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  1. we're on Caribbean Princess--January 3-13 partial transit... We signed up for the excursion that includes a short cruise in the harbor, with samples of coffee and food, followed by a walking tour of the Old City. The best information that we could get is to "ask at the shore excursions desk" after we get on board to see if we could actually go on this tour with a rollator and some mobility issues (mainly having to do with speed at which people are expected to go to keep up with walking tour)... I guess we will have to just play it by ear........ Liz
  2. We are trying to find an interesting tour while in Cartagena that will not overtax my husband. Have already seen the Fort and the churches/monastery and the folkloric show and really just want some time in the Old City, with the goal of getting to Las Bovedas. We prefer ship tours, and did find a few that included a walking tour of the old city, but they did not SPECIFICALLY say how long of a distance the walking tour in the old city might be---only stated that the tour was 1 hour.Husband has to use a cane or a rollator if going any distances and his pace is NOT very fast. Not so much worried about the cobblestones, it is just he might need stops as we go along and can't go fast. We don't want to get into a situation of not being able to keep up with a tour and having no options on how to handle it. Also, we are looking at a tour on Princess that includes a cruise in the harbor, followed by the old city tour. It mentions a 15 minute (AGAIN, no distance, just time) walk to the boat they use for the cruise. Anyone go on a tour like that and have any idea what we are talking about distance wise?? I have called Princess a few times with distance/logistics questions and the stock answer is "I don't know...you will have to ask onboard" ...which is basically no help at all 😞 Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions!! Liz
  3. Thanks---know it'll be a while before Summer 2021 comes out, but at least it is another way to keep tabs on things :)
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses. The Cuba thing makes sense---my concern was if Tahiti was a one time event for 2020 or not and, if it was going to be a reintroduced and continued itinerary, when the next group of sailings might be (just in GENERAL). I realize Fall 2021 won't be out for a YEAR---but I wanted to see if anyone knew if OTHER times of the year might pop up too--I don't know what times of the year they USED to do the Tahiti route. I'm not trying to be "over eager"---it is just an itinerary we'd really like to do and it would be really pushing it for us to go on the dates currently released, so we are trying to figure out if we need to push our limits to go at that time, or whether to figure they'll release more sailings later....
  5. We were very excited to see Princess is restarting some Tahiti cruises, but noticed they only showed cruises for October/November 2020 and nothing showed past that. Didn't know if it was simply that the cruises would only go in FALL (so too early to release 2021) or whether it was kind of a "one time deal". Anyone with inside info on that? And if they will continue to offer this itinerary in 2021 and beyond, are there any hints as to what season they would be offered? Thanks... Liz
  6. Not sure if OP's question was completely answered. We have same dilemma--we are in port on a Monday and I like to shop .If Almacenes San Jose market is closed, ARE other nearby smaller stores/stalls open? In particular around the tourist sites that the cruiseship tours go to and more than just the "junk filled" stalls ie. ones selling original items not all made in China? Thanks and as an "aside", if the best markets nearby in town are or may be closed on Mondays, what kind of products are available IN the cruiseship terminal area itself...are there shops there like there are in a lot of other ports or is strictly a terminal?
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