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  1. It appears that issues are being resolved on a case by case basis.
  2. I've gotten the same waiter twice using anytime/freestyle dining. We typically eat at the same time every night. That makes it easy on the staff. Once on Royal, once on Norwegian. Due to rude tablemates, we now just get a table for 2.
  3. The computer system is still screwed up. It's been almost a month. When is it going to be fixed?
  4. There is flexibility to change the flight day up to 75 days before the cruise with NCL. If I would have booked the flight myself 3 months ago when the price was cheaper (similar to the NCL offer), I would be locked into a specific date or a $200 change fee plus any increase in fare at the time of the change. It took me 3 months, nevertheless I was able to talk my spouse into flying in 2 days early. NCL does not charge a change fee although there is a $25pp air deviation fee for flying in advance of the cruise day. That's a much better deal for me.
  5. Any difference can cause unwanted comments. Unfortunately some people are not respectful of differences.
  6. Yes. Twice. We are not of the majority so we sometimes get unwanted comments. Now we only do "freestyle dining" or the equivalent of it. I'm so glad that Norwegian popularized this (MSC please take note of this). I spent my money like everyone else in order to enjoy my trip like everyone else.
  7. 1 - They could discount the non existent person's food. But then they would be exposing how little they pay for food. They don't want that kind of information to get out. 2 - The "bargain" cabins are a marketing strategy.
  8. That's for letting us know about this. Please let us know if you hear anything further regarding this.
  9. Yes we do. Most of the flights from NY to London are direct which is why I'm willing to let NCL book my flight. A lot depends on where you're flying from/to. I would love to have a travel agent that offers extra perks and gives you the price reductions that NCL offers but I don't know anyone who does that. No one's advertising that kind of thing. In addition there's so many frauds, I'd rather not take that chance. It's good for those that have a good travel agent.
  10. I agree. I like that $75 option as well. But if they're profiting, they're not going to stop. We used to purchase CruiseNext coupons ($500 for $250) on board without researching. Now if there's not an NCL cruise of interest that's at a reasonable price, we won't be purchasing any future use coupons. Although adding the airfare has helped make the price reasonable without it, I won't be cruising NCL.
  11. It's worth a try. The reality is that it all depends on who you talk to.
  12. They build in some time for incidentals which is why the original post person was able to make the ship b4 embarkation. They will not delay past the point that they can't make it to the next port on time.
  13. When I booked on 3/4/19 I was not allowed to substitute a so-called freebie in place of the air. In my room category it was 2 options plus air or 2 options with no air. When I looked at other NCL cruises, it was the same. You may be able to strike a deal with NCL if call them. Someone mentioned getting $100 off if you didn't use the air.
  14. AGREED just never produce as the initial post stated. Produce can carry organisms that are not good for certain areas and they can be sniffed out if the port is being patrolled with dogs. ..and never feed the animals.
  15. Many of the cruise lines eliminated the cereal boxes years ago hence the need for Ziploc bags.
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