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  1. Thanks for your very helpful information.
  2. We were on the Coral on Panama Canal cruise and enjoyed every minute.
  3. Very interesting ... On the Princess.com website, Coral Princess does not appear on the calendar anywhere from October 2021 until December 2022, inclusive. Her last cruise listed is September 2021, end of the Alaska season.
  4. Does anyone know anything about Coral Princess in Winter 2021-22? She is our favorite ship and is not on the calendar from October 2021 and onward. We had reservations on her for South America on December 3, 2020 that was canceled by Princess😔
  5. Beautiful words and beautiful video. Thank you!
  6. Hoping that all will be well and we'll be able to sail! Thanks very much for your post.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about South America cruises on the Coral Princess? Ours is in December. Thanks for any information.
  8. Has anyone heard anything about South America cruises on the Coral Princess? Ours is in December. Thanks for any information.
  9. Luggage carts in Santiago airport terminal, Chile stock photo... Save Only from iStock Description Santiago, Chile
  10. Don't know if this is a possibility for you, but Coral Princess from Santiago (San Antonio) to Buenos Aires departing December 3 includes a total solar eclipse on December 14. Ship is almost sold out but there's a very popular Roll Call for the cruise with lots of private excursions being arranged in almost all the ports. If we can help with more information, email me at Julie.ginger.pepper@gmail.com Happy travels!
  11. Thank you very very much for all your detailed information. We will be on the Coral Princess next December, also with an overnight in Buenos Aires after 15 days from San Antonio to Buenos Aires. I'm also familiar with ToursByLocals and in fact will be using them again in The Netherlands in May where we will attend a two-week classic music festival. I will check to see if your guide is still listed. Again, many thanks and I will try to copy your Itinerary for BA - Iguazu - BA.
  12. Hi! Please let me know how you arranged Iguazu Falls for the day from BA. We will be on the Coral next December and would love to do that on our full day docked in BA. Many thanks!
  13. Check in Toursbylocals.com and "Search" in Salvador Do Bahia.
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