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  1. Cruise Review of Some Important Items. Flight In: Flew in on Saturday, July 20, 2019 to Ft. Lauderdale. Flights arranged by NCL were the worst they could arrange. This is really the only issue we had, but it was so bad we may not travel with NCL in future. 11 and ½ hours to travel from Connecticut to Florida. Had reservations at hotel in South Beach (Z Ocean) · South Beach was interesting to see ONCE. Wouldn’t go again. People on the cruise said to stay in Ft. Lauderdale as it is much nicer. Used LYFT to get to hotel - $42.72 (not bad considering it was a long ride) · South Beach was interesting to see ONCE. Wouldn’t go again. People on the cruise said to stay in Ft. Lauderdale as it is much nicer. Gluten Free: I am a severe Celiac and must not come into contact with any gluten. NCL has been good with this, but Breakaway was incredible. Carlo was the specialist that worked with me and was incredible! I never really see anything about Gluten Free Diet Reviews so I will include it. Cruise Day: LYFT from South Beach was quick and reasonable at $14.05. Cruise Port Arrival: Arrived at the cruise port at 11:00 am. We walked through security and check in with no lines and received a number 3 boarding card. We waited no more than about 15 minutes and they began Embarkation. IMPORTANT:Dinner reservations (at Headliners) and Show reservations (Outside Headliners) are located on Deck 6. On Breakaway they also have touch screens everywhere. A great Maître D (Darren – Awesome all throughout trip) showed us how to use them. Really easy and you can make show/dinner reservations. Do this as soon as you get on the ship as times fill up quick. Rooms were ready by about 1:00 PM. We went to ours early (14164-Spa Minisuite – won upgrade bid at lowest amount – Spa was great) and it was ready by 12:30 pm. Room Note: · The service in the rooms has been getting worse by the cruise. · The room stewards do the minimum. · No more ice unless you aggravate them to bring it. · Towel animals are no extinct. THIS WAS THE ONLY ISSUE WE HAD WITH THE CRUISE, but it was painful! · Calling for help over the phone is also useless. Shout off the balcony, you may get better help. Restaurants: · Ocean Blue * Best Restaurant on the Ship! o Food was incredible. Appetizes included king crab legs and scallops. There were three huge scallops on top of bacon. This could be a meal. Surf and turf is included with meal package and you get a lobster tail. Two sides are included. For dessert, my wife got a chocolate mousse cake and I got a gluten free cheesecake in a jar. Turns out this was the best dessert on the boat based on our opinion gluten free or not. o Absolute best service on entire boat (all service was good, this was just better). · Cagney’s o Always good. o Did not disappoint. · Savor: o This is where we ate most meals that were not at specialty restaurants. o Were exceptional with Gluten issues all trip. · Noodle Bar: o Reserve as soon as you get on the ship as you will not get in if you don’t. o Request Seat at the bar. o They took care of my Gluten Free needs exceptionally well. Entertainment: · Howl at the Moon – Dueling Pianos at Headliners o This was our favorite show. The three piano players are great and if you are lucky Joaquin the guitarist for “Rock of Ages” shows up and plays some songs with them. o If it is too busy at start just come back a little later and you will find seats. o Adult show starts at 11:00 PM and is well worth going. · Pour House o Was said to be very good, but was extremely small. We never got a chance to go there. · Velvet o Based on our opinion, this show was the worst of any we saw on a total of 4 cruises. Meal was ok. o Spend money to go to “Ocean Blue”. · Rock of Ages o Very good show with some great performers. o Best show we have seen, but most others were much shorter. o Very much worth going. · Headliners Comedy Club: · Comedians rotate nights with piano players. The three comics were all good, Jorge was incredible and every show with him was different. Other two comedians did the same thing over and over. Good the first time, but not worth repeating. Shore Excursion: We only booked one and just walked the ports on our own for the others. Daniel Johnson's Monkey and Sloth Hang Out If you do anything in Roatan, this should be it! The booking was simple and the communication with the hang out was quick and helpful. Upon our arrival in Roatan, we could see a parking lot crammed with buses and other forms of transportation. The lines going different places were long and plentiful. We walked by all the people gathering, walked by all of the packed buses, across the street to a clearly identifiable group of people waiting with the Dan Johnson Hang Out signs. We were introduced to Felicia who would be our own personal driver. Yes, she was going to drive us around Roatan while we were there. She walked us a short distance to her car and we were on our way. The car was very comfortable and air-conditioned. Felicia drove us to the hang out and showed us many great spots and explained life in Roatan as she did. The hang out is 20 minutes or so away, but the drive was fine as we were very comfortable. The hang out is not a flashy tourist spot, which was amazing. Dan himself welcomed us to the hang out within the first five minutes of our arrival. We chose to snorkel as part of the package and were on the boat in no more than 15 minutes. This is a great experience no matter your skill level. You only have a 10 minute boat ride to the snorkel site and a guide swims with each group to help identify the best areas to see the great sea life in the chosen area. Dan was the one that took us out and he was extremely patient and helpful. Once back, we changed and moved on to the animals. At the hang out, there are monkeys, birds, and sloths. We were given a tour with with another couple, four total. We were given plenty of time to experience the monkeys and birds, but the sloth was the ultimate experience. We both got to hold the sloth and we were not rushed at all. This was my wife's most anticipated event on our cruise and it did not disappoint. It is worth it! The animals were very well treated and it is clear that there are great relationships between all of the animals and the people that work there. The animals are all very well maintained and have large pens that connect to other pens. The sloths aren't even in pens. Ask to see the baby! Felicia was waiting when we are done to take us back to the boat. We could have toured more than we did or even go to the beach, but we chose to stop at a couple of shops and go back to the boat. Felicia drove us to the entrance of the port and we were there in plenty of time. This is truly the best excursion we have taken during our four total cruises. The price was also the most reasonable. What was even better was that all of the money we spent went right to the people who live and work on Roatan. Dan takes care of his employees, this is VERY clear, and they all care for the animals and the people that visit them. The drive showed us some very poor areas and this was memorable as well. I am glad we saw what we did as we appreciate what we have even more than we did. When we found out about the hang out, the reviews seemed a little too positive. Too good to be true. It is exactly what people write about it. DO NOT HESITATE to go the Hang Out. Dan, Stephanie, Felicia and everyone else was amazing. If we return to Roatan, this will be the reason. Thank you Dan and Felicia!
  2. That is what I found too. People love to identify issues that don't exist. Parking for $25 a day is truly a bargain. Last time we took gem out of Manhattan we thought we would save money by taking train in. NOPE: It was not a good choice. We started on Shoreline East in CT, to Metro North, to a cab ride from hell. On way home it was just as bad and raining. We didn't save $80 after all of this. In Manhattan there is no better way than parking at the port. Drop luggage and people by elevator, park car, go down together, when door opens that is where you check in bags. Easiest possible way to get on a ship. If you are taking the Gem, there is a coupon that they use to take. Had no expiration date so they kept taking it. Not sure if it is still good or out there, but it was for at least $100 off.
  3. Sorry! It is the Norwegian Star. Someone on the Roll Call for the cruise . Any idea of the cost?made a comment about the limited parking. If there is enough I am very happy
  4. If you have any questions about the Breakaway I will try to help you. Ask away.
  5. Any information about the parking in Brooklyn. Is there enough? Taking NCL Sky in April and will need to park car.
  6. Great review. Thanks. Heading down tomorrow.
  7. I place a minimum bid of §75 per person for upgrade from mini suite to spa I I suite. I won the bid with the smallest bid possible for the upgrade. So I get a room upgrade and spa access for a total of $150. Just the spa for two would be $400. Good deal.
  8. If there is an issue, ask for the chef in charge. No mistakes will ever be made. Had small issue second trip and two of the culinary top chefs handled my food for the rest of the trip. One even cooked our dinner at Cagney's himself on our last night of the cruise.
  9. I have only been on the Gem, but they are extremely good about it. I am extremely sensitive and I have actually felt better and lost weight on the ship. The ability to eat normal for a week is the big reason we stay with Norwegian. We are going on the Breakaway in July. I have heard that "Benedict" is the one who takes care of you on that ship. Hope it is true as he was on our first trip and was amazing. Anyone been on the Breakaway recently?
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