price & then we get a better idea of the end price. The last three cruises I have done the gratuities were included.
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