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  1. No, I do not think they remain asymptomatic forever. In fact we are dealing with one strain but there may be several out there. EVENTUALLY, this virus and the major strain - the killer - will die out as people contract the virus and survive or die. I should have been more detailed. What I am asking is that testing folks for COVID is not 100% for the safety of crew and passengers. If you are asymptomatic, you are not sick BUT you 1.) are a carrier, which could get a high risk person sick; or 2.) be in the incubation (10 days after contracting virus) and end up positive while on the ship. This mandatory testing is just to pacify the CDC and make people think they are safe, when in fact......the risk is still there.
  2. Is there a Professional Doctor on this thread that can answer my question about this article? Question: As the virus continues and spreads, won't the majority test "A-Symptomatic"? If you are A-Symptomatic, you are not physically sick, but can spread it to others that are high risk that can get sick. If this is true, then when boarding 200 passengers, and if 80% of them test "A-Symptomatic", then they will not be allowed to board? Eventually, there will be more A-Symptomatic than COVID Positive with physical symptoms. How will this work? Won't cruise lines be "Cutting off their nose to spite their face"? If you do not have an MD after your name, please do not respond. CLIA Cruise Line Members to Mandate Pre-Boarding Testing For All Passengers "(12:25 p.m. EDT) -- Members of the Cruise Lines International Association have agreed to pre-boarding COVID-19 testing on all passengers and crew, regardless of geography. CLIA's global CEO Kelly Craighead made the announcement today at the world's biggest cruise conference, Seatrade, as "as a core element of initial resumption globally." "I'm pleased to announce that effective today all CLIA Ocean cruise line members worldwide have agreed to conduct 100 percent testing of passengers and crew on all ships with a capacity to carry 250 or more persons -- with a negative test required for any embarkation," said Kelly Craighead, CLIA Global CEO."
  3. I cannot do Lift and Shift at this time..... I have to work with Casino Royal. I won the cruise playing Bingo. "All my options are based if RCL cancels. Because this is a "Certificate won Cruise" there will be many stipulations....."
  4. All my options are based if RCL cancels. Because this is a "Certificate won Cruise" there will be many stipulations.....
  5. (I won this cruise playing Bingo. This is a "Certificate Cruise". I added an upgrade) I've been checking on Coco Cay. The ships are just stranded in the surrounding area......waiting Bahamas hasn't lifted any restrictions...... Talked to Royal Caribbean several times about my options........ not looking great and my Final Payment is due September 24 for December 7 sailing........ Waiting.....either for the cancellation or the Sailing Green Light!
  6. and you have been tested? You are not a carrier? Just because you are not ill doesn't mean you will not give it to someone else. The years that you did not get a flu shot, did you wear a mask? I don't think so since it was not the norm. You can be a carrier of the flu with no symptoms and give the flu to someone. Do you cough and sneeze using the inside of your elbow? I am of someone in the transplant world. I have been educated by the top doctors of Johns Hopkins and Duke. I encourage you in the future to please get a flue shot. This is a deadly game that you are not aware of.
  7. Thank you for not getting your flu shot and contributing to the spread of the flu. Little do you know but you encounter persons everyday with compromised immune systems from chemo treatments, transplant patients and the elderly. I won't say the obvious, but please reconsider the "me mode" and be respectful.
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffwhitmore/2020/07/21/bahamas-travel-ban-for-americans-to-begin-on-july-22-2020/#de6c6083684b Travel ban to US Cititzens to Bahamas July 22, 2020
  9. If it is being fastracked which I wouldn't be surprised, I am waiting to cruise if a vaccine is required.
  10. https://www.travelandleisure.com/cruises/princess-cruises-extends-suspension-coronavirus
  11. A Teaching Moment: (from CDC) The Immune System—The Body’s Defense Against Infection To understand how vaccines work, it helps to first look at how the body fights illness. When germs, such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body, they attack and multiply. This invasion, called an infection, is what causes illness. The immune system uses several tools to fight infection. Blood contains red blood cells, for carrying oxygen to tissues and organs, and white or immune cells, for fighting infection. Here is the link to read in it's entirety: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/conversations/downloads/vacsafe-understand-color-office.pdf
  12. I'm just chiming in......I don't think the cruise industry is dead but it will never be the way we remember it. Many changes (good/bad) will occur. Unfortunately, if the CDC can still have it's hand in it, it may be many, many months before we are cruising again.
  13. Maybe in the future balconies will become larger! Yippee!
  14. Wow I hope the "Chronic Conditions" does not hold for the US. That is discriminatory. Persons with chronic conditions under the supervision of a doctor with treatment can live a long healthy life.
  15. I like your attitude! Very wise words have come out on this thread that I can adapt. So true, we always focus on the negative but yes, there will be new and improved protocols that will be developed out of this to enhance the "health" of cruising. Btw, another cool observation (wow, I haven't even had coffee yet!).....Do you realize that even though we experience evolution every second, this is a quite an impact that will make it in history of time; in our lifetime! It's how we evolve with technology, communication, schooling, parenting, working, shopping, and of course....traveling. It is forcing some real positives in creative thinking. I just wanted to share because as crucial as this is, it is amazing to actually live through this era and be part of history.
  16. Very true but the threads were becoming dull and I wanted to drum up some discussion. It also was therapeutic to type out my "worry" which is more of a concern and a deflated emotion about future cruising if we head in this direction. Guess I am not a big fan of change, but that is life.....change. I just have to pull up my "Big Girl Cruising Pants"!
  17. Thank you.....we do need a reality check of much worse struggles.
  18. I always have been excited to cruise. It was my escape, my journey. My husband and I love to sit with complete strangers at dinner, share our cruising stories, have idle chit chat and the most fun was catching up with each other every evening about our excursions. At the end of the cruise we always come home with a group picture and shared e-mails. Is this cruising scenario a dream of the past? Will cruises ever be social again? I viewed a few of the recent videos that were suggested on this site regarding what Europe is proposing with age segregation, outdoor only activities, 4 persons to a pool, no more social dining, family/friends only, temperature checks daily, heavily "advised" breakfast in stateroom, limited cruising numbers and the list goes on for 49 pages..... This has left me feeling like my cruising days are coming to an end. Will it become like the Titanic with segregation by deck? How could they even pull that off? With all the new installation of plexi-glass, gloves, special masks and other COVID 19 amenities, cruise prices will surely become a "Luxury" once more. No more free wi-fi/drinks. Not that was really a deal, because we all know those "free" was really just worked into the price. Marketing is really going to have a challenge this go around! What are your views?
  19. I am 60 years old. Let me emphasize.....a young, very young 60. I like hanging out with 40 - 30yr olds. No offense to those of my age group or older but that is who I am. This segregation implies that this age group has a lower immune system, that they are all retired. That is not true! Just because you are 70ish doesn't mean that you are at higher risk than the 30 yr old who smokes like a chimney, drinks on a full time schedule of partying and may not be health conscience and go to a doctor. It's all based on lifestyle and environment. I work full time, I never get sick but this arrangement will depress me!
  20. These pictures are breathtaking!! Thank you for sharing!
  21. Let her enjoy the anticipation. If it doesn't happen, she will be notified and you will still have a friend.
  22. It will be a Hot Mess! If this happens.....my guess based on my recent timeshare experience is that they will start from the first bookings and work their way forward. Those who will be cut off at that "occupancy #" will receive FCC or a refund. I sure hope that doesn't happen because it will be a nightmare!
  23. Though you are doing your job washing hands before and after, have you given it some thought that as soon as you touch that handle of the serving utensil, you have just transferred germs unto your hands? Yes, you have not gotten sick, but perhaps you were a carrier of a cold or flu and gotten someone else sick? Were you talking during the line? Sorry to inform you but buffets are the worst (and elevators/handrails) to transferring sickness. Perhaps the best scenario if buffets are a must is to have staff (masked and gloved) serve food that is behind a Plexiglas window.
  24. "...but as I understand it 30 percent of the US population will refuse to accept it" 2006 article but worth the read if mandated: https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/mandatory-vaccination-legal-time-epidemic/2006-04?fbclid=IwAR244VxbgP4gL2-NsdJhemxja4XVLGEC7vXUXtSdt0DrG8kUxLcd6ffeSQU
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