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  1. Notified by lindblad today thyroid the cruise is cancelled. I asked about my refund and the response was “what refund?” They claim that the money we paid for the cancelled 2020 trip was a credit on this one and not refundable..
  2. Final payment was due on 6/21/21, still no word from Lindblad on whether or not the tip will take place, but they extended our final payment until 30 days prior to departure. Canada still not opening it's borders. Canada wants 70% of it's population vaccinated against Covid before opening, no exceptions for fully vaccinated people. Very poor customer relations.
  3. I did not get a full refund they kept an admin fee which they applied to a future reservation. the rest of my money was returned to my AMEX account after I filed a dispute with AMEX.
  4. We are booked on the Venture Sept 21,2021 to see Canada's Spirit Bears. This was a rebooking of our 2020 reservation that was eventually cancelled due to Covid-19 entry restrictions in Canada. Instead of refunding us Lindblad moved our reservation from 2020 to 2021. Lindblad has been silent on what their plans are for this trip. Currently Canada requires a 14 day quarantine for those entering the country. Only non-discretionary travel is allowed, ie. tourism is prohibited. Ships with less than 100 people on board are allowed in Canadian waters but the venture holds 100 passengers and 50+ crew
  5. Not sure if the eclipse in 2021 will be doable since Argentina and Antarctica are both closed to travelers due to Covid. It is unclear when both South America and Antarctica will reopen.
  6. We did Antarctica on the Quest a few years ago, we had a midship cabin on Deck 5, and were glad we chose it. The ship, Food and crew were great, our trip went from Argentina to Chile and went to Antarctica but sadly did not include South Georgia. BA was interesting and nice, The falklands were good for king penguins we were unable to get on the rockhopper excursion as it was full, the trip from the Falklands to Antarctica was very rough, to the point that the upper decks were closed, people with staterooms on them were restricted to their cabins, dining was available in your room or in the mai
  7. I never received an email , my deposit for the Endeavor June 8,2022 departure was due on 4/12/21 and was paid with AMEX. Final due 12/10/21 (6 months before the trip).
  8. Sorry to burst your plans but I read the 2021 antartica season was cancelled for everyone.
  9. Problems with their protocol: Crew does not have to be vaccinated if their country of origin does not have vaccine availability. Unclear if they will get vaccinated before they are exposed to other crew members and/or staff and guests. Current Vaccine derived neutralizing antibodies are not as effective against the South african and Brazil strains, Covid-19 testing in Maryland where I live, results of pcr tests are not available for 5-7 days unless it is for medical procedures(my local CVS says it takes 7 days to get results), rapid tests have around 20% incidence of false positives and aroun
  10. You are correct that they were supposed to release the 2023 itineraries in late February but they have not released them as yet. They also mentioned that the endeavor is undergoing sea trials, it is unclear if the boat is actually finished and ready to sail as of today or more work needs to be done. Hopefully, they will clarify what is happening with it. WE have been booked on the June 8th 2022 sailing and hope that it happens
  11. Germany is preparing to lockdown again due to the covid virus surge in EU and Germany. This will affect the build of the endeavor. I expect to see changes in the itineraries due to any delay this causes in the construction.
  12. We had two cruises booked on the Crystal Endeavor, Crystal cancelled the first one (Bali to Cairns) we requested a refund and was told 60-90 days, After 90 days, we filed our cc dispute and received a full refund from AMEX. We then cancelled our Endinburgh to Svalbard trip and requested a full refund, crystal said >90 days, a dispute was filed with AMEX and within a couple of weeks a partial refund was given (Crystal held back 500/p as a future cruise credit) we disputed that as crystal had published that they were waving the admin fees but got nowhere. My TA rebooked the trip with the prov
  13. August 14, the dispute on the October cruise was finalized, Dispute placed with Citi on the London to Svalbard cruise on 8/3/20. Agree Amex is great,
  14. Unsure at this time. depends on itinerary, price and services offered. We were booked on the Endeavor for 2 cruises. The first was Bali to Cairns which cancelled(Crystal had our money for about 2 years on this one and we had to dispute the charge with AMEX after waiting 120 days, and then got a refund) The second we cancelled London to Svalbard and this is the one we contested with citi mastercard, provisional credit given by citi and waiting for Crystal to respond. Like the itinerary but would not book that far out again.
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