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  1. If there is a bar at the restaurant I’m sure you can. On the Breakaway last July, my wife and I were able to order drinks while waiting for reservations. Nobody asked if we were eating in the restaurant.
  2. Does anyone know if they have Jim Beam Vanilla - Bobbi's favorite.
  3. We interested in possibly keeping it low key while we are in Port Canaveral. There is Manatee Sanctuary and Park that seems very close to the port, but we can't find any information on it. Does anyone know anything about this park? Walking distance? Worth it? Any suggestions for something in Port Canaveral. We tried airboat ride (horrible) and beach are is not what you would expect. Love nature and perhaps something unique.
  4. I do not do it for what I will get just as you say. But they are good people and appreciate the money and more importantly respect. We love talking to the staff we meet and get to know them. Life is all about karma. I don’t have money to throw away but they earn every penny. Last trip we brought snacks candy and a bottle of wine as a gift for our room steward and my dietary rep. I have celiac. They truly loved it. So little was appreciated so much.
  5. I read int on a couple of boards. The new restaurant is now available for reservations and Margaritaville is not. This is the new restaurant.
  6. Margaritaville is closed and turned into another restaurant.
  7. Reservations don't come until the final payment date. Once that date passes, the majority of them are available. We are on the Bliss in April and that is what happened. Even if you don't get a reservation, head right to the first screen or to the area they will do the reservations once you get on the boat. From what I have been told, less than 1/2 the reservations are available on line.
  8. I have a request. We are trying to find the hidden liquid treasures on the Bliss in preparation for our trip. Hey it’s cold and crappy in CT and we like thinking warm tropical well hydrated thoughts. If you have any suggestions please participate in this this thread. Thanks.
  9. Bobbi has that and the mudslide on her list. I want the expresso martini. Keep them coming. This is the stuff we were hoping for.
  10. We bring at least 100 in singles and fives and tip every server etc. it makes a world of difference. They deserve it. Just being nice and courteous goes a long way. The abuse that the staff is put through by many of the passengers is ridiculous. I will look for Gene. Thanks.
  11. That’s the ticket! Bobbi likes the mudslides. The expresso one will be on my list. Thanks. Two great ones. Thanks.
  12. That’s exactly what We are looking for. We usually drink wine, but want to branch out. I saw in a thread about the closing of Margaritaville that people were wondering if good margaritas could be found elsewhere. Sure they can be, just curious if there are hidden or less known about locations and specialty drinks.
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