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  1. Absolutely! Looking forward to our Portugal/Spain itinerary with Celebrity in 2020 and yes, we always closed down the Martini Bar :)
  2. Hello - Not sure if this was addressed to me. I have been to Malaga (beautiful) and have done many tours not related to cruise line. I would be concerned with the "rushed lunch" comment. It implies that it could be a very tight schedule and I agree that would leave me very anxious on timing to get back to ship. Also, "2/5 hours is a very broad time frame". I always make sure there is a two-hour window returning from a tour in case we need more time. Do you have other tour options to see visit these locations?
  3. I was on the Vision back in March. We dined in the MDR and the food was good but not as good as it was 10+ years ago. The appetizers were usually the same. The Windjammer is so, so. The worst is the station for hamburgers/hot dogs. Chaotic is best described.
  4. Wow....all the responses were very good and accurate from my cruising experiences. This is probably why I can't create a comparison chart....too many variables! Question - How do I find a good TA? When I ask around (I live in a huge community) everyone thinks their TA is the BEST! Hank - I loved your response and right on point of how I felt when I was on my first HAL last year. No disrespect to HAL cruisers out there because I do agree they have really good itineraries. I guess overall for dining, entertainment and a great Martini Bar, I still like Celebrity. They have good itineraries but my husband and I tend to do longer itineraries with them so the ship experience is important. Did a great transatlantic four years ago. So, perhaps you all helped me come to at least that decision. Thanks!
  5. I found a great site on cruiseships.com but unfortunately the website has not been updated in quite some time. It has a feature to create your own cruise profile (pasted below). Has anyone found another website that does this? I cannot fine one.
  6. I am not a "1st Time Cruiser" but there have been some breaks in our cruising where the industry has changed. My husband and I mainly sail RCCL and Celebrity. We are "Young upper 50's" and still love the night life, bars, great music but good dining with excellent service. Also good shows. We like FUN too. Is there some magical comparison chart that some cruiser on this site might have created to compare RCCL, Celebrity, MSC, NCL and Princess? I tried to but it was an exhausting effort. Also, we tried Holland last year and it just wasn't fitting our style. Nice people and food but too low key.
  7. Try not to be anxious and just enjoy your experiences. These scenarios happen all over Europe as well as Spain. Remember not to wear any jewelry, not even rings. Don't dangle an expensive camera around your neck, don't stop and pull out a map looking like a tourist and don't assume that only poor looking persons are pick pockets. They come in all ages and even dress in professional business attire. I know this because in Madrid, a man in a three piece suit was sliding his hand in my husband's front pocket while we were waiting for tickets. Luckily I caught him and he walked quickly away. It is always best to study where you want to walk to and have all your addresses available on your cell phone. Walk with confidences and soak in the culture!
  8. Has anyone been on Empress of the Seas for NYE? Wanted to know if the ship is any fun. Looks very limited.
  9. I did that and put in the code but no availability. The calendar is all greyed out until March 31, 2021 😞
  10. I just looked at Hotel 1898 in Barcelona for September 2020. All booked??!! How far in advance to book this hotel? Recommendation on other hotels on Las Ramblas at this category?
  11. Thank you. We have been to Merced Market but while looking around the internet I discovered our favorite pastime, bullfighting and found the website and calendar for Malaga! I also found Flamenco which would be fun. Any restaurants overlooking the water that you would recommend?
  12. I am so glad to see this post! My husband and I visited Malaga in 2016 for a quick port stop and we are returning in September 2020. We fell in love with this port and would love to explore it more deeply. We only did a walking tour and a restaurant. I am a huge Picasso fan, my husband is an architect and we love exploring the culture of food and wine! Any off the beaten track fun you would suggest?
  13. Unfortunately, my husband and I are cancelling this cruise. Have fun everyone!
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