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  1. I’m sure you are right! Ended up doing a fair bid. Guess I’ll see what happens. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hey one more question when upgrading from a mid mini suite to a haven forward suite, what about travel insurance thru NCL. How much will that go up? I know it’s a percentage but not sure how calculate it, I would hate for it to blow my budget. any thoughts?
  3. Thanks, guess it doesn’t hurt to try right? What determines who gets the offer to bid on a sailing?
  4. I’m also new to the bidding process. We sail from New York to Bermuda on the encore. May 24th 2020. I would like to bid on the least expensive Haven suite offered. How likely would a poor bid be accepted? In anyone’s opinion? I mean very low😬
  5. Just curious about the specialty dinning credit, how do you order off the menu? Are there limits to how much you can order? Say for Cagney’s can you order soup, salad, steak, extra sides, dessert etc....? Also what is the difference in the a la cart restaurants versus the other specialty restaurants?
  6. For those who have been on both ships is one yacht club better than the other? I’ve been on Bellissima YC which I suppose is pretty much the same as Grandiosa. So kinda wondering if Seaside is a better option. I loved our trip but Seaside has some suites with bunk beds which is appealing. Itinerary is very similar to each other. Thanks!
  7. Great! Now i may have to hear my hubby give me .... about another stateroom being too small! I'm still ready for a great trip regaurdless as we have the drink package sure to cure any small stateroom issues! Anyone know if that Epic family Balcony we stayed in is smaller than on Escape? I know Encore is coming soon with reviews. Just want to be prepared
  8. I'm kinda set in for our New York / Bermuda cruise for this coming memorial day 2020 but just booked the Escape Scandinavia Baltic for 2021 so could easily change that booking. Just looking for an early booking deal on a family friendly cruise. Any tips for good cruise offers would be awesome!
  9. Thanks for the info! Thats what I was thinking. The Epic (family of 4) was so tight my husband left every morning and showered and got dressed in the fitness locker room. Haven is just too expensive for us. Plus the deposits are higher.
  10. Can anyone tell me if they thought a mini suite is better ( space wise ) versus a standard balcony stateroom? I have two trips book with a mini suite one on Encore and one on Escape. We last sailed on the Epic in a standard family balcony and it was so tight in a bad way! Any first handers that a mini suite will be somewhat better?
  11. I called yesterday because I saw the same thing, showing the cities which we would have to fly in and out of. they said that could change but may stay the same. He could not tell me any more information . We are flying from Atlanta to New York ( a 2 hr flight nonstop) in May. NCL has our flights listed leaving Atlanta to Charlotte to New York. Coming home New York to DC to Atlanta. We are most likely just gonna book our own flights as we’re paying $600 for their discounted airfare
  12. We watched the whole thing from the lounge in the YC. They lowered two men down onto the ship and shortly later airlifted the women on a stretcher. They next raised a man, husband or family member most likely, up into the helicopter. We definitely felt so bad for them and could only imagine what they were going thru. The man hit his head twice as they were trying to get him into the helicopter. We said our prayers for the couple and if that happened to us I hope someone would pray too. I see no reason to not share the info that happened on our sailing.
  13. Thank you! That makes things easier just getting the final details together before we leave.
  14. Can anyone tell me if the YC cabins have US type outlets or do I need to bring a converter?Also are the cabins equipped with USB ports? Thanks!
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