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  1. I called yesterday because I saw the same thing, showing the cities which we would have to fly in and out of. they said that could change but may stay the same. He could not tell me any more information . We are flying from Atlanta to New York ( a 2 hr flight nonstop) in May. NCL has our flights listed leaving Atlanta to Charlotte to New York. Coming home New York to DC to Atlanta. We are most likely just gonna book our own flights as we’re paying $600 for their discounted airfare
  2. We watched the whole thing from the lounge in the YC. They lowered two men down onto the ship and shortly later airlifted the women on a stretcher. They next raised a man, husband or family member most likely, up into the helicopter. We definitely felt so bad for them and could only imagine what they were going thru. The man hit his head twice as they were trying to get him into the helicopter. We said our prayers for the couple and if that happened to us I hope someone would pray too. I see no reason to not share the info that happened on our sailing.
  3. Thank you! That makes things easier just getting the final details together before we leave.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the YC cabins have US type outlets or do I need to bring a converter?Also are the cabins equipped with USB ports? Thanks!
  5. I guess taking the reduced fare is a gamble of what kind of flight and time you get. Do you get any options as far as time of day or seat selection? We fly from Atlanta to New York at 99$ per ticket. We did get charged for the deviation for flying in 2 days ahead of time. But we have to wait till final payment to get any flight details, hope it works out to be a good deal.
  6. We saw it last May and it was my favorite by far!!!! Don't miss if it is still showing!
  7. I did read that so I made sure they were refundable up until the 27th of May. We will be there on the 31st. I will check out reviews on trip advisor as the days approach. Hopefully they will be done by then!
  8. Great! Thank you. Yes I’m dying to see inside and out. So with your positive feedback I’ll be buying tickets ASAP as we sail in late May. We are doing our own thing too, I think hop on and off with several Gaudi experiences.
  9. Did you view the interior of Casa Battlo? If so was it worth the fee? Most tours seem to do an outside view. I feel like inside could be worth it, trying to make so many decisions.
  10. Trying to find out if YC gets a wristband on Bellissima. We had one on Seaside in Aurea suite and it was awesome. Also Not sure about the chat app, is it within the MSC for me app? And is that a new feature? If anyone has used it how does it work in reference to communicating with members in our cabin? Thanks!!!
  11. Thanks for the reply! Does make it a little hard to make plans for those days.
  12. Does anyone know how to find the time of departure for excursions through the ship? I see the duration time but not when it starts. NCL list the time on the descriptions of the excursions. Not sure about MSC. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. How is your trip? I can’t wait to hear all about your experience. We sail in one month🤩
  14. It was more of a joke we joked with the guy because we constantly were moving the coffee table around I didn’t actually expect him to take it
  15. We had a different kind of room on Seaside, an Aft Suite but I laugh when I see the coffee table. That was always in the way and we could not get them to take it out of our stateroom. For us it was so unnecessary and a pain constantly moving it out of the way.
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