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  1. https://www.ncl.com/uk/en/free-at-sea-uk This is the reply I got from NCL UK. all Service charges are included. Most probably because here in Europe lots of cruises include beverage & gratuities in their package. Marella Cruises the biggest line in the UK include everything in their prices.
  2. Shepherds look after sheep.🐏 Cowboys look after cows/beef🐄 so should be cow pie. Surely????☺️😁
  3. Shepherds Pie is lamb mince.... Cottage pie is beef mince. Two different dishes.
  4. Beware your on board credit of $50 against each excursion can not be used for gratuities.
  5. Whether you tip or not, I am not into the "you must pay tips for the hard workers on board" I have just watched a programme on life in Hong Kong, also in the past India, Philippines & other countries & if I had the choice of working on a cruise ship with no tips to the sheer hard work & living conditions they have in these places, I would pick a cruise ship every time. My wife & I do pay tips in case anyone wonders & we are from Europe.
  6. My wife & I have" free on board" speciality dining in Gagneys & La Bistro, how does this work? What is your choice? Thank you.
  7. We do tip here in the UK but we do not have a tipping culture no matter what Ziggy says. I know plenty of people who do not tip for anything & why , because it is not expected. It is different in the US, as a few instances I recall when visiting. A one minute shuttle bus to car hire, basket requesting a tip. At the car hire we signed in & awaited while a guy delivered the car, then he put his hand out expecting a tip, same in a restaurant with a waitress who was topping up our drinks. This was several years ago I don't know if it is still the same. US have a tipping culture & there is no problem with it, but the UK don't.
  8. NLH. I didn't put this correctly. I do understand what posters here are saying, that they had to drop the DSC because of complaints that the cruises were then too expensive.What I was attempting to say that it didn't wash with me( I doubt they had complaints) & it was because they thought that it would be better for themselves to rid the inclusive DSC for the UK. As I said all the all inc., here in the UK & Europe are doing great business( & no complaints), of course their fares have increased as well. .
  9. Adam. They cancelled the DSC inclusive on their deals 7/8 weeks ago hence the confusion here in the UK. I too thought the DSC was included when I booked, it was only when I went to "my cruise " on line that I discovered it.
  10. I don't get this about NCL cancelling the inclusive DSC & the bookings dropped. We have various cruise lines here & Europe who include them & they are doing very well, Marella UK have now included DSC on all their ships , and this has gone down very well. Maybe NCL pitched their prices too high. I think also , if I am not mistaken, North Americans get much better deals than cruises than here in the UK.
  11. For those who think gratuities are not included in a cruise package. NCL did include them until 7 weeks a go, hence confusion. Celebrity include gratuities on certain cruises for UK customers. Three UK based companies have offers including gratuities. Still feel that cruise lines should include them for UK customers , & then it would put all this palaver to bed.
  12. John . If you read this, you started this thread & should be ashamed of yourself, look what you have done😁😂🤣
  13. Thanks Evie. It would have been best if NCL had headlined it on their pages on the UK site to avoid the disappointment & misunderstanding .
  14. I opt out of this thread also. John asked a simple question & got one & then insults & smart aleck replies.
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