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  1. No way to know. I'm booked for May & August and am keeping both. If they cancel, they cancel. Right now for May, I'd just be out my hotel stay at most (IDK if it is non-refundable). For August I'm out return flight if it doesn't happen. She's right that there is a good chance they are on hiatus that long, but nobody really knows for sure.
  2. When I was on the Dream in 2017 it did not open until we were well into the gulf.
  3. No... But it can be used to cover gratuities if you didn't prepay them. If you absolutely need to cash it out, go to the Casino, and use one of the machines and load the amount of OBC you have left. Play a little bit for low money, then go cash out at the casino cashier. Keep in mind, the casino will close at some point during the final night (especially early if you are in NOLA where you hit US waters earlier because of the need to sail up the river).
  4. Mine hasn't given me anything I haven't found online.
  5. The Carnival site shows the benefit is approved through July 31, 2021 (for bookings made by February 28, 2021).
  6. Email from guestadmin@carnival.com. Subject: A new fax has arrived from (Part 1 of 1) on Channel 4
  7. Sent mine Monday and received confirmation yesterday, but I sent for 2 different cruises and only got confirmation for the one in May, not the one in August. I don't know if they process them differently, or if it just created confusion me sending 2 faxes back to back.
  8. My daughter did not to do well in the kids club, but did sleep in there (on a blanket with a pillow). I find that most of the penguins (2-5) are glued to the movie when I pick up from night owls. The say they have pack and plays for infants, but I don't recall ever seeing them.
  9. A lot has to do with for first time cruisers (or infrequent cruisers), they are more focused on this being a one-time or rare occurrence for them, so they seek to maximize the experience. At the same time, I'd say regular cruisers tend to be more likely to pay for the suites.
  10. My thoughts are that either the virus spreads across the world, and there no longer becomes this quarantine question, or countries quit rejecting cruise ships as their economies suffer.
  11. As for the cities if you are going to spend any time there, I'd go Galveston for that age range. As for the ships, I really loved the Dream (which was in NOLA at the time), but that was also just my wife and I. There isn't much difference between NCL & CCL. Can't speak to Royal. I'm not a huge fan of Carnival's kids clubs, but a lot of that has to do with they divide Camp Ocean into 3 age groups, but every ship I've been on with my kids has only had 2 rooms for Camp Ocean resulting in the oldest group spending a lot of time in the dance club or conference center. On our first cruise with the kids that still worked out great and they loved it (they combined the 5-8 & 9-11 groups which kept my kids together). Since then my 10 year old has been pretty bored with the club. My 12 year old has enjoyed the Circle C club. Important note about your daughters is that they will not be in the same Kids Clubs on Carnival. The 10 year old will be in Camp Ocean with 9-11 year olds. You can give her permission to sign herself in & out. The 12 year old is essentially given free reign of the ship as she can come and go from Circle C as she wants. If you go Carnival, I would certainly choose the Vista, as it has some great ports (do excursions), the option of a Family Harbor room which gives your daughters a place to hangout together, and tons of activities on ship to interest a 10 & 12 year old.
  12. I meant in terms of time filling and re-filling the small cups. It would be rather annoying during busy times in the buffet area.
  13. Fantasy has balconies, granted not a ton of them (I don't know when you sailed it, because I think they may have been added later). We went last summer on the Fantasy and enjoyed it. Would not rate it as a my favorite cruise (Dream), but it was fun. At the end of the day, it is going to depend on what is important to you. The Fantasy is going to rock more because it is smaller. It definitely has some age, but not really that noticeable compared to any other ship I've been on. Smaller crowds on board for games, increasing your chances of playing or winning. Unfortunately the small crowd doesn't mean much in Cozumel usually because of so many other ships frequently docked as well (though sometimes you get lucky). I prefer the Mobile port to the NOLA port, but so much of that is because our hotel was so close we walked, while we took an Uber in NOLA. NOLA obviously has more to do though, and was cheaper hotel wise for us. We also drove to Mobile, but flew to NOLA. I'd go with the Valor all else equal personally, but if there was a significant price difference, I'd go Fantasy.
  14. Port fees are adjusted and Carnival shore excursions refunded. I've only had to deal with itinerary changes about times in port, reversing the port days, or changing a port but in the same country. I've never lost a whole day before, as they do a pretty remarkable job of adjusting plans when necessary.
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