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  1. On 1/21/2020 at 9:15 AM, Cruiserkenn said:

    I have done 7 of these, and there are always 3 formal nights.  Usually the second full day at sea, the first full sea day after the islands, and the last full sea day before Ensenada.  Aloha!  🙂🍷🐋🐬🌅🌠🌈🌺🌺🌸🌞

    This is very helpful information, thank you! We will be on the Emerald at the end of April into May celebrating our anniversary and so we can plan accordingly.

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  2. I haven't booked any flights yet and there are nonstops on other airlines to choose from. Princess offers this one with a guarantee to get us onboard the ship if I book it through them. That could mean getting us to the next port which of course is not what I want. The main reason to book it though is to use my Alaska companion fare, but not worth it if cutting too close.


    I am quite familiar with using transit and the machines in Portland. I tell you though the New York subway is ridiculous. Even the locals were having trouble getting those machines to work. But it was a breeze getting on the train from EWR to Penn Station with our luggage, although we couldn't figure out which direction we were exiting and walked half way around Madison Square Garden to get on track to our hotel. 😏

  3. Thanks for sharing all of this! I started planning for Alaska about six years ago and we even booked and subsequently cancelled a couple of times and still have not gone. We are in Portland and the appeal of another Caribbean cruise kept pulling us back rather than spending a week in PNW weather in Alaska. But we are finally set on going and planning has gone from an easy R/T from Seattle to one way and now plan to spend a week RV-ing to see Denali and the Kenai Penninsula. We are getting close to retirement and the remaining vacation budget is limited so want to make it worth it.


    I went through much the same process deciding about the ship with the same conclusions. Leaning toward Coral or Westerdam. We might go next year but are thinking about waiting until 2021 so that I can save up some vacation time. Fortunately for us the Vancouver/Anchorage flights are short easy non-stops which will be a nice change from San Juan which takes all day.

  4. It seems that the best prices are after final payment is due. Example: 11-day cruisetour August 2020, obstructed oceanview, $5714 for 2. Exact same itinerary August 2019 same category, $2834. I think for $2880 in savings I might take my chances. And that would include all the transportation and lodging so no worry about finding those components.

  5. This is a new cruise line for me and I am starting to look at Alaska northbound cruises; wondering about best time to buy? I see that if I were to book what is left this summer I could save over $1000 for the two of us over rates for next summer, but would it be too late to get the excursions we want, car rental, and get accommodations for Denali if we book last minute? I am not planning to go now but wondering if I should wait until next spring to book for next summer to get better prices? Are Princess prices cheaper when cruises are first released, and maybe wait and book for 2021? We usually sail the Caribbean where prices are lower and planning us much easier! This will be our only Alaska trip and I know it will be expensive but need to save money wherever we can.

  6. We have a rainforest tour booked through RCCL which indicates that our luggage will be secured on our bus; tour is 8am-1pm. It would seem that other tour companies would have enough time to get you there and to the airport in time as well. I am considering cancelling and going with SJ Happy Tours when we arrive. It would be great to hear if anyone has experienced this!

  7. We are also on Freedom and have the rain forest tour and drop off booked through RCCL for $49pp. I would like to find a less expensive option not on a big bus, but also have not found anything definitive online. Island Marketing actually looks more expensive.

  8. America’s Cup is down, but if it is expected to be running again by December it should already be offered as an excursion through Carnival. If it is not showing, keep checking because they might be waiting for a more definite date. I was able to book it through Royal Caribbean for my March sailing.



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  9. Considering booking Trikes, it looks like a blast. Do they pick up at pier (or near) or do you need to get to them? Any additional advice is welcome also!




    They pick you up and drop you off right at the pier. We have them booked 9-noon and they said they will pick us up at 8:30 and we would get back at 12:30, or they will drop us at whatever beach we want.

  10. I have seen amazing reviews for both of these companies, I can book Woodwind directly or Sea Cow through the cruise ship. They both look really great, any opinions from those who have experienced one of these tours would be welcome! Also thinking about renting a golf cart for the other half of our day, we have over 12 hours in port.

  11. We stayed at the Seaport hotel and loved it. Across the street from the train station and we walked to the cruise port (10-15 minutes). So convenient and zero dollars spent on transportation! Loved walking around the area and finding a place for dinner, and Dunkin Donuts across the street (a treat for us since we don't have those anymore where we live).



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