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  1. You did misunderstand me but, it's irrelevant now. The NCL rep I talked to yesterday said that there wasn't airfare pricing because they were too far out. She must have been misinformed because there's pricing in the system now. They also changed the past guest offer from 15% off and an extra point per day to just and extra point per day so my past deal without airfare is a better deal.
  2. Pricing is dependent on the type of cruise. Yes their Caribbean cruises seem to be overpriced. Although many of their overseas cruises are at great prices and they have itineraries that I can't find on the other general (not premium) cruise lines. Also with NCL I trust what I can see. For this new promotion, they're still offering the past guest offer but they've increased the cruise pricing. The problem with the airfare is that the cruises I've booked are so far in the future that airfare pricing hasn't been determined. I'm not going to lock into a deal without knowing the price. I saw w
  3. As an FYI you can pick your seat(s) just not the flight(s). Once you get the airline confirmation code, go into the airline's website in order to pick your seat.
  4. A Feb cruise is one port different than a Dec 2021 cruise at a much lower price, a no brainer for me. In addition that one port can be visited as a pre-cruise excursion. If things are still bad, that's what nonrefundable deposits are all about.
  5. I wrote this for another discussion. Some of it applies to your question so I’m reposting it. Unfortunately things have changed on all of the cruise lines in years. Back in the day for me the food at the main dining dinner was about the same. Now many have cut premium meals from the main dining room. NCL no longer serves butter escargot, top cut steaks or seafood at the main dining dinner. You’ll probably get some specialty dinners with your package. The specialty dinners are better that what used to be served in the main dining area. Personally I would rather have it the way it us
  6. You’ll get better responses for most of what you’re looking for with a discussion that’s titled differently since most of us do not book the penthouse. That being said, I agree with the aforementioned that drinks are the same across all the lines as far as I can tell. Tours are the same across all lines, often run by the same local companies in the ports. The activities such as dance classes, bingo, trivia, champagne art, pool parties (except Carnival IMO) along with lounge areas, beach lounge chairs, towel policy are basically the same. NCL does have a credit program for activity participat
  7. Norwegian typically has cruises that hit these 3 ports.
  8. You can enjoy a relaxing meal at the table at the buffet (staff or self-service). Time is saved in not having to wait for the meal to be served to you.
  9. NCL - it is not a free upgrade if the pricing is the same as the upgraded item!
  10. NCL is offering more perks and onboard credit rather than lowering the prices.
  11. I'm happy for whatever I can get. Nevertheless it seems like they are giving away perks and OBC instead of lowering the price. I wouldn't be surprised if this is because of the current virus issue.
  12. You’re equating food quality with the buffet which is a misnomer. I cruised on P&O Australia which uses older Holland America ships where the staff serves you at different stations (like a food court). In order to keep pricing competitive, they served poorer cuts of meat (in particular beef, fish and pork) since they had to pay extra staff. Labor costs more than wasted food. The experience of the food court other than the meat is better overall. It is more sanitary than the buffet. Less congestion than the buffet. There were 7 different stations inclusive of salads which offered a decent
  13. Yes they have travel depts in both the Colonial Park and Camp Hill locations. You just missed their cruise show on 1/19 but AAA has a free travel show on Sat 2/1 at the Western Premier on 800 E Park Dr. I like getting the cruise booklets ( a little old school) and freebies. Typically they give out a brochure that speaks to this but I don't see one in this year's brochures which is not a good sign. Regardless, I would still check.
  14. Two hours at the most. Leave no later than 7 am. With parking fees since we do long cruises, we like to take public/group transportation. Boscov's travel in our area has a cruise + transportation deal with the local ports (Baltimore, NJ, Philly, NY). I'm fine with being driven 4 hours to a port that morning. Amtrak is the most relaxing for me but I will take a bus if the deal is right. If your city has parking fees at the station, typically the next town a few miles over has free parking. Since most cruises depart from ports other than what's local, we take the train to a big city in order to
  15. You are not alone. If you look young, it's even worse (middle aged - 17 cruises with 3 more scheduled). We no longer do main dining because of the racist conversation of some.
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