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  1. silly question, but is the status match a one time opportunity or does it remain in effect for all subsequent bookings?
  2. The Sky Sanctuary is available via elevator and does have its own restroom. I would say the restroom is HC accessible. There is sufficient turning radius and grab bars. The only real issue with the Sanctuary is its very limited space. Get there early to book and good luck!
  3. There is a subtle color difference in the carpet between the port and starboard sides and to my eyes the suggestion of a direction. It is far less evident than previous schemes and not as helpful, but that is my opinion.
  4. I just pulled my stateroom account from the Sky last week to check but i was not charged for my gelatos. Perhaps it was just an oversight or maybe a coincidence....
  5. There is soft serve on deck 16 for free. The gelato off the piazza has a small charge and I think it is worth it. I understand if you have the Premium Beverage package the gelato is covered under it. There is a charge for the Escape room. i have not done it and have heard mixed reviews.
  6. i was at Share on the Ruby and found it awesome. The food was forward thinking and delicious, the decor of the space was very nice in a Brooklyn/hipster sort of way, and the service was great. I look forward to future visits.
  7. your wife is very lucky to have such a thoughtful partner. the others are spot on about passing on canapes and maybe going to the International Cafe or buffet for a cheese and charcuterie assortment. That said, the chocolate covered strawberries are pretty cool. i like them with a prosecco or champagne-and not just for breakfast! kidding there but it does go a ways to building an argument for NOT leaving the cabin. just food for thought...
  8. Thank you so much for your insights. I am planning a trip and some members of our group have mobility concerns and this will help to give them peace of mind. Regards, Chad
  9. I also like the reflexology but my absolute favorite is the bamboo massage where the technician uses a length of bamboo as a rolling pin for really deep tissue stimulation. They will modulate pressure to your liking but I like it full on. For my money there is no better treat at sea!
  10. I would also really like to see the pool areas. I read here that the Sky has only metal ladders to get in and out of the pool rather than at least one set of steps like the other Princess ships I have been on. I have a family member with some mobility issues that really don't warrant a lift but the stairs are really helpful. Thanks for any details!
  11. Does anyone have any experience using an Amazon Firestick with the new televisions on the Ruby? How is log in done through the medallion net? How is the streaming and overall quality?
  12. Not really my job but certainly an avocation. I didn't mean to offend anyone but I have seen horrible behavior on ships that put us all in a bad light. I support your (and others') choice to cruise steam rooms. If my reluctance to do so rubs you raw then that must be how you take it. The choice is yours I meant no offense.
  13. Your question is vague and could even be read as lurid. What sort of secrets are you looking for? What sort of "areas" might we frequent? I am more than the average bear and I favor a rotation of deck chair/trivia/MDR/entertainment venue/bar on a daily basis. if by secret areas you mean backrooms, dungeons, or steam rooms I would stick to Berlin or Detroit.
  14. well that's a glimpse of your true character...and spoken like a bear!
  15. I have never sailed Disney but I was a solo on the Crown Princess last year and it was a great experience. The cruise director's staff and a solo travelers meet and greet the first evening. It was scheduled shortly after the LBGT get together and there was an overlapping set of people. The great thing is that all the other pax were interesting and interested. And they were respectful. Not pushy or intrusive. we had informal groups meeting for lunch or dinner which prevented us from having to go to the buffet alone to avoid MDR pressure. One delightful lady even hosted a party in her cabin which was a riot. I travel solo often and always find it rewarding but that trip ranks among my favorites. Safe travels to you and have a great time.
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