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  1. I feel like it was when we went on the dream out of new Orleans. And 100% that they've had soda flavors not on the menu and only at certain bars for whatever reason.
  2. My cruise is July 25th. I purchased my passes on May 19th. I'm on the Jade. I don't know when it opened up.
  3. Hearing that makes me sooooo excited for my Jade cruise next month.
  4. That was before they switched to Pepsi in 2019. They made the switch shortly before the pandemic ruined cruising.
  5. They still do. Galveston & New Orleans are special.
  6. Free money? I do recall them putting out information before saying that you would have to arrive at your designated time (for obvious reasons) regardless of priority status. Of course that was before the latest attempt at a restart, and before the vaccination requirements.
  7. Most of you are making me feel better about my May Sunshine cruise getting cancelled, lol. The biggest cons to Carnival are the kids (if they bother you), their 15 drink Cheers limit (once again, if that applies to you), and lastly they charge you on their private island, no food or drink included even with Cheers (which wouldn't apply since you aren't going there). Really, the most important aspect is how into it the Cruise Director and Fun Squad are. Unfortunately no way of knowing what those crews will look like coming back after so long.
  8. Hoping that by November this isn't an issue. CSO will expire, but could (and probably will) get extended in some form. Of course also hoping my younger 2 will be vaccinated by then.
  9. You never know. My son's braces set off the metal detector at the aiport, and they just swabbed his hands. My wife's piercings have also set off metal detectors, but never been an issue. But in both cases they don't always go off. Just sometimes.
  10. I always book FTTF on Carnival, but $179 is way too high. My Greece cruise doesn't have sea days, so no discount on spa services to even help offset it. Only way I'd change my mind is if we are doing a non-NCL excursion and need priority tender.
  11. If not taking advantage of the offer, seems like you'd do the cheaper bare bones rate or book Carnival/MSC/RCL.
  12. As long as you don't need it on 2 devices at the exact same time, it isn't an issue.
  13. I do wonder if we hadn't changed to arrive earlier if the flight would have been a single stop.
  14. On my Austrian Airlines seats, when I pick a regular seat it wants to charge me $260, but if I choose a seat with extra legroom it charges $30. Isn't that crazy?
  15. We are flying Atlanta - Chicago - Vienna - Athens. So that kind of sucks (each layover is just under 2 hours), but that was after we asked to fly in 2 days early. We are on Austrian Airlines. They have upgrade options that uses a bidding system like NCL. On the way back it is Air Canada with connection in Toronto. I haven't checked out those flights yet.
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