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  1. Trying to choose an excursion in Kauai and considering one of these, or wondering if they are both worth seeing at twice the price? The canyon tour is a lot of time on the bus and just wondering if others think it is worth it?
  2. Ordered mine July 4 and got the email right away. Have you checked your spam folder? And yes the expiration of the bonus is 5/1/22.
  3. Thanks for posting, I was thinking that they were going to need to do this. I have all of mine applied to a Hawaii cruise this December but good to know in case that doesn't work out - I might want to do Alaska in summer 2022 instead.
  4. We have a cruise booked for December, and if we are allowed to go at all I fully expect to be limited to ship or bubble tours.
  5. Pretty sure it will still be May 1, that is what is happening to mine for our cancelled April 2021 cruise. We are planning to use it in December so that works for us, unless that one gets cancelled as well. At some point they may need to extend those since most everyone's expires then, depending on future postponements.
  6. I have been wondering this for awhile. With the extension of the restrictions, I would think they would have to. I am hoping they move it to 12/31/22; not based on anything I know, just hoping.
  7. That is great information, thanks. Mine is an insulated carry-on size roller bag that we have used on cruises before to fill with drinks and ice. This will be our first Princess cruise so I wasn't sure.
  8. Would they allow a rolling cooler full of individual bottles of water and soda, or only sealed cases?
  9. It looks like a lot refunds are coming through this week - got mine yesterday for our April 30 cruise which was canceled when they announced the pause.
  10. People with sail dates back to March have not received refunds - it appears that they have not processed any at all since they announced the pause. I believe that there is another reason that refunds have not been processed.
  11. I was going to wait for Princess to issue the refund. But saying that refunds will be issued in order of cruise date, and ours was end of April, and NO ONE has received their refund, I went ahead and disputed the CC charges. If there was some progress indicated on these threads about seeing refunds coming through at least for the last half of March, I would have waited. But from what I have read the only refunds have been for specific cruises cancelled just before they announced the pause, they apparently haven't even started on the rest of the refunds which has caused a lot of mistrust.
  12. I had a deposit on a cruise that I called and changed to a longer cruise that required a larger deposit. They agreed to give me another 30 days for the additional deposit due to my pending FCC. A few days later I went to look at my reservation and it looks like it was cancelled anyway because I did not pay the additional deposit. Now I'm wondering how long it will take to receive the original deposit back; not feeling like spending time on hold to try to get that worked out again. Thinking about just bagging the whole thing and ask for all my money back at this point. I feel that I am just try
  13. We chose #2. We don't cruise that often and this was our first cruise booked on Princess. We will probably book again but possibly not before the expiration date of the credit.
  14. We will be taking Princess transfers from LAX to the ship. Is there a place within walking distance that we could go to pick up wine and soda before we board? I see "Ocean Liquor Market" on Google maps that might be a possibility?
  15. Can anyone tell me if the Emerald has an escape room experience?
  16. As we have not seen that for quite a long time, and will be on our first Princess cruise in May, this might be fun for a few episodes. Can anyone tell me if Emerald has on demand?
  17. Thank you for posting and answering this. I had not even considered this as an option. We were going to take Lyft to save a few bucks but this sounds way more convenient.
  18. This is very helpful information, thank you! We will be on the Emerald at the end of April into May celebrating our anniversary and so we can plan accordingly.
  19. Very enjoyable review. Our upcoming cruise to Hawaii will be our first on Princess, also planning to bring a few novels and not do much else except for some easy tours in Hawaii. We usually do active port-intensive Caribbean cruises and this will be our first cruise with more than 2 sea days. We have Anytime Dining but will be on the lookout.
  20. I haven't booked any flights yet and there are nonstops on other airlines to choose from. Princess offers this one with a guarantee to get us onboard the ship if I book it through them. That could mean getting us to the next port which of course is not what I want. The main reason to book it though is to use my Alaska companion fare, but not worth it if cutting too close. I am quite familiar with using transit and the machines in Portland. I tell you though the New York subway is ridiculous. Even the locals were having trouble getting those machines to work. But it was a breeze get
  21. Thanks everyone for your responses! I have cruised and driven into Vancouver but never flown in so this information helps a lot.
  22. Looking for recommendations for the quickest way to get from the airport to the ship; arriving 3.5 hours before departure (cruise line recommends at least 3 hours). Taxi, shuttle, or Skytrain?
  23. Thanks for sharing all of this! I started planning for Alaska about six years ago and we even booked and subsequently cancelled a couple of times and still have not gone. We are in Portland and the appeal of another Caribbean cruise kept pulling us back rather than spending a week in PNW weather in Alaska. But we are finally set on going and planning has gone from an easy R/T from Seattle to one way and now plan to spend a week RV-ing to see Denali and the Kenai Penninsula. We are getting close to retirement and the remaining vacation budget is limited so want to make it worth it.
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