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  1. Typically they will be in the spring or fall, March to April and October to November. Just have to use the cruise line search engines.
  2. Noordam, Auckland to Vancouver 36 days spring 2017 Zaandam, Vancouver to Rio de Janiro 38 days fall 2017 Westerdam a B2B, Vancouver to Singapore 57 days fall 2018 the next one is already booked it will be another B2B for 44 days on the Zaandam, Montreal to Rio de Janiro via the Panama canal in October 2019. lWe enjoy the variation in the cultural experiences, the archealogy and obviously the scenic contrasts. We also enjoy the relaxing sea days, we find short cruises with lots of port days can be tiring. The only con for us is the the need for the wide range in the necessary wardrobe, literally equatorial to sub arctic.
  3. Our first three cruises were on the Veendam, Zaandam, and Noordam and we observed that the Starboard side was the side most likely to be towards the dock but our experience on the Westerdam last fall was that the dock side was split equally between port and starboard. We now pick the side that will have the sunset, Can't beat sipping a cocktail on your private balcony as the sun sets.
  4. Halong Bay was our favourite part of our two month cruise last fall from Vancouver to Singapore on the Westerdam. The photograph was taken as we returned to the ship after a rainy but great day on a Junk sailing. We stayed at anchor overnight and saw the Bay in it's beauty early next morning as we sailed away. The food on the Junk was fantastic.
  5. moules mariniere to this recipe https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/11/the-best-moules-mariniere-sailor-style-mussels-recipe.html with a fresh baguette, heaven, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  6. Hawaii was our first ever HAL cruise and we thought our stop in nahwiliwili was the best day of the cruise, we zip-lined and it was absolutely beautiful pristine country.
  7. Complete rubbish, you clearly did not read the link I gave you several pages ago on the realities of alternate energy. I have some unicorns for sale, Perhaps you would like to buy one, you do have to supply your own rainbow though.
  8. The three stages slso allow for changes appropriate to the situation to be made. There was a "smoke" event on the Westerdam during one of the legs in Asia last fall, The response fexibility allowed the crew to clear some of the rear cabins until the source of the smoke was found and the smoke had abated, ithe source was a burnt out fan motor on one of the bake ovens in the galley and the HVAC had spead the smoke through the aft section of the ship. We had a running commentary from the captain as the event unfolded. Fortunately the ship had more than one bake oven so we still had those excellent fresh rolls!!!
  9. Again you are demonstrating your ignorance and I'm sorry to say gullability. Without size distribution the numbers you quote are meaningless.The report you reference was little more than a publicity stunt. I am a professional in the field, one of the individuals you entreat others to listen to.
  10. Your lack of STEM education is very evident from your writing, however if you are as you say, truly careful in your analysis, then please read with an open mind the information contained in the paper at this link, https://economics21.org/inconvenient-realities-new-energy-economy The author of the paper is a highly regarded physicist. be wary of the information you glean from the MSM.
  11. So very true, once in the spotlight for whatever reason it's hard to escape. The environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, W.W.F the Sierra Club, and the Environmental Defense Fund have become big business and they depend on irrational fear and manipulation to keep their rent seeking activities alive,the dumb journalists in the MSM are their useful idiots.
  12. The Vancouver vision critical link does not go to their webcam, try this one http://webcam.visioncritical.com/
  13. tad 2005 said " Same with totally electric cars. "Oh look, I am not using any hydro-carbons in my electric car". Where does the electricity come from that you used to charge up your electric car ? Most likely it came from natural gas or coal. I'm sure somebody has computed how much natural gas or coal must be burned to fully charge an electric car's batteries to go 200 miles, compared to the carbon produced by simply burning gasoline for the same distance." Yes those numbers have been calculated, I don't have my files to hand but one fact I do remember off the top of my head is that an it takes 7 years of typical driving of an electric car before you reach a break even point in carbon dioxide emissions for a conventional IC car. that is how much more energy is required to fabricate the electric car and it's batteries. The comparison should be done on a full life-cycle basis including the energy input for both the manufacturing and the ultimate disposal of a vehicle as well as emissions during it's active use. A new small conventional car will beat the best that Musk can produce.
  14. Closed cycle or open cycle gas fired turbines are a significant source of dependable power globally, look at the UK power generation website http://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/index.php the CCGT are natural Gas fired generators. there are similar sites for other countries, I have not bothered to list them. One of the dirty secrets of those pushing unreliable wind and solar energy is that somewhere on the grid l there has to be a fossil fuel based generator on standby, one that is capable of being turned up to full capacity quickly when the sun is hidden by clouds or the wind stops blowing. The cost to keep these units on standby should really be a cost that is born by the owners of the so called renewable power source, however it isn't and instead the grid customers pay and they also pay for very generous and unwarranted subsidies to the wind and solar power facility owners.The so called renewable energy industry is one of the most corrupt and dishonest assembly of people you could ever wish to not meet. A typical trick for example is to announce a new wind farm that can power x thousand homes when the reality is that over an extended period the system will only deliver at best 33% of the theoretical KwH's of the claimed nameplate capacity. Check the cost of electricity in Germany which has one of the highest fractions of wind and solar power in the world. One the most egregious and somewhat amusing cons by this charming group of industries took place in Spain. Spain was playing the "virtue signaling game" and had the highest government subsidies for new solar power installations in Europe. An astute individual noted that the "solar" power company was claiming high generation numbers at night? The company had installed a large number of diesel generators which they turned on after sunset.
  15. Well said. hydrogen based fuel cells are a technology that has been quoted as being just 5-10 years away from commercial viability, the problem is that statement has not changed for fifty years, it is like a ships bow wave, never to be caught. Hydrogen is not a freely occurring gas and the only truly commercially viable way to produce large quantities is to use steam methane reformation. When the furnace fuel is accounted for It takes 2 SCF of Natural gas to produce 1 SCF of hydrogen, all that has been achieved is to re-locate a carbon dioxide emission from an energy user to a centralized location at great cost not to mention high risk. Anyone who has practical experience knows that hydrogen should not be treated casually, it's wide flammability limits and exceptionally high flame front propagation speed, deserve respect. Based on personal experience I would not want to even be in the same port as a vessel with the potential for a hydrogen leak into an enclosed space. As a species we found the best way to utilize hydrogen as a fuel source centuries ago, it's called hydrocarbons where the hydrogen atom is combined with and stabilized by carbon atoms. Hydrogen Fuel cells of all types, are a pipe dream for general transport. ask anyone who lost their investment in the Ballard fuel cell company debacle, At the time it was trumpeted as the next great revolution in transportation and even mercedes benz and others who should have known better were taken in by the hype. https://electrek.co/2019/06/11/hydrogen-station-explodes-toyota-halts-sales-fuel-cell-cars/ The problem is we have too many journalists with zero STEM education and no critical thinking skills who just regurgitate ideologically motivated rubbish for air time.
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