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  1. We were wondering the same thing. Hopefully there will be a festive feel when we arrive on the ship.
  2. As always, this is down to personal experience. We have sailed from Southampton with P & O and RCI and have to say that the RCI embarkation was a complete shambles with long queues and no organisation whatsoever. P & O, on the other hand, have always been organised and calm.
  3. What will be, will be. We are on the cruise departing 25 December too. Hopefully, we will dock in Ashdod, but if it turns out to be Haifa will just have to accept the longer journeys for our booked excursions and suck it up. On this occasion, I am glad I booked through Marella and not independently (as we have done on numerous occasions), as cancelling those could have proven to be quite stressful. We will make the most of our time there, no matter what.
  4. It also depends which fare you have booked. If you have booked a saver fare, you won't find out your cabin number until you get your tickets/luggage labels
  5. Thanks for the reassurance. No time for beaches, I'm afraid. Two full days of excursions planned!
  6. I have just noticed that Marella Dream is currently docked in Haifa. The itinerary plan was to dock in Ashdod. Does any know the reason for this change? We are on this cruise over Christmas and would like to know how this change of port would affect excursions, as Haifa is a fair bit further from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  7. We are flying from Gatwick to Barbados in February with TUI on a saver fare cruise. I logged on the day the seats were released and prebooked ours. It was £35 per person each way, but we could choose our seat numbers and already have the confirmation. However, there were very few seats left, as all those who don't book saver fares can log on much earlier and book their seats. It is a complete rip off, of course, but for an 8.5 hour flight we didn't really want to be split up.
  8. I am doing a Caribbean cruise in February and just been to my GP for advice. It does depend on which islands you are visiting, but in general you just need to make sure you are up to date with your Tetanus, Polio and Diphtheria vaccinations. For info, I had to have these and it is now administered in one injection. It is also advisable to have had the flu jab.
  9. OK, so it seems I am officially losing my mind! It was a few years ago and the bonded flight was to Genoa, not Naples. Afraid I can't remember who the carrier was. Apologies for the duff information.😟
  10. Naples was bonded when we did a P & O fly/cruise recently.
  11. Thanks - interesting. Will be the first time on a fly/cruise where we have had to collect our luggage upon arrival. Usually, once it's checked in here, the next time we see it is outside our cabin. Will need to bear that in mind!
  12. Many thanks for all of your replies. I have just one more question, apart from the water stations in the restaurants, are there any bottles of water provided in the cabins at the start of the cruise? I know that if you upgrade to the premium drinks package you get a 1.5 litre bottle of water each day, but what if you don't upgrade?
  13. Thanks for that. We have always registered a credit card, so will no doubt do so again.
  14. In that case, I will try to persuade my husband to take his formals 😀. We are also on the Dream and looking forward to it now. Will feel a bit odd as it will be the first Christmas away from home, but our big family do is the week before, so it's the best of both worlds.
  15. Thanks very much for replying. We are on the 7 night cruise departing on Christmas Day and returning 2 January, taking in Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and Israel.
  16. Hi folks We have sailed a number of times with various cruise lines, but never with Marella. We have booked through an agent, so understand we are unable to log on to our booking via the Marella home page, but our agent has sent us the links to upload our API and choose our excursions. I have a few more questions though: Do we have to register a credit card on boarding, similar to other cruise lines? Do we need to inform Marella of our insurance details (I am unable to find anywhere on the links to enable us to do this)? Are our luggage labels and boarding passe
  17. Hi folks We have booked a cruise through our agent and the only links I have been sent are the one to enter our API and flight seats and the one to book shore excursions. Can someone please tell me how we get our boarding passes etc and how we can request a double bed configuration? Thanks in advance.
  18. On a different but similar topic, we all know how important hygiene is on board, hence why we always use the hand sanitizers when boarding after a day ashore. How do you think we felt when we witnessed at least 5 members of the ship's crew boarding without going anywhere near the sanitizers. Surely these people should be setting an example?
  19. That's my understanding of the situation too.
  20. I have just read a couple of articles which state that Carnival has cancelled Antigua as a port of call on its Caribbean cruises. P & O is still including this island in its itineraries for 2020. What do people think of the chances that P & O will drop this island also? Don't want to book a shore excursion to find that we aren't calling there any more!
  21. We also did a one night party cruise on her a few years ago. We had a good time, but the ships itself is very old, walls paper thin and she her stabilisers (if she has any) don't do a great job, so you do feel the swell a lot more than on the bigger ships. Just take your sea sickness pills and you'll be fine! Just bear in mind that CMV is a budget line in every sense of the word.
  22. We have just returned from the cruise calling at Ijmuiden. There are 25 coaches running a shuttle service into Amsterdam. We disembarked around 10.30 a.m. on the first morning and walked straight onto one of the coaches which left immediately. However, it seems that between 4 and 4.30 p.m. is the most popular time for returning to the ship, and the queue was huge when we arrived back at the pick up point. It did look a little daunting, but to be fair 6 coaches arrived and we didn't have too long a wait at all. Be aware, though, that there is nowhere to sit (other than the floor) while wait
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