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  1. and this on their press relese site: https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/78/jewel-of-the-seas-and-quantum-of-the-seas-update/
  2. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/63/quantum-of-the-seas-update/ Well this is not good news for those that were booked. We are not scheduled to sail until the End of May, and looking at the COVID-19 spread/recovery rate, it looks like we might be OK.. Fingers Crossed and comiserations to those that have missed out.
  3. Agreed. My Point is they would not make it into the country, let alone onto a cruise ship at the moment due to the Australian Governemnts' China Travel Ban. I should have been more clear about that.
  4. Passport information... When they scan your passport, they know where you have been. If you travel on multiple passports they will want to see the other passports.
  5. Sailing out of Australia you will be fine. 99% of the Airlines are not Flying China Routes at the moment. Most countries are not allowing you in if you have been in China in 14 days prior to arrival. If you have (In australia) you will be quarentined at a facility (on shore of off shore ) for 14 days. We are not Concerned about it and won't be cancelling our cruises that we have lined up.
  6. Premium Bev Packages was AUD$71/Day+Gratuities for our Quantum out of China(if we are still leaving from there) When we first booked the cruise it was only AUD$65/Day, I was a bit slow and we got hammered with the exchange rate.
  7. It was also a week ago.... a lot has changed since this. this is a lot of overblown fear and doubt. lets look at the numbers... As at now there 34,878 confirmed cases. 34,560 of those are on mainland China.(population of approx 1.38bn) which equates to LESS than 0.002% of their population So that leaves 318 cases for the rest of the world. More people globally have, and are spreading the influenza right now!! To those of you considering cancelling cruises in places like Alaska, Canada, Caribbean. You would be mad to. Your cha
  8. On the other hand....You have people that are cooped up in a small room and feed them booze?
  9. Seeing some of the interviews with passengers on the Diamond Princess last night. From the aussie stand point, the biggest issue is they have stopped alcahol service. They were going to start letting the passengers out on to the decks in small groups, starting with those who had inside cabins, and they are also supplying prescription medications (at no charge) to those that need them.
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