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  1. I really wanted to ask them what ‘service’ the dog provided. But I behaved...
  2. Just off Grandeur-there we’re two ‘service’ dogs on board. One seemed to be a legit hearing dog for a hearing impaired woman that was traveling with her family. Another one was a tiny dog in a stroller the whole time-not sure it’s purpose?
  3. Yes whenever I’ve tried to book comfort inn the room charge isn’t bad but the taxes are just as much?! Is that a new thing!?
  4. 100% true! 80% of parents don’t want to hear anything negative about their kids or don’t believe their kids would do anything wrong. I’m a substitute teacher (worked long term jobs and day to day) mostly elementary and it’s prevalent and sad! Even admin has their hands tied-it’s hard to suspend kids now too.
  5. I’ve been reading a lot of the recent reviews for Grandeur-we leave next week. Some of the complaints are around the schedules of the shows and activities. First question we have late traditional seating-8:00. Apparently most of the shows are either at 7:15 or 9:15. That was the complaint they would miss either the end of the show or the beginning. Traditionally if you have late seating, shouldn’t we try and see the 1st show? Also apparently the big fun activities-Love and Marriage and some of the other ‘fun stuff’ was set during port days while docked? Why would they do that and is that the cruise director decision or activities director? I haven’t heard anything good about the CD-Bob?!
  6. We were in the Solarium area at lot last year for the cafe with our kids-you’d think they’d had the food elsewhere to keep kids away from the whole area..
  7. That’s true with norovirus. This is why if I do eat in the buffets I wash my hands in the bathroom before I eat.
  8. You’d think they ask before you board to save some time and extra work for the cabin steward!
  9. Right it’s a terrible story and why I didn’t let my 9&11 year old walk around by themselves.
  10. Thanks, that’s the problem with our ship it docks at 2 on Saturday and leaves at 3 on Sunday. I know it’s harder to get around (or more $$) I’d love to do some more sightseeing. As of now we are planning Horseshoe bay beach both days? Kids loved it last year.
  11. Good to know! Last year I booked a bed for shade reasons, (my dad died from melanoma and I’m more at risk so have to stay out of sun as much as possible) and I didn’t like the beach there. So I’m going to just find a chair with shade..
  12. But what about on Sundays?
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