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  1. Thank you for the warning. Glad you had a backup and everyone was negative. Have a great trip!
  2. What time does that sandwich Panini Press place close?
  3. Thank you for replying and thank you to everyone for all the information. My vaccination attestation showed up on the website this afternoon.
  4. It IS helpful! Thank you so much for your insight. I really just don’t want to be surprised by what it’s like.
  5. Everything looks amazing! Your photos and review really paint a great picture of the ship. I can’t wait to sail her 🤩
  6. There are a few YouTube videos in comparable rooms but they focused more on the room than the balcony so I didn’t get much of an impression of what the balcony size and view was like. Was the balcony bigger than the standard square balcony or did the shape take away from it? Was the view down at the water obstructed? I also want to know how much overhead shade there was? Was there so much less privacy that you didn’t love it?
  7. When is your cruise? I have been in the website and I don’t have the question.
  8. I also do not have a vaccination attestation on my to do list. So now I’m going to be worried about them accidentally canceling my cruise.
  9. I wonder why I didn’t receive this email. My cruise is still scheduled. I’m good with the current restrictions.
  10. For some reason my body refuses to let me have more than a sip of alcohol without getting sick. I wish I could get away with drinking even a couple of Sid’s drinks 😢
  11. I’m sorry they’ve been so horrible to you. This really makes me not want to cruise with them at all. They charge too much for this level of crappiness.
  12. I kind of believe the cruise lines will eventually get back to doing the testing themselves at boarding. Timing is the main obstacle for most people and this would eliminate that. I’m supposed to cruise in February and I fully expect to get tested but I would love for it to be available at the ship for a logical price. As for when they’ll stop requiring a test at all, my guess is maybe late 2023/early 2024. If the world can get Covid under control that is possible. I’m still hopeful for that. I think it’s possible they’ll be able to vaccinate kids before we stop testing. I do think we’ll be able to tell when we’re getting there. If things instead get worse we’re going to have a hard time traveling at all.
  13. I loved this review! Thank you so much for taking us with you. I’m on Mardi Gras in February and I get more excited every day.
  14. It’s not the policies in this post that bother me personally. I really do appreciate the insight on how this all works. I truly enjoy Carnival so I don’t want to ever be in this predicament. It’s the blatant disregard for the little guy (the customer) that is keeping this post on the front page. Whether they are reasonable explanations or not, excuse after excuse is being made for the major company while some of you actually said “That’s what you deserved” “Good for you that’s what you get” to the customer who prior to this post probably had no idea what the charge backs do to the company. You could have very well said “Here’s why charge backs are the wrong decision in this instance” “Hopefully you’ll get this straightened out and will take a different approach next time.” Instead of saying “I hope they ban you for life!” Now all of the sudden I see some of you saying that people who needed their money for some reason in a more timely manner never should have been cruising. Again this is a complete disregard for the little guy. You’re telling me you have not heard ANY of the many stories about people who are losing everything during this pandemic. Some of those people weren’t in financial ruts prior to everything going down. Some of them simply couldn’t run their companies. They don’t matter to some of you but the multi million dollar companies that had to lay off some of their employees do! Again I hear your policies and I have learned from them and will not make the dreaded impatient mistake unless I decide I no longer want to do business with the company anyway. I just think too many of you are thinking like travel agents, stock holders, and business owners when if everything fell down for you tomorrow you’d still just be a customer.
  15. Uber does this too if that makes you feel any better. I don’t think it’s spite. I think it’s computerized. A new card number is all you need for them. It is amazing that a company could still think you owe them for a cruise that they canceled and took their sweet time refunding. I guess it’s just another flaw in the system. It’s probably an automated block as opposed to a case file that a human being looks through to resolve. I would have been fed up after a wait that long too; especially if I had contacted them many times. I doubt OP has this problem but at some points during this shutdown I would have literally NEEDED the money that I was actually entitled to have refunded. These companies aren’t the only ones who need money in the bank. That being said thank you to the OP @croooooze@firefly333@4hunters informed us of how wrongly this could go. I bet there are several people on this board who considered doing the same thing and this post is going to save them a lot of stress.
  16. I don’t think the cruise director makes a big difference for me but that could be because I have never sailed with one of the favorites. I have only had Ryan Rose and Donkey on Carnival. They were both fine when I had them. The other cruise lines don’t put as much emphasis on who the cruise director is so I never knew their names. Maybe Donkey was having an off trip, most of us weren’t there so we don’t know if OP is too easily offended or if Donkey went too far. Some of you are just as obsessed with not complaining as some people are with complaining.
  17. Thank you so much! I have 10469 booked for February. Mine is just a balcony room instead of a suite so I wonder if the layout is any different? I’m not really a fan of the room layout but I like the balcony.
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