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  1. Thirty years ago Canada was a global leader in the development and production of vaccines but the politicians took their eyes off the ball and like so many globalized "commodities" the production moved away to lower taxation jurisdictions. Seems like such a common problem with politicians worldwide nowadays, "look squirrel" instead of delivering on election promises.
  2. No, just a broadcast notification saying the first leg was cancelled. This cruise booking seems to have been cursed from the beginning. We originally made the reservations in December 2019 and there was a previous hiccup last year when we were notified that the TA portion had been cancelled. Turned out that was an error by HAL. This whole experience has not been up to their usual standard of communication, that said given the global turmoil of the last year it is more than understandable that things are a little fraught. I'm just glad that we can dare hope to cruise again, my wife has been in serious cruise withdrawal for over a year now. The inverse of a happy wife is a happy life.
  3. I contacted our PCC after my wife saw the cancellation of the Westerdam on the HAL FB page a few days ago. We are doing a B2B starting Oct 6th from Venice, the reservation has been moved to the Eurodam. I was told I should receive the normal pdf written confirmation once the reservations/change of ship have been fully audited. After logging in to my HAL account I can see the change of ship when I look at our current bookings. Our cabin location is shown as being identical to the original reservation, and I was told by our PCC that all the original "have it all perks" we signed up for will be honored, i.e. pre-paid gratuities, drinks package, on board credit, free wifi, etc. Hal has not done a good job on the communication of this change. I sure hope it goes ahead it's our 50th anniversary cruise!!! 50 great years.
  4. I remember going to work in Zambia in the early 1970's and having to have proof of vaccination for yellow fever. I wish I could agree on the Canadian system but nothing could be further from the truth, we live in Alberta so know the reality, each province has it's own position on this issue. I hope there is a requirement for proof of vaccination, this whole discussion devolves down to the perennial division between individual rights and those of the broader society. An epistemological approach is probably the best.
  5. I think it's the Dunedin train station. We were there in early 2017 on the Noordam repositioning cruise from down under to Vancouver, we were supposed to repeat the re-positioning cruise this year until Covid along. We are booked to do the repeat cruise on the Oosterdam in early 2022.
  6. Rubbish, Check the facts at https://ourworldindata.org/
  7. I remember visiting Paris for the first time in the early 1970's with my wife of one year, she's french but from the carribean island of Guadeloupe, there was no queue for the Eiffel tower and no crowds on any of the decks, magic memories, The next visit was in the mid 80's with our two children, we had to queue for about 15 minutes and the decks were crowded and there was much pushing and shoving not a nice experience. The last time we were in Paris was in the early 2000's for a nieces wedding, the queue for the Eiffel was literally right around the tower, wait time was apparently 2-3 hours, we gave it a miss and decided the memories from our first visit were sufficient.
  8. On the 10th of March we cancelled an April 2nd boarding for a 39 day Noordam cruise from Sydney to Vancouver, that was 2 days before the end of the 25% refund stage . We had platinum insurance so actually received a 92.5 % refund of the fare. We had only four prepurchased items and excursions. The cruise refund was credited to the card on the day I cancelled the cruise , the prepurchased items were credited on the 13th of March. We also received some FCC the amount of which I will find out sometime in the future. I'm out of pocket for just the platinum insurance, about $3600 Cdn. C'est la vie. The booking and cancellation were through a PCC. I also received full refunds on private booked air fare and third party medical insurance. March 10th was prior to the biggest load of fecal matter hit the fan but is was visible on the horizon so I got in before the rush. Maybe having the platinum insurance and using a PCC helped speed the process.
  9. Thank you for being a voice of reason, the speculation on this thread is beyond reason and I would think it is embarassing to the vast majority of members here. I hope you stay well and have a safe journey home, via whatever transpires over the next few days. Stay safe. best wishes.
  10. Just happy to see you are home safe. That you had the energy to post is appreciated Mike
  11. To the best of my knowledge the ships have not yet met so to date there has been no testing regards the nature of the infection, COVID 19 or the FLU or ? All the talk about being denied docking is premature
  12. WCB said It was time for dinner, and guess what? We did not have to dress up. We stayed at the hotel and dined in their Firehouse Restaurant. There were signs showing that we had to be spaced apart, not sitting close together. After we enjoyed a shared salad and two cheeseburgers with fries, we wandered outside for a walk around the pool area. That’s when we spotted a couple from the ship that we remembered from the 1012 world cruise. We chatted with them for a while before retiring for the evening. They had some more stories to share, which we will go into tomorrow. It was a long day, and we expect the same tomorrow. I know Hal has an older demographic but 1012 wow. Was it on a greecian trireeme. Did you have to man an oar. Safe journey home.
  13. Have to confess I took a large single malt down to my home theater to listen to music earlier tonight, the tv news is just too hyperbolic and full of fear mongering. Consequently I'm just catching up with the good news. So happy for you all.
  14. Sitting here grinning, with tears in my eyes. Copper 10-8, your actions were selfless, Thank you. Kindergirl if your parents are anything like mine were they're probably wondering what all the fuss was about!
  15. kindergirl, just think they'll be a day younger when you meet them mike
  16. Kindergirl, Take care out there. Your love for your parents is very obvious and felt by all on this board with any sensibilities, it's second only to a parents unconditional love for their children. Whilst I'm still not sure that your decision to drive to the USA is the right one I hope you and your parents have a happy reunion. Your actions are very, very understandable. Again take care.
  17. VIctoriann , Yes lets hope flights are still available either by existing commercial lines or by the respective national governments stepping up to the plate as they did for the Princess ship passengers.
  18. We need to read the referenced article carefully, I quote "Overseas passengers will not be allowed off unless it is to fly directly home." from https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-20/wa-coronavirus-cases-jump-as-cruise-ship-lockdown-announced/12075846
  19. An insight into the sewer like minds of second rate lame stream media fear mongering churnalists.
  20. To the best of my knowledge it will not show on any page you can access,it's only visible to a FCC and likely a TA
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